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  1. Okay let me put it another way comedy/getting laughs are the first priority and most things are farther down the line.  For instance it's Season Seven and look how long it took to get some real growth  in the three main characters.  It's usually one step forward and three steps back so excuse me for thinking getting laughs are the highest priority.

    In a comedy?  Yes, getting laughs is first priority...if we didn't laugh then we wouldn't think it was funny, then we'd stop watching and then the show goes bye bye.  But to say that "nothing else matters" is obviously not true. 


    You are excused by the way. 

  2. When I observed this back in 7.02 this very thing popped in my head and I was upset about it.


    I don't know if we are suppose to count when Leonard open the door after the delivery of Penny's entertainment center.  I do know that from the point Leonard and Penny have been dating we have never seen Leonard open her door with her key on his key ring. 

    That's true!  The door was already unlocked last season when he went into her apartment after the Valentine's dinner disaster. Hmm...

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  3. Ha ha!  You got called a male just like I did when I first joined.  And you say I butch it up, pffffft

    I don'tsay you butch it up.  I say you beautiful it up.  <3 xo


    Oh and change your siggy!  I would log in and do it for you, but I respect boundaries :)


    Welcome to you HollyAndOatmeal! I always feel a twinge of excitement every time another team shamy member shows up :D

    Thank ya!  It's one exciting team, is it not?



    And welcome, HollyAndOatmeal! So happy to have you onboard. :)

    Thank ya!  So many nice people on the boards!

  4. I don't know about that.  Raj thought that they were "in love" after it happened, and expected her to want to go out with him again (sober or not).  He also hit on Bernadette even though Howard was still there.  Raj gets very lonely and seems to put his mates aside for the girl.  Both Leonard and Raj should know better.  I know I'd personally be more upset if someone took advantage of me and they were sober than if they were to do it drunkenly.

  5. Even if they include a kiss in a promo, who's to say what is real life and what isn't?  Or the motivation behind the kiss?  We won't know until we watch.  If CBS is comfortable enough with me seeing it before the episode airs, then I'm good with it.  But I generally tend to stay relatively calm and don't have any high expectations, so I'm fine with the promos (even the ones that are misleading).

    Enjoy your pics and promos!  I'll be chatting it up in the spoilers thread without you! <3 xo

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