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  1. Wait, so now that she's in a relationship she has to dress like a nun to show her commitment? Is this Saudi Arabia? Both her and the married Bernadette went out looking hot in the S6 Christmas episode, and you need to look nice at auditions to even be considered a viable candidate for the part. You have to acknowledge your most attractive features. Only the most vile, sexist pig of a director or producer would immediately assume she'd be willing to prostitute herself for the part. It's really a shame you jumped to such a conclusion. But I suppose it's not that surprising.
  2. Well yeah, who wants the nanny when they can have the parents? But I kind of doubt they talked about it off-screen, Penny didn't have any desire to and Leonard wasn't going to push it. So I'd say it's time to just move on.
  3. How did 7.12 show that? She proposed to him. Lackluster or not, that means you're all in. I'd much rather they talk about that, because there was no real answer. As for 7.13, she made a decision that thus far has not affected him, and that he is not supportive of. He seemed satisfied enough with the conversation at the end, so I'd say it's done.
  4. I know, right? I can't believe I spent a good chunk of my childhood wishing I could grow up, thinking I'd have all the answers.
  5. I'd define them as lines in a sitcom said solely for the purpose of cheap humor and/or filling up time. That is how I'd define almost every scene that didn't have JEJ in it last night, especially the girl's part. But of course it has lead to all this talk of Penny becoming Katie/Al Bundy and not accepting Leonard and all those other things. The whole point of last night's episode was to point out the character's immaturity. Penny's laughing at real-life slapstick, three near middle aged men playing dress up (or wanting to) , and Amy staying in a relationship with someone who is not capable of maturing. Everyone is putting more stock into things than necessary.
  6. The girl wearing the pants in the relationship is yet another sitcom trope, so it didn't hither me. I was more annoyed with Bernadette's line about giving Howard an advance on his allowance considering the fact that he contributes to their household. Her treating him like a child isn't necessary or warrented the way it is with Sheldon. She's way more emasculating. Penny is absolutely nothing like Al Bundy or Sam Malone, everyone sure does love to jump to huge analytical conclusion over a few throwaway lines.
  7. It goes way beyond a hobby, they were on the verge of tears when they didn't get the tickets. While endearing in S1, I don't blame Penny ir Bernadette for hoping they'd outgrow it. I didn't like the way Penny was written in this episode either, and I hated the bit about the old man falling. This episode reeked too heavily of Chuck Lorre.
  8. I could hardly tolerate the scenes with Priya, as she sucked any and all humor out of them, but outside of that I thought S4 was very funny.
  9. Maybe she was hoping he'd outgrow it just a little bit? IDK, I've been thinking for years that the show is drifting away from the nerdy stuff (ie comic con, roleplaying, etc.) because the actors are now too old to pull it off, and maybe Penny's comment reflected that.
  10. Sheldon's with Leonard and Amy can more easily be characterized as contractual agreements than personal connections, and they certainly come across that way. He believes that they are there to serve him, and does not give anything back. As I've said previously, Lenny are the parents and Amy is the nanny. It's really a shame for Amy because she makes mention of wanting a family, but she can never have that with Sheldon. He'd make an abysmal husband and an even worse father. I enjoy them as friends, but I truly think Amy has outgrown the relationship. JMO.
  11. I like seeing Penny go after what she wants and think quitting was long overdue, but I wouldn't want to see her dependent on Leonard under any circumstances. One of her best qualities is her independence and it would truly be a shame to see her lose that.
  12. I think Penny moving in with LS is a stronger possibility than Leonard moving in with her, especially with the input she now seems to have on the subject of their apartment. Not to mention Sheldon's inquiry about where they will all live, and we know he almost always get his way. I think they'll have an episode where Leonard moves in with Penny, but by the end of the episode they'll both be moved in with Sheldon because he has a meltdown. The episode will conclude with Penny saying, "You, me, and Sheldon makes three."
  13. Well, looks like the chances of Sheldon and Amy living together in the foreseeable future just got slimmer. This makes me more confident that they will not move Leonard out. Sheldon cannot function by himself (nor would there be humor in him living alone for more than an episode), but would not be willing to have Amy move in. Raj would not want to move.
  14. Well Bernadette sure as heck doesn't say it jokingly. Some of my "besties" have money issues but I don't pry. Neither should they, it isn't any of their business.
  15. I think its rude to ask, in fact it pretty much defines bad etiquette. If the person broaches the subject, as Sheldon did the physical intimacy, then that is a bit different. But I never talk about money unless it is brought up by the party in question, because their finances are none of my business. It would be especially condescending from some like Bernadette, who emasculates her husband for making less than she does. Penny's been on her own since she was 18, I think she'll manage.
  16. Why would they devote the little time they have to talk about Penny's finances? They already addressed it briefly when she first quit. It's rude and insulting to ask other people about their finances, so I would hope none of the friends bring it up.
  17. That should have been her wake-up call. If her only passion is having friendships and relationships with other people, then you've just about lost it. Leonard could break-up with her, Bernadette and Amy drift apart, and then what should she have? I know a lot of people loved that scene, but I found it depressing.
  18. If she were still as perky as she was in earlier seasons that half the forum would be complaining she's too much of a ditz. Likely the same half that claim she's "bitchy" now for not being like she was at the beginning. The perky thing, I've noticed, tends to stop being "cute" once you can no longer pass for a coed.
  19. Once, to a guy named Josh Resnik, and it didn't last long at all. The place is not my taste either, but as someone else said she comes from a real estate family, and they could easily revamp the place to make it more homey. Ryan bought the BMW himself. People are crazy to believe he walked into this relationship poor. He might not be making much from tennis, but there is obviously money somewhere (some have said he comes from a wealthy family).
  20. No thanks, that Bradgelinaesque kind of relationship is almost a joke in and of itself. Couples like that tend to avoid marriage for the sake od keeping themselves free of any real obligations to one another. Despite the idiotic saying, marriage is not just a piece of paper.
  21. On the bright side Penny is wearing the locket in the press photos.
  22. Stripper, trophy wife, hooker, and stay-at-home mom seem to be the biggest contenders, huh? The blatant sexism in this thread is nauseating.
  23. Chloe, the ultimate Shamy fan, is using the Shenny playbook? And I'm the delusional one? There are posts saying that they want this storyline to make Penny financially dependent on Leonard because waking up in his arms (which she's been doing almost every night for the past two years) will compel her to get past her commitment issues and marry Leonard. How is relying upon another person for all your basic living needs not being dependent on someone? That's practically the definition of dependency.
  24. Not many. Most around here seem eager to see Penny fail in hopes she'll become dependent on Leonard so he can fix things for her, as he apparently always has (though most of the examples given are him intruding when told not to, and usually making things worse). The idea that she could succeed has been written off as completely stupid.
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