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  1. In sickness and in health means you'll love and be devoted to that person regardless of those circumstances, which Penny is. What she didn't do, and what Leonard didn't need or ask her to do, is drop everything for a simple cold like she would the infantile Sheldon, because it's not reasonable. You take medicine, tough it out, and move on. Nothing another person can even help you with. Half the time it's not even worth the trouble of missing work. For what it's worth, my mom and dad have been married since 1991, she has been by his side as he's dealt with a bunch of health issues, and she
  2. I mean, it's the common cold. Not really reason to do anything except take medicine and tough it out. As for Sheldon, she did that for him because of he has a mental and emotional age of an elementary schooler. With Mary in Texas, she often does fill the role of his mother. Leonard ran away from him because the expectations that someone spend their day tending to an adult with a cold was so unreasonable.
  3. The redheaded doctor Howard liked? They dated one episode.
  4. I'll give you Leslie, casual and brief as that always was, but the French teacher, seriously? We never even saw her or their relationship and it has never been of any relevance to the show. Again, hate Sheldon, and even if I didn't it'd be completely irrelevant to the discussion. Total non-sequitur.
  5. Sure, things that happened on-screen are factual inconsistencies. Nice dig.
  6. Likely not gonna happen but would be hysterically funny (assuming Marissa's baby is Zach's). I just love Zach.
  7. Probably Penny, even though he's cheated on every established girlfriend he's had, prostituted himself to a rich old woman, and broken the "bro code" with two of his three best friends. Also, he barely wants kids, so he's not being oppressed there either.
  8. Seibert was probably the highlight for me, and Sheldon was less insufferable than usual (the purple stripe bit was really funny). Bernadette really shouldn't have that much screen time, she got irritating real fast.
  9. Pure, unadulterated sarcasm. Sheldon is not swoon worthy and it isn't the least bit believable that he would act in an unselfish manner, based on every single one of his actions. But it will please a portion of the fans so they'll write it that way, even though it's not believable.
  10. Please, they are so going to make Sheldon swoooonworthy and have Amy take the credit because they're "relationship goals" and all that jazz. 😒
  11. I don't, I listed these as individual personality traits that Sheldon possesses. Someone can certainly be infantile without being hateful or pathetic, or hateful without being pathetic and infantile (Priya is someone I'd describe in that particular way). Sheldon, however, is all of the above. I don't disagree with either of those sentiments and did not mean to insinuate that Bernadette would wish her children away. That said, the notion that Amy chose to be in a situation where her marriage more closely mirrors her friend's experience raising two under two than it does any of her frie
  12. The scene at the bar was completely inoffensive, and the exchange between Amy and Zach was quite humorous. I didn't see any insinuation on Penny's part that she settled for Leonard, and the fact that Penny works harder to maintain her appearance is well-established and readily mentioned. There was no superiority or coldness as mentioned on here, even in the face of Amy's socially inept behavior (which I found humorous because, well, it's a sitcom and doesn't need to be taken that seriously). I'm surprised by the retcon, at least on the forum, that Leonard has desperately wanted children
  13. Sad that there is no Christmas episode in the final season. Those are usually pretty funny and memorable.
  14. What this show really needs is more of Sheldon acting like a petulant toddler while everyone appeases him. Never too much of that.
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