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  1. So you are missing the two most interesting characters on the show. Your loss hahahaha
  2. What a boring waste of an episode, hope we go back to the Shamy wedding (preparations) soon.
  3. The smoke was added in by computer, it wasnt even a real sigarette.
  4. No you are not alone, the rest of the world doesn't care about this. Could write an entire essay on this, but lets not get into politics here.
  5. Thats your opinion, Kaley is good but Melissa has more comedy in her imho
  6. Interesting choice for Jerry to play Sheldons brother, but I can picture him doing justice to the character.
  7. Becoming a parent changes someone, you can't be perfectly "ready" for it. No matter what you deal with personally, from the moment your baby is born, you put him/her first. Now this is ofcourse a tv comedy show, so things will go wrong in a funny way, but Shamy will make amazing parents.
  8. Wrong, Sheldon would happily share the attention with the smart and beautiful baby.
  9. They are an engaged couple, very much in love. Ofcourse they spent time in bed
  10. Most likely we will see a flash forward in one of the last episodes of the show, like they did in the Harry Potter movies.
  11. Well the only reason Jim had to addition twice is because he was to good.
  12. How did he screw it up? REally dont remember.
  13. Probably a 2 part episode, with a cliffhanger at the end of episode 23 and everything resolves in a beautiful wedding in ep 24.
  14. I never mentioned Sara so that point is moot. Point is that Mayim is the only one who played a character on which the entire show was based, played on a very young age in a big movie (Beaches). No other castmember had that on his/her resume by age of 17 or 19(when Blossom stopped). For Kaley I'll give you the 8 simple rules one, but on charmed she as just a minor guest appearance, the storyline wasn't even about her character but about her sisters.
  15. But still Mayim was the only one with a titular role (is that a word?). This is far more important that a few guest appearances the others did.
  16. I think there are many more stories to tell, and good ones too. Not just for Shamy but for all characters. I truelly believe that after this season/Shamy's wedding, it will be the turn for other characters. Probably Raj though...
  17. Sounds like this season is restoring the magic that was TBBT until s8. Gonna be on repeat a lot
  18. Please pass the butter for sure, but almost all the scenes with Beverly are classics too.
  19. And what Sheldon says is true, so... It got Shamy back together, so it's a good thing.
  20. They will always be imaginary, that was part of the line too.
  21. I am I missing something, is there a new character on the show?
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