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  1. Leonard is still responsible for his own infidelity, saying it was no big deal because Penny went furthur with the guy she cheated on in high school isn't very logical. He had no idea that Priya saw them as non-exclusive. I was just refuting the idea that Priya would ever want Leonard back for the reasons SRAM suggested. In retrospect, they were basically a fling. I doubt they'be given the other much thought in the years since they broke up.
  2. Um, Leonard was her cheating boyfriend. Does the name Alice ring a bell? She is also a cheater. There'd be no humor in seeing them fight over each other. Even Priya is smart enough to know she wouldn't stand a chance, she was always threatened by Penny.
  3. It would be a real shame if Penny had to "fight for Leonard", more like over him, at this point in their relationship.Especially against a woman who he cheated on, and who cheated on him. I doubt she ever considered him much of a prize, as she had so little respect for him when they were together (he likewise had no self-respect at that time). Bottom line: Priya ain't coming back, and neither is Alex. Time to find something else to speculate about.
  4. I think her hair would cover it pretty easily.
  5. They've already established that she's going to auditions. She is an independent woman, which is why it would go against everything her character is about to become a SAHM and thus be dependent on Leonard.
  6. Yeah, they got back together early-2012. So it's been just over two years, nowhere close to three.
  7. Leonard and Penny have been back together two years, not three.
  8. Leonard and Alex should be included in this. Talk about ridiculous.
  9. I have seen alcoholism in my family, immediate family in fact, that's why I get annoyed whenever someone says Penny is one. I listed the symptoms of alcoholism, so they definitely mean something. You have to have at least a few to be treated fore alcoholism. Leonard's comments were made to get a laugh, but if he meant what he said about her drinking than he is ignorant.
  10. Good one, trying to get a laugh in this thread I see. What's with your bizarre obsession with Alex and Priya? He and Priya both cheated on one another within weeks, and he never had any interest in little Alex Sue (just liked getting his ego stroked). If Penny had a drinking problem she'd be drinking in secret, have legal or medical problems, have trouble holding down a job (she quit TCF on her own terms), have at least one DUI, and see her relationships impacted by her drinking. That isn't the case. Leonard is very ignorant to think such a thing, as are you.
  11. Just when I thought I'd gotten the hang of sarcasm! You're making a lot of sense with that explanation, Martin. Delightful Alex? Sultry and beautiful Priya? My aching sides!
  12. No, they were suggested out of pure misogyny, no thought behind them whatsoever. Penny is not lazy, she's been in the workforce her entire adult life. She'd been going to as many auditions as she can with her schedule. I know you stick up your nose at her former job as a waitress those who've done will tell you it is very grueling work. Your basing that premise off of her not having passion the way the guys do for television and because she wasn't gutsy enoug h to quit until now.
  13. No, it really isn't. All that's needed is a little bit of basic thought. If you can picture her a housewife, stripper, hooker, stay-at-home mom, or any of the other sexist suggestions that have been proposed, you can picture her in a respectable profession. Many of which she could get with or without a degree, so that isn't an excuse.
  14. No, it's not. More than half the workforce is composed of women, same goes for universities. Many wives out-earn their husbands. Women work, this ain't the 50s. Though even then about 25-33% of women had jobs outside the home, though it wasn't portrayed that way. As for Penny, she'd rightfully be bored and completely unfulfilled to be stuck at home all day. I know this goes back to wanting to see her dependent on Leonard, which I am vehemently against.
  15. I can barely think of a single sitcom that doesn't make jokes about drinking. How would they address it, planning an intervention and sending her to AA? Only the most naive people would ever think she was anything close to an alcoholic. SRAM, I know you don't have the privilege of being that naive, and neither do I. But I suggest not getting worked up about things. The love means never saying your sorry is bull. It's rooted in complete selfishness. If Leonard is going to make comments like that he ought to apologize for them. I know from personal experience that when I've wronged someone I love or care about, the first thing I want to do is make amends.
  16. What century is this? That's not a career, nor is it something she'd ever want.
  17. Yes, because the prospect of living with Amy is even more unpleasant to him than getting a table. Penny changing the subject had nothing to do with avoidance but rather confusion. Sheldon said that in the context that Leonard be banned but still obliged to drop him off, not in a scenario where they would be going together. Besides, we already know that Sheldon was happy and satisfied with the perspective future of living with Lenny forever. Amy has not entered the equation in his mind.
  18. Penny question stemmed from confusion at Sheldon pestering them, it was not a way of saying no. Sheldon made it outright clear he isn't living with her, and still plans to be with Leonard and Penny when he is eighty.
  19. Except Sheldon will reiterate those feelings in the table episode, while the last mention with Penny was a season ago. Their relationship has grown, she's since proposed for crying out loud, while Shamy has essentially stayed the same. The only growth has been seeing her become more of a nanny/caretaker for him. He still prefers Lenny. Plus, Leonard and Penny already spend every night and all their free time together, while Sheldon has a cap on how much time he is willing to spend with Amy. There's absolutely no comparing the two. Especially considering the last move-in was completely sprung on Penny.
  20. Its been made abundantly clear that Sheldon has no desire to live with Amy now or in the foreseeable future. So I'd let go of that delusion. But he's also not capable of living on his own, and wants to stay with Lenny, a request they won't have it in them to deny. Penny's apartment is barely big enough for one, no way would there be enough space for the two of them. Penny seemed very claustrophobic last time around. Plus, she seems to have a pull with the table, and there's be no reason to buy that if Leonard isn't staying. There isn't space for it at her place.
  21. They aren't going to have Leonard move in with Penny. Leonard specifically stated that he needs Sheldon on some level, so I'd say he does want to stay there for whatever reason (masochism? License to complain?) Why would they be buying a table for his apartment if that were the case? I'd bet on Penny moving in with them before that happens, with someone else moving into her old place. Sheldon cannot live on his own, and he does not want to live with Amy.
  22. Re: Student loans, parents like the Leonard's who put such a huge emphasis on education tend to have college funds for that sort of stuff set up when their children are born. Don't forget that Leonard went to the same school his parents were professors at (Princeton), so they undoubtedly played a huge role in getting him going to and paying for Princeton, as some schools allow faculty's children to go at a hugely reduced price. Leonard isn't living with Sheldon out of necessity, if that were the case he could move out and spend less money on toys and eating out. He lives with Sheldon because he wants to.
  23. Kaley always been pretty modest in her taste. She had no trouble showing a little bit of cleavage at the GG or the SAG (which is completely fine), so I doubt it. Her being married to him is commitment enough, she doesn't need to change her style. But seeing as how you once stated that "reformed whores make the best wives" (referring to the Penny character), it isn't surprising you think that.
  24. Why does it have to be one or the other? Why can't she still enjoy the perks that come with being young and pretty? It's not as though Leonard doesn't get great pleasure from having a hot girlfriend, showing her off on the North Sea and taking a picture of them together for the sake of showing others when they don't believe him.
  25. It was probably given to someone else. With the way the three of them made such fools of themselves in that episode, who'd want to give them a job for life?
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