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  1. Yeah, most magazine spreads I've seen only have one or two photos I really like, but these are all beautiful. She is annoyingly photogenic.
  2. Not really. I think Penny's anger levels are relatively normal.
  3. Agreed. When I was younger I'd have to pay a friend's way all the time and I never brought it up, because I understood that she was in a tight spot. Either do it gladly or not at all, because bitching about only reveals how low class she is, regardless of her high SES.
  4. She took cash out of his wallet, which is rather unfortunate a reflection on her. But he did get rather pissy at Valentine's Day when she didn't spend as much money on him, so perhaps she was in a bind. Not impressed with this episode overall, and it further demonstrated how miserable a character Bernadette has become. All that money she brags about making yet she still can't afford class.
  5. She looks beautiful. I am surprised to hear she got breast implants at 18, they have always looked very natural (slightly uneven, which is normal) to me.
  6. I don't see that at all. I don't remember them having any bed scenes last year.
  7. I think her hair is long enough to cover it if she were to wear something that showed her back.
  8. Seems the roman numerals spell out her wedding anniversary.
  9. I don't know their lives, but they seem to make a very nice couple.
  10. That's because it meant to be taken as a joke, not be indicative of any future plans that may or may not involve children. But these two are the only couple on the show that I would deem capable of raising children in a stable and loving environment.
  11. Currently in Harrisonburg, but I'm from Purcellville.
  12. No, but I am stuck in a snowstorm in Virginia. Another one...
  13. Not necessarily, that house is a whole new level of wealth and luxury. He only said that he bought the BMW, as far as I know.
  14. The formula has been disproved more than once (it didn't acknowledge the four years she was with Kurt), not that it was ever worth putting stock into. It was coming from a guy who thinks his relationship with Amy is progressing at a rapid pace and finds the idea of sex "ridiculous and offputing". Howard also mentioned paying girls to sleep with him, so I'm sure his number is higher than hers.
  15. Seriously, especially when it's the same old complaints day after day. And a lot of twisting and grasping at straws to make the arguments even remotely logical.
  16. Bad waitress I remember just fine, but I don't remember lazy. It seems you only come on this thread to complain or attempt a dig.
  17. Well, looks like her plan is to continue auditioning, as has been established multiple times. She hasn't moved in with Leonard or asked him for money, so she must be alright for the time being. Once her savings run out, based on the last episode, it sounds like she's willing to return to waitressing. I don't recall her ever declaring herself lazy, the cute comment was a response to her not carrying around cash. Using Zack, Luther, or Raj as evidence to her being lazy because she apparently could have been auditioning instead is a major stretch. Downright asinine.
  18. Considering how vital looks are to getting an audition, it very well could. Not that's there is anything wrong with the occasional splurge. But you're right, how dare that lowly waitress have any fun! Zack happened at Thanksgiving and Raj in the middle of the night. So that's a weak argument. You are really looking for anything to condone these elitist attitudes.
  19. The examples given (Zack, Luther, Raj) didn't cost Penny any money, so it's not a matter of being able to "afford" stupidity. Bad decisions are bad decisions regardless of wealth, so that cannot be a justifiable excuse for Penny to be condemned so much more harshly than the guys.
  20. Translation, it's the ignorance and snobbery of the posters, not the character. Sexism and classism. I figured that one out when the proposed careers were as demeaning as hooker, stripper, and housewife. The guys have engaged in equally stupid behavior, but they're men and not a "lowly" waitress, so it doesn't matter. She is characterized as lazy because she doesn't have a doctorate when she has in fact worked in the often grueling service industry since she was 18. But she doesn't have a "passion", like the guys do television, so it's justified.
  21. Bullshit. The only one who actively avoided alcohol beforehand was Sheldon, likely because he was already heavily exposed to it with his father. He made the choice to drink that night of his speech, Penny "talking him into it" by offering doesn't make her responsible for what happened. Amy had merely never been offered it by a friend, she had probably drank before in her 40 years of life. Raj just never had it in the presence of a woman, as we know that before Penny girls didn't hang out with them. And please, spare us the long-term effects of heavy drinking. This is a sitcom, and as multiple poster have pointed out Penny would not be characterized as such. Your point that Penny was doing nothing but partying while they were off being honorable and earning their Ph.Ds is equally absurd. I've already pointed out that the guys have all engaged in plenty of casual sex, so it's possible they also did some drinking. Penny never struck me as a frat-level partier, she probably just went out on weekends the way most people her age did. She's always been on her own, so while they were in school, she was working and going to auditions. Sheldon is a grown man at a bar, nothing irresponsible about giving him a drink. If he didn't know what was in a Long Island Iced Tea that is his own problem.
  22. I also seriously doubt Amy was "introduced" to alcohol by Penny considering the fact that she is nearly 40. While she may not have ever been given alcohol by a friend, all you have to do is walk into a restaurant that serves drinks to be offered some. She'd probably had a drink before, just not in that atmosphere.
  23. To a group of people well over the age of 21? Big deal. Raj would still be whispering into Howard's ear in order to communicate. The others made the decision to drink on their own free will, way too old to claim peer pressure. I sure as hell don't hang out with people who engage in casual sex (thanks for the assumption), but Penny does. Howard had more stories than Penny ever will, Raj had a few (Sailor Moon anyone?) and Leonard has had Leslie, Joyce, Priya (initially, Stephanie arguably began the same way), almost Alice, you get the point. They formed into relationships, but began with casual sex. I get that you hold them to a different standard because they're guys, but she's really no worse than them in that regard.
  24. I have, yet they keep beating the dead horse. Saying that the people who think she's an alcoholic are ignorant isn't derogatory, as those people are clearly very uninformed about the disease. I envy that naivete.
  25. Wasn't saying that she was an angel, I was refuting the idea that she was an alcoholic. The subject should have been put to rest ages ago, but ignoramuses keep popping up.
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