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  1. About the tulips, I don't remember the name from that visit but I did some looking around on the tulip farms website. The tulips in that picture were either from Tulip Town or Roozengaarde. Most likely they are Plaiser tulips from Roozengaarde- http/www.tulips.com/product/plaiser/a-to-z-tulips. Sorry I couldn't get the hyperlink function to work for me. The other option is Candy Apple from Tulip Town, but I think those tulips have rounded edges. It's amazing how many varieties of tulips there are.
  2. I am with you on the continuity. The thing with Sheldon and the ring, it's not something he would be interested in so he is not likely to bring it up out of the blue. It came up now because Penny was showing it to Beverly so Sheldon added his two cents. The conversation Sheldon and Leonard had afterwards seems to indicate that Leonard didn't tell him it was a secret.
  3. According to the spoilers Leonard didn't "go" ring shopping at all, he bought it on-line. Probably in his living room with Sheldon sitting right there.
  4. I think it looks like Sheldon' s(or someone's) office with a whiteboard and desk chair.
  5. You know it appeared that the original "teachable moment" was going to be Sheldon watching Leonard jumping through hoops to try and return and pay for the video knowing it wouldn't be that easy. The sweater part of the equation came into play because Sheldon took the whole episode so calmly that Leonard could not let it go. If Leonard would have just accepted Sheldon' s initial assurances that he would not freak out he would have just spent several fruitless days trying to return the video without having to wear the sweater. The "itchy brain" conversation came about because Leonard kept qu
  6. Well I guess that is matter of opinion. You can have growth without having to add a romantic component. Also sure Howard has grown, but I also find him less funny. Sure he his moments now but he is much more restrained. I also find having all these cast members having to be worked into the story every week- especially since the writers break them into groups instead of one main story most times- makes the show rather fractured. Plus they always have the same groups hanging out, its rather predictable. That's one of the reason Scavenger was so fun, it shook things up.
  7. I enjoyed most of this episode. I am so very tired of the Penny as dumb and incapable of even doing her job. But I am sure it will continue. The plot with Leonard and Sheldon was funny, especially since Leonard did it to himself through sheer stubbornness. As all of his friends pointed out he had plenty of opportunities to take off the sweater-Penny's line about getting his degree back was funny. Then when he finally thought he had closure there is Howard egging the whole thing on. Johnny did a really good job and it was nice seeing him be more the comedic focus rather than more of th
  8. Well I am afraid I am going to have to disagree with you. I am glad you see Leonard and Penny as a good couple, it certainly makes the show a more enjoyable experience. I do not think Penny of the first few seasons was dumb. She had her moments but it was usually because she didn't get something science related one of the guys was saying and was understandable. She "took a stand, metaphorically", and told Sheldon that if she "couldn't be snide he couldn't be condescending", but this season she has to look to Amy to see if she is using the word liability correctly. I could come up with so
  9. The thing is, I have come to learn, that those people rarely care if they are pissing you off.
  10. But that is the way Sheldon works. He can plan these elaborate and/or diabolical pranks on one hand but still has the appreciation for low tech pranks that any 8 year old boy would. He did basically the same thing in the Vengeance Formulation. He planned and executed this elaborate prank on Kripke but still pullled the whoopee cushion prank on Leonard. As for it being Amy, well what fun would it have been to try it on Leonard, and he forewarned Penny that he would try it on her.
  11. Why would it have ended after season 3? It was the number 12 ranked show against stiffer completion since it was on Monday night and Dancing was in its prime. It really made its jump in viewers with syndication.
  12. Who set those rigorous intellectual standards? Is there some sort of handbook? Frankly, I don't believe that this thread could possibly be judged lacking. It's hokum.
  13. Sheldon: I believe it means that the U.S. Government is going to expel him from the country. He could then either return to his native India, emigrate to another country that’s willing to accept him, or wander the high seas as a stateless pirate. Personally, I’d choose pirate. Pirate Sheldon. That would be awesome. I vote for that.
  14. Yes, I have read those comments and I always had to wonder if we were watching the same show. The early season Sheldon was arrogant, dismissive, and at times, a jerk. But he could also be sweet(childlike), endearing, and helpful, wicked smart, and not malicious. Now he is more often petulant and childish, has probably lost more IQ points than Penny and is becoming a clown(so far no candy). You could understand why his friends put up with earlier season Sheldon, now not so much.
  15. Oh, I agree whole heartedly with this(except there was already a contrast between her and the other two, especially Amy). There is only one reason for Leonard to date a girl that stupid, sex. I think that they have done a disservice to all parties involved with the pairings. For me it is very hard to get on board with couples where the writers have purposely diminished one half of the pair seemingly to make the other half look better. Its not funny, sometimes a little uncomfortable, and its really getting old. Yes, Penny and Sheldon are more similar to each other now, but by the same tok
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