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  1. No, it really hasn't. Zack was resolved in the span of a few hours (who doesn't drink in Vegas?), Penny's proposal was just as bad as both of Leonard's, she remembered it clearly the next day. Leonard's thoughtless joke fell flat with everyone listening. The hotel was an example of casual sex, something all the guys (minus Sheldon) are quite familiar with. Most of these were one-time instances that happened several years ago, not indicative of an alcoholic in the least. A lapse in judgement, certainly, but nothing more.
  2. Yeah, Rick was resorting to false arguments to prove his point. Surprise, surprise. Most of the things he described either never happened with her or happened once, a long time ago.
  3. Wouldn't necessarily call it a matter of blame. That would be more if she had pissed through all her savings buying junk. The car was a large and unanticipated expense, and out of her control. Before that she seemed to be doing pretty okay money-wise, and I had been pleased to see that. Wish they hadn't ruined that for the sake of this story.
  4. On here? Maybe. But one nice scene, and it was lovely, doesn't wash away the nasty taste of dependency.
  5. I missed the part about her not having to take her clothes off (my Nana called, I knew I'd have to rewatch), that does change things a bit. Oh well, probably wouldn't have "padded" her account by much. I hope to see her have some success, I was done with the idea of her falling back on Leonard before it she even quit. Didn't like the car storyline at all.
  6. Yeah, "Serial Apist 2" wouldn't be her getting success under her belt, at all. That wouldn't look good on a resume. It's not like the first one helped her career at all.
  7. No thanks to that one. The point of quitting TCF was to get rid of her safety net, and she would not be doing that if she went to depending on Leonard instead. It would reflect poorly on her, and it would be surrounding her independence. The good news is she seems to still be living on her in May's Proton, so at least he hasn't moved in out of necessity.
  8. Yup, it has now been stated outright that they are the most successful couple on the show, and that Ran knows. If only that meant that all the nonsensical talk of them being miserable and Penny getting ready to bail because he hasn't moved in would finally stop.
  9. Leonard wouldn't either. The fact that he teases her about it is only evidence to the fact that she isn't an alcoholic. Because if she were, he wouldn't address it in a teasing and public manner. I've seen alcoholism, and deeply envy those ignorant enough to even begin to consider Penny as such. She's a social drinker, like a lot of twenty-somethings. If she were a alcoholic, what would that make Raj? Because he was completely dependent on it for over six years. But there's no point wondering, because it's a sitcom that was written to be funny.
  10. The one time he apparently paid her rent he made a point of saying it was money she owed him (in front of Raj and Howard, so he definitely meant it), and considering how hellbent she was to pay Sheldon back, I'd say she probably got it back to him. I wished she had turned down the car as well. I don't like this storyline one bit.
  11. Except there's been no indication that this is the case. The idea of quitting TCF is to get rid of the safety net, so it would be pretty asinine to have Leonard be the replacement net. If that were the case she would have moved in at the very least, probably married him, and quit years ago.
  12. Once, in "Hesitation Ramification". You're right, she has a real problem. Stop trying to make Alex happen, it's not going to happen! If they wanted her they would have kept her on, but I can safely assure you she's a distant memory to everyone except you. Probably ran off to find some other involved guy to cheat with.
  13. Oh yay, another clown who thinks Penny's an alcoholic. It's funny you have such an issue with Penny, yet propose Alex as a viable alternative. A willing cheater who eagerly pursued a man in an established relationship.
  14. Well if Leonard were to be a jerk to Sheldon in return he'd be at his level. It's ugly to be vengeful.
  15. Because he won't need it? Because he understands its importance to Sheldon? Because they would be nothing appealing about seeing Leonard act mean and petty towards Sheldon? To be nasty about it would only be a reflection on him.
  16. You need to let go of your obsession with Priya. She was massively unpopular and unfunny, the writers knew to write her off as quick as humanly possible. They were miserable together, far more disengaged than you think Leonard and Penny are, who are the happiest of the couples on the show.
  17. Sitcoms are all about the status quo, and the show doesn't have to worry about losing people's interests considering their ratings. If you can't see how it would be different now than it was in S3, I can't help you. It would take too long and probably be a waste of breath. Since when is breaking up with someone the same thing as bailing? Especially considering how upset she was about it? For the record, I still hate the dependency thing and am thrilled she's continued to live on her own for that very reason. I dislike the car storyline as it goes back to the idea of dependency, but at least it happened in the least objectionable way possible. He gave it as a gift, rather than her asking. But those things always come with strings.
  18. Creating a false scenario (Penny being unwilling to change the status quo by moving in with Leonard, who has shown no interest in doing such, so that she can bail) for the sake of bemoaning it is definitely complaining. Plenty of couples choose not to move in before getting married. I've even heard that there are studies showing that couples who don't have a lower divorce rate (though that could easily be wrong).
  19. I honestly have no clue where all this crap about Penny bailing is coming from, it makes no sense whatsoever. I guess there needs to be something to complain about after what was a very Lenny positive episode.
  20. What's wrong with the current status quo? They've been back together for two years and no one has bailed out. Both are happy with the way things are. They'd still live twenty feet apart if they were to break up, so neither have the option of bailing out. Their lives are completely intertwined, so whether they live together or not doesn't matter much at this point.
  21. Well then I don't know what to tell you. L/P/S and H/R/B have been the main dynamics for a long time, changing only for couples or guys/girls plots. That's what works. But the show without the apartment is like Cheers without the bar.
  22. What decisions are you referring to? Moving in? Because that isn't the big deal that a lot of the forum makes it to be. They spend every night together, eat together, basically have a three bedroom apartment together. The only time Leonard pushed the issue was in response to bickering with Sheldon, he hadn't shown any interest before and hasn't since. I think they are both more than fine with the current living arrangements. No way is Amy ready to go from being a part-time nanny to a live-in one.
  23. No one is moving anywhere. And Leonard isn't some sort of victim, he has chosen to live with Sheldon for the last ten years. He has even signed a contract agreeing to everything.
  24. I looked up the scene on youtube and realize you're right on that point. He did kick himself afterwards for admitting to having a girlfriend.
  25. Your point? Doesn't change what he did, and he would have slept with Alice if she hadn't kicked him out. I was responding to the idea that Priya would somehow come back for Leonard because her boyfriend cheated and she wanted a safer option. It would make absolutely no sense for her to go to someone who had already cheated the last time.
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