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  1. Forget I said anything. I can't remember any friendship moments other than Sheldon briefly comforting him after his ordeal with Penny, but that may just be me. This season has had a lot of Sheldon and Penny being on one side of a conflict with Leonard on the other. I was also refuting that P couldn't live with LS because Sheldon and Penny couldn't get along, as there's no possible way they could fight more than LS do and we now that Sheldon wants to live with both of them. Except that didn't happen. Sheldon stayed friends with Penny after her and Leonard broke up. While they became friends through Leonard, they stayed friends after the break-up.
  2. Well they certainly get along better, as of late. Leonard now seems to actively dislike Sheldon and frequently complains about him.
  3. Well he and Penny are much closer now, in fact I'd argue he's better friends with her than he is Leonard.
  4. Ryan is apparently sick too, so it may have been a matter of who was worse. According to her Instagram even the dogs are a little under the weather.
  5. Jokes like that are pretty common staples on sitcoms, so I wouldn't get worked up about it. As for the spot, she wanted to make-out there, not have sex. There is a big difference.
  6. It's very small, and located on her lower back. I know Kaley's dad had her mother's name tattooed last year, maybe that was Bryan's inspiration. I wouldn't do it, but I don't fault those who do.
  7. Hell no to another break-up, what would be the purpose of that? All it would do is waste time, and any storyline that could be explored has already been done. People lose interest in a couple when they become annoyingly on-again, off-again. The show is better when they're together, and Penny has already proposed (meaning the marriage issue can no longer be a logical reason for them to break up).
  8. Nah, they'll probably have their own storyline like in Bakersfield. I don't think Bernadette or Amy would have much to say on either matter, Penny understands the risks that came with quitting and seems to want to put that proposal in the past.
  9. I'm aware of that, simply refuting the statement that she's had no formal training and hasn't worked in theater groups. Sheldon was told he couldn't make a career out of string theory and has proven people wrong, just as Penny will (hopefully) do with her career. Not surprising though. As I've said, Amy is the nanny rather than the girlfriend. I don't think he sees her as a permanent fixture in his life the way he does Leonard and Penny (the parents). I doubt he'll ever be ready to live with her.
  10. I'd like to believe that he was sincere, but he sounded very convincing in the cafeteria (I actually "awwwed') and we know he didn't mean it then. What could have changed his mind in that short span of time?
  11. The "dreamers" line regarding Sheldon's career was regarding his decision to pursue theoretical physics, where most of what he studies will likely never be definitively proven. He was probably encouraged to pursue a more concrete field such as engineering or medicine, a "safer" option, but chose to go after what he wanted instead. The doubt wasn't that he was smart, but rather the field he was devoting those smarts towards. That's how he can understand Penny's decision to take a risk, something Leonard does not do. Whether or not you can equivocate their circumstances is debatable, but the principal is there. Penny has been taking acting classes since S2 and done at least one Community theater production (Streetcar). There is a chance she could make it, and I think she realizes that time is now or never. She understands that it could end badly but hasn't written off the possibility that it could end well. I'm not sure what the writers are doing with Leonard, we know he spent his day at work rehearsing what he was going to tell her, so who knows if he was being supposed to be sincere in anything he said to her at the apartment.
  12. Penny needs to do this on her own, and I hope she does. The idea of her becoming financially dependent on Leonard makes me cringe. The talk that he should because of what he said last episode is exactly why he shouldn't; he's not supportive of it, so why on earth would she ask him for help? It seems she needs to prove herself to Leonard, who often treats her as though she's incapable (intentional or not).
  13. Amy treats him like a child as well, the bolded being a perfect example. She is constantly forced to scold him and talk down to his level, so I don't understand how you can say that he wants to be a man for Amy when there doesn't seem to be any evidence of that. Sheldon behaves like a child and therefore they have no choice but to treat him like one. If Leonard and Penny are the parents, then Amy is the nanny.
