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  1. I think Howard and Bernadette are stealing the show. I love those characters and the way they have evolved during the years contrary to Leonard (the insecure nerd act is getting old) and Penny (the stupid blond bimbo act is getting old). She has been working at the Cheesecake factory for ever. She was studying at the community college but, what is happening with that? Can't she have a little breakthrough? Not something improbable or incredible but, a little role in a play, or a career change where she discovers what she really wants to do, something we all have experienced. Give her some depth don't be so sexist. Each time I see Kaley Cuoco on the show, she looks to me like she'd rather have all of her toe nails pulled rather than to be there. I don't buy Leonard and Penny's relationship, no chemistry there anymore. As for Sheldon, I know that his character is not supposed to change but, after 7 seasons I find it boring because his lines are too predictable. Yes, even last episode's ending (SO7E06), I didn't believe it one second. Things happens in life, everyday, all the time, even to the people with the most organised routines and stubborn minds. Let's be frank, even Raj and Amy are pretty dull. I wish I could see some positive changes in all characters, like we have seen for Howard and Berny, as I find the show a bit repetitive these days. Here we have a group of friends in their mid-twenties (season 1) going into their thirties (season 2) and nothing is really happening to them, nothing tangible. It is in our twenties that we experience a lot and grow so much as a human being. Why not them? For exemple, Leonard is sent to do researches on a boat in the North Sea. What are the results of such an expedition at a psychological and emotional level? Did he grow out of it. No. What did he gain? Nothing. So why sending him there? In comparison, Howard did grow out of his experience in space, he became a more mature and responsible being. I also think Bernadette and Howard's characters are evolving so well because, indeed, Simon Helberg and Melissa Rauch are fantastic actors and multi-talented people. finally, please, I am entitled to my opinion as everybody else, I am not imposing it on anyone, just expressing it. You are entitled to think differently, it is fine and I am OK with it. So no hate and don't tell me not to watch it if I don't like because, it is NOT what I am expressing here. Thanks. Cheers.
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