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  1. I wish there would be more Amy Farrah Fowler. Although the character has varied somewhat over the past few years, I think she's a great addition to the rest of the gang. I love that she has started standing up to Sheldon more, too! What say you?
  2. Shall we start a thread entitled YES MORE AMY ?
  3. With the sunglasses on, I'd say Ryan looks like a taller Johnny Galecki!
  4. Clearly I joined this place the wrong week! How am I supposed to rub it in my wife's face if I have no spoilers?!
  5. In a comedy? Yes, getting laughs is first priority...if we didn't laugh then we wouldn't think it was funny, then we'd stop watching and then the show goes bye bye. But to say that "nothing else matters" is obviously not true. You are excused by the way.
  6. I think the writers are pretty clever. They get paid to work on the number 1 sitcom, so to say that "they are all about the laugh and nothing else matters" seems a bit far stretched.
  7. That's true! The door was already unlocked last season when he went into her apartment after the Valentine's dinner disaster. Hmm...
  8. Ya can't change what someone else does or says, but ya can change your reaction to them. If all someone does it whine and complain, just ignore them! No need to get in a fuss about it.
  9. I don'tsay you butch it up. I say you beautiful it up. <3 xo Oh and change your siggy! I would log in and do it for you, but I respect boundaries Thank ya! It's one exciting team, is it not? Thank ya! So many nice people on the boards!
  10. Thank ya for the welcome, delsino! I'm a female though, proud and true. I can try to act like a guy in that thread if you want. "Yo, those bloody bitches really do be crazy, Jack."
  11. I don't know about that. Raj thought that they were "in love" after it happened, and expected her to want to go out with him again (sober or not). He also hit on Bernadette even though Howard was still there. Raj gets very lonely and seems to put his mates aside for the girl. Both Leonard and Raj should know better. I know I'd personally be more upset if someone took advantage of me and they were sober than if they were to do it drunkenly.
  12. Maybe people are more harsh on Raj because they hate the idea of him and Penny together. They give Leonard the benefit of the doubt because they feel that these two are endgame, and so they forgive him more easily? Blinded by love and all that mess.
  13. Enjoy your pics and promos! I'll be chatting it up in the spoilers thread without you! <3 xo
  14. Found the promo that includes the bit about the cute ball of wool: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4V9FHoOFUq0
  15. This is the only promo I've seen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SuOk9kp8z8A
  16. Hey all! I am a new member here, but some of you may already know my lovely and loud wife, AdorkablyMe! She has chosen to go unspoiled for the remainder of the season. Yea right! So I decided to create my own account. Long live the Shamy!
  17. This isn't my favourite episode of the season, but it was still very good! First post, new to the forum. Helloooo beautiful people <3
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