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  1. Hi everyone, first time posting my opinion because i can't take it anymore, my wife and i love the show we really do and we watched from the first and reruns over and over now i digress. I know it doesn't take much of an education to get a job in Hollywood like "writers". yes i'm insulting you because your insulting me and other watchers if you think that we're going to buy that Sheldon Cooper a man who was going to die after accidentally drinking out of Lenards water or finds a tissue in a tuxedo pocket and goes nuts or when Penny took a onion from his plate and starts to through out his food and i could go on and on and you "geniuses" what us to think he would eat chicken from a garbage can, i know i know "it's just a show" i can hear people saying it now. Yes it's just a show and it's only for entertainment at least i feel that's what the writers producers etc. most believe because i can't believe that all those "smart people" can't do a better job with the characters behaviors, and this was only one issue there's so many more it boggles the mind i know this won't change anything after all i'm no one and only one voice and as long as they're making shits loads of money they won' t change the way they write stories, alright that's it i ranted enough.
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