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  1. whether Sheldon will able to restrain himself after this? Next birthday is far off. It's thought provoking.
  2. would be funny if Shamy will have a baby first...
  3. Hey Guys! :D Do you remember when Amy said in s06e01: ""If Sheldon proposed to me during sex, my ovaries would grab on to him and never let go."" It can happen in the future!!!
  4. Unbelievable I'm so happy. I waiting for so long this moment. The (M rated) fanfiction factory is beggining! :D :D :D
  5. Thank you! Honestly I already waited for it.
  6. What happen if Sheldon will find this little erotic fanfic? He has visual memory and maybe will dream about it.
  7. I felt it! :D Obviously Amy wrote a M rated fanfic......
  8. It would be good! When Amy imagined that Sheldon kiss her in the zone, after this few episode it occurred.
  9. I would like that Sheldon will find this fiction somewhere and realise that Amelia his Amy and cooper is He. ( maybe will happened, just Sheldon won't speak about it but one day he will mention for Amy or take in secret)
  10. If I will have stronger english, I will write some fanfiction for shamy fan and others!
  11. Dear talented SHAMY writers, let's write fanfictions about Amelia and Cooper! Maybe that some writer or actor read fanfictions and take idea for show.
  12. I couldn't believe my eyes. I am so happy! ( After that some shamy fan maybe write fan fictions )
  13. If I read a romantic fanfiction, I usually listen this music:
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