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  1. I like the idea, but I'd want to see an episode with ALL of the characters as kids. It would be a fun inside. :D
  2. I agree. While I know that most people tend to favor Sheldon over the other characters, I feel that Big Bang Theory is great because of the WHOLE cast. Each character has their own quirks and they're funny because they all fit in so well together! I feel like a Sheldon-centered show wouldn't fare well. It's gonna be just like the Joey spin-off after FRIENDS. :/
  3. Hey guys, I'm new. Quite honestly, this question is the main thing that motivated me to make this account. So... I like Amy a lot, even now, but I liked her so much more in the beginning. When she was still robotic like Sheldon, it made the Shamy scenes more intense and adorable because they were both so hesitant and lost about their feelings. Now she's just way too emotional and sexual (in other words - HUMAN), and she's constantly chasing after Sheldon. I feel like it would've been so much cuter if BOTH of them were still robotic, and the writers simply made Amy more verbally expressive of her feelings. Any thoughts?
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