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  1. I must say that s7 started out very strong! We're only 5 episodes in, and I am impressed. It feels like a good mix between the earlier seasons and the post s3 seasons. I'm loving the science and all the relationship humor. The show seems to be in top form to me. Let's see if they can sustain the momentum for the next 19? episodes!
  2. People watch that once and never want to see it again. Millions and millions of people tune in each week to watch TBBT. Evidently the show is doing something right, since people keep returning to watch it. Not the same as 2 girls and 1 cup.
  3. My wife and I have received hate for being lesbians from members of this forum, out at the market, in restaurants, everywhere. But we keep our heads up because we know that we're not "in the wrong" or "sinners" just because we fell in love with each other and acted on that love. With that said, we have also received a lot of love and support from members here and elsewhere. A big thanks to all who support the LGBTQA community. It means more than you'll ever know <3 This whole clip is touching, and there are a few Mayim and Jim/Todd moments http://www.logotv.com/video/misc/967439/nnn-glsen-red-carpet-video.jhtml
  4. And The One After the Superbowl was in Season 2, but TOW the Football was indeed in Season 3. I may or may not be obsessed with that show.
  5. TOW the Football received 29.3 million viewers. The One After the Superbowl received 52.9 million.
  6. Kiss as defined by Webster's: to touch or caress with the lips as an act of affection, greeting, etc. So, yes, what Amy and Sheldon have done is kissed. REAL kisses. A kiss isn't always romantic though, which is what I think people are trying to say they are looking for here. Not a real kiss, because we have seen that. But a romantic or passionate kiss.
  7. Let's not forget these cutie kisses! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dagfyx49xD4
  8. I disagree. They have kissed twice. Just because they weren't that good or long enough to some viewers doesn't mean they didn't happen. And how brilliant are the writers to have the audience keep waiting and waiting and waiting for another kiss, yet still stay invested in a couple?! That seems very hard to pull off, but they manage. I sure do love the Shamy.
  9. Since when do Amy and Sheldon not have fun together? hahaha
  10. Her delivery of every line in this scene is amazin'! I don't understand how Mayim hasn't won an Emmy yet.
  11. Did anyone else think that Kaley's voice seemed a bit raspy in this past episode? Almost like she was sick or losing her voice. Maybe it was just me? I tried asking this question in the episode thread, but it seems to have been ignored by everyone else over there.
  12. I liked this one a great deal. I didn't realize so many people on the forum would write so many paragraphs over a single epi. I feel like my one or two sentences are just a waste of space!
  13. Definitely got the vibe that Penny was having a go at their relationship, and not that physical contact has become the norm for the Shamy. I like your enthusiasm though, Adastra!
  14. Suppose we'll have to wait and see if it was a throwaway line or if they intend to bring it up again in the future.
  15. Ya can't go wrong with the monkey love, ay? xo
  16. I took the line as, "If you play your cards right, I'll take you to a certain spot that you *should* be fascinated by, because who wouldn't be fascinated by a lot where buses park at night?"
  17. Was it just me, or did Penny's voice seem raspier than usual? Almost like Kaley was sick or something.
  18. I thought Shamy was amazin' and hilarious in tonight's epi!
  19. Any episode with a monkey is already a winner to me. Two thumbs up!
  20. In Will & Grace, the supporting characters (Jack and Karen) got A plots all the time. Mayim is a strong enough actor who can handle a lead storyline obviously. The writers just have to make sure to give her the proper material.
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