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  1. LOL sooooo true. You read my mind Enviado desde mi GT-I9300 usando Tapatalk now Free
  2. I like this episode. I am not a big lenny shipper but i must say the proposal was perfect even I had tears in my eyes when I saw the scene Enviado desde mi GT-I9300 usando Tapatalk now Free
  3. Hello shamy shippers. I want to know your opinion. Which episode do you think that cbs must submit for the nomination of the emmys???. In my opinion "locomotive manipulation" jim and mayim were amazing in that episode.♥♥♥♥
  4. Sik 2 baby :D . Enviado desde mi GT-I9300 usando Tapatalk now Free
  5. I don't get why sheldon said he hasn't a physical relationship with amy in the Proton episode becuase based on the sik it is clear he has one. Maybe for him physical relationship means sex. just writing what I think Enviado desde mi GT-I9300 usando Tapatalk now Free
  6. I found this video of Mayim on instagram. I think it Is very sweet. I love her ♥♥♥♥ http://instagram.com/p/lfWcf-Eo7e/
  7. Yeah, I also love this forum and especially my shamy shippers because you always make me laugh. I am happy that we have 3 more years to share our love for tbbt and also for our lovely couple. I hope someday have the opportunity to meet one of you in person :*
  8. I can't still believe that the second sik already happened. ♥♥♥♥ man!!! I have to wait two weeks to see it .
  9. Best episode ever. i don't know why I woke up at 3:00 am but I said to myself "I going to check the forum if they uploaded the report" and bang I found out about the second SIK. I was so excited that I couldn't back to sleep after a hour. I think this episode shows how comfortable is sheldon with Amy in the physical aspect and how he values her opinion♥♥♥♥
  10. Kazzie thanks for your report and I am very happy that you had this amazing experience in the taping . I am happy when my shamy shippers are happy♥♥
  11. Helloooo, I am not the kind of person who write a lot but sometimes i like to express my thoughts about my lovely couple. First, I want to start with amy. I love her, she started being the female version of sheldon but through the years she acquired her own personality. She has proven to be an amazing friend and girlfriend and I wish the best for her. Sheldon otherwise has this unique and weird personality that makes you love and hate him at the same time. I love his intelligence and this child and innocent personality that sometimes came out. I believe amy and sheldon are in love. Amy is
  12. well I saw it and it's true, she made a sex scene and she played herself.
  13. Thanks tensor you are very kind for write these posts
  14. She said: that sounds interesting. I studied Spanish in LA with a Mexican teacher and I remember he told me that is possible to use "buen"in this ocasion. Maybe it's not true or maybe I forgot how to use it. It has been a few year since the last day I spoke Spanish. Sorry, is my fault. That is basically what mayim said. Sorry for my English. I hope you understand the translation I made
  15. She wrote in Spanish ♥ I don't care if she made some mistakes because not many Americans trying to learn a new language. I speak Spanish and I understand perfectly what she wrote in her post.
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