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  1. 7.13 'the Occupation Recalibration' (January 9)

    This episode was ok, but I can't manage to pay any attention to the Lenny scenes, I feel like they're actually saying the same things every episode and they get me bored. I'm not really worried for penny, she quit her job but it's a sitcom and I'm pretty sure something will happen for her. I don't really know why this feeling came to me but I would like to see Leonard's mother in a next episode. I appreciated Stuart/Bernie's interaction, I'm glad stuart had someone to support him in this episode even though it was for a short time.
  2. 7.12 "the Hesitation Ramification" (January 2)

    Even though I felt like I was expecting the episode to start and it never really started, I have to admit this episode was actually quite interesting. I think Penny's character is really important because she's almost the only one who acts like "normal" people in the show. "Normal" people do bad things, get upset, have failures, and she's there to bring contrast in the show. I am actually glad this episode happened because I would like to see penny caring about something else than her relationship with Leonard. She needs to grow up more than the others characters of the show, and I don't find it bad.
  3. S7 Spoilers

    ^^i was only trying to understand them
  4. S7 Spoilers

    They know they are stuck with Shamy and Lenny now but they realised how Shenny has the potential to attract like a circus freak "People, come to watch the interaction between a blond bimbo and a Genius!"
  5. S7 Spoilers

    All we know is that we know nothing
  6. Sheldon & Penny Friendshippers Thread.

    During one episode of the season 5, Leonard explained all the things he accepted and did just to have sex with her, that's what I meant. But that's not the main topic. We all know there is no attraction , or sexual motivation in P/S interactions, and I think that's what the spectators like, at least that's what I like because it's a more honnest relationship for me.
  7. Sheldon & Penny Friendshippers Thread.

    What I appreciate about the Penny/Sheldon friendship is that, unlike the others guys, Sheldon doesn't interact with Penny because he wants sex with her. As we've seen in season 5, everything Leonard did for Penny was in order to have sex with her, with sheldon we can be sure it's not this and that's great.
  8. Leonard And Penny Season 7 *spoiler* Discussion Thread

    Penny's fear of commitment is a good point, but, as a spectator with a subjective opinion, I see Penny using this reason not to break Leonard's heart. As she told Sheldon, she doesn't want to hurt Leonard... And Sheldon even asked her not to hurt him. So isn't she actually using this pretext every time ?
  9. Leonard And Penny Season 7 *spoiler* Discussion Thread

    Yes it's probably the main reason, but I feel like Leonard is more like a father to her, not a person she's sharing something with. And every new episode she tries to express her need to emancipate herself, but then, as a child who needs comfort, always comes back to Leonard. So I think Penny needs to become independent and also mature, I also think the writers see Leonard as the one who'll help her grow up and realize who she is, but not on the way the spectators expect it. What she said sounded more nasty, because actually she meant Leonard was not good enough for her, and was not what she really wants.
  10. Leonard And Penny Season 7 *spoiler* Discussion Thread

    About the L/P relationship, I do not get what the writers really want us to think. Because everytime I see Penny and Leonard I can't forget this moment on Valentine's day at the restaurant where Penny was really jealous about her ex bf and his new gf, paying no attention to Leonard and pointing out that she doesn't have the life she deserves. I took it like a proof of Penny's real feelings, just like she's hiding it all the time because she's trying to act wisely and save that kind of security she's got with leonard. I don't see a love growing up, I only see a frustrated girl who tries to cope with what is given to her, but she's not really happy, she's still a girl who dreams of a better life. So now I'm watching S7 there is some kind of bitter taste in the L/P relationship
  11. Does anybody know anybody that is really like Sheldon?

    Hi everybody, I just arrived on this forum and I saw this question so it's a good way for me to start I'm sorry i'm not an english native speaker so excuse me if I make mistakes :s Well my boyfriend is "kind of sheldon" as bernadette would say . Sometimes it's funny and sometimes it hurts too, the most embarrassing moment was when he came with me to a meeting and a guy he didn't know asked him a question in a suggestive way, my boyfriend didn't understand the point and started a long monologue about politics and society problems. Everybody around looked at him and some of them laughed and said "who the hell is this jerk ?? " He also has a flatmate who is totally annoyed about my boyfriend's obsession about cleaning, tidying, and they have argue when his flatmate invites people and makes too much noise or when some unknown people are sleeping in the living room after a party. So sometimes yes I feel like i live in TBBT I'm totally not like amy but I love him ^^