  14. Not sure about that, he showed a moment of genuine concern for Leonard and they seemed to get along better last night then they have in a while. I don't see those two being separated by the writers anytime soon.
  15. That's why I'm currently most interested in seeing a storyline about Penny's career and hope to see something good come from it. I know a lot are upset that's she is turning to Sheldon but right now he is the one offering her moral support. It won't turn into a romantic relationship, so I am actually looking forward to it. In LA there are a lot of jobs in the entertainment industry, both in acting and BTS, so she could get a job in that arena as well.
  16. Yeah, I just think it would have been nice if he'd gone along with it after she'd already been dealt so many blows that night. Certainly wouldn't have made anything worse, and there's a decent possibility she would have still meant it. I thought she did. Penny says he did the right thing next episode, but the episode ended with Leonard saying he did the wrong thing.
  17. Feigned ignorance wasn't the best term, I was referring to the way in which insisted that he didn't understand the question when in fact he did. His insensitivity wasn't intentional, but the complete lack of tact displayed was reminiscent of Sheldon. Well she was a lot more coherent than she was in the S3 finale and that didn't stop him from sleeping with her, so that can be used as an excuse. I'd characterize her as tipsy, not alert enough to drive a car but thinking clearly. But we've seen her character drunk in other episodes and it's been worse than it was this episode.
  18. Well she already knows the odds, so what she needed was encouragement, especially in a time like this. Contrary to what he seems to think she's not clueless, and he crossed over the realm of realism into blatant insensitivity then feigned ignorance in hopes she wouldn't get mad. I hope we get some movement in Penny's career, she can have success in the entertainment industry without becoming a huge star. I think his putdowns might have ignited a fire under her butt to prove him wrong. I ship Lenny as much as the next fan but right now I'm really shipping Penny/career.
  19. I'm sure she understands some of the reasons why, but that took a backseat to the humiliation she was feeling at having everyone watch she knows come together to watch only to have the scene not be there. NCIS is the #1 show, so having even a brief one-on-one scene with the star would have been exciting. I wish everyone's immediate reaction wasn't to downplay it. The possibility that someone important could be watching and that I'm sure is a dream come true for a struggling actress.
  20. Leonard was Sheldon-level callous following her NCIS disappointment, talk about kicking a person while they're down. I don't care if he was being "honest" or "realistic", he has no clue what the future holds and should have given her credit for the success she has had. She's not deluded enough to think she's going to be an award-winning star, I think she just wanted some reassurance that it could happen, rather than pessimism. I really hope we can see him proven wrong, and I'm now especially glad she didn't wait to get his permission to quit TCF. He doesn't believe in her and shouldn't be given in a say in her career because of that. She knows the odds, but there's still hope. Her being a huge success is still a possibility, though a minute one. Much like Leonard's hope of winning a Nobel Prize in a field that by his own admission has had few discoveries since the 1930s. It's important to have dreams. Who cares if it wasn't the whole nine yards? Should he really refuse to say because it's not his fairytale proposal? He was furious when she said no to his, and he later admitted that he was a fool for not saying yes. As for the drinking, she was far too coherent to be drunk from what we've seen. She'd had a few too many drinks to drive but she was definitely thinking straight. Her balance was fine, she was slouching more than staggering over. So he wouldn't have been taking advantage if he had actually had the courage to say yes. He almost never "corrects Penny's mess" and makes just as many if not more of his own by overthinking things. Intuition is a lot more valuable than analysis for most life situations.
  21. Leonard really was a jerk in the Penny clearly wasn't drunk, so he wouldn't have been taking advantage. He definitely should have said yes. I wasn't big on the idea of her proposing in the first place, and now I definitely don't want to see her do it again. That was miles ahead of both of his and he essentially said no.
  22. Kaley has also added Sweeting to her name on twitter.
  23. Crap, I copied the wrong one! Meant to post this one: http://instagram.com/p/ipswUuuWSp/ Sorry about that!
  24. Stunning photo of her and Ryan. http://instagram.com/p/ipo7UQOWdO/
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