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  1. Do you have a link to that article by any chance?
  2. Wonder if that means she'll be riding in on one of her horses.
  3. She could easily be posting pictures from her phone while getting ready, ones she took with what looks to be her bridal party. I definitely think they're getting married tonight.
  4. Well they've photographed her plenty in the last few days, if that's what you mean.
  5. No it wouldn't be impossible, but there'd be absolutely no point to it. I have no interest in seeing her beg for Leonard's attention again, Raj would be going on a date with someone even more desperate than him.
  6. Define better. Penny described her previous boyfriends as being tall, muscular, handsome, and having a lot of money (1.17); but those relationships all ended terribly. We've seen the supposedly "perfect" woman in Priya but it took all of five minutes to figure out that Leonard was miserable with her. Neither of them can do better than the other because they won't connect with anyone else the way they do with each other. Career and physicality don't make a person more or less deserving of someone.
  7. I guess I'm in the extreme minority, but I don't see Penny's proposal as any worse than Leonard's proposal during sex or to one-up another couple. Those were equally ill-considered, rash, and under not-so-great circumstances just as this one was, but I've also interpreted them as being sincere. They're not proper proposals but maybe that's part of the point, it doesn't matter how it happens but rather that it's with the right person. That's why I'm hoping that if/when the proposal #3 is discussed, it involves a meaningful conversation between the two of them that ends with them deciding to get engaged. Minimalistic, I know, but I feel like that would be more fitting than a fourth proposal at this point.
  8. I don't blame her, that skirt is the definition of unflattering!
  9. Yes, but realistically a decision would have been made a while ago. Part of me assumes it went to someone else.
  10. After eight months it seems a little too late to bring it up again. But this is a sitcom, you never know!
  11. It was when her sister made it through the blind audition on The Voice earlier this year. They were tears of joy.
  12. So sorry to hear about that. I too am dealing with a impending death in the family (receiving end of life care), it is especially sad at this time of year. Like your situation, her husband passed away suddenly a few months ago after she received her diagnosis, and I think she lost a lot of her will to live. Again, I'm very sorry. Hope you have a safe flight, Rachel.
  13. Being a famous actor is out of the question, but she could find modest success in acting work. The role on NCIS is an example. But yes, I'd like to see the character find an attainable career path, even if it is just a back-up plan.
  14. This. It's not fitting to compare it to Leonard leaving for the North Sea or Howard going to space, both of which required they be away from their partners for months, is not the same as Penny quitting TCF. This does not impact him, and it seems most of the posters here are a lot more upset about it. Amy getting permission from Sheldon to switch jobs only demonstrates the unhealthy level in which she has to tiptoe around him. I think the arts are a great profession, I hope my suggestions aren't suggesting otherwise, I just know that the writers have little interest in giving her any acting success and I would like to see her have other options. I know she is supposed to represent the majority of young women who come to LA and are forced to readjust their expectations. I still think she can get work within the industry, be it a small acting role or something BTS. We'll just have to wait and see.
  15. Things go off-topic pretty quickly around here. Dang shippers...
  16. Penny gets mad because most of the issues mentioned above are ones she could and would have taken care of by herself, until Leonard intervened, often when he has specifically been told not to. She's been on her own since her late teens and has managed pretty well Leonard or no Leonard, so I'd say she's pretty capable. Him treating her like she's incapable, accidental or not, has been a consistent problem within the relationship and changing that would hardly be objectionable. Yes, his intentions are good, but he still needs to learn when it's not appropriate to intervene. I for one would been content to see this source of conflict go away. He'd still help her and she'd still help him when conflict arises, as most couples do, but this particular trope has gotten pretty old. Much like Leonard's insecurity. I know they can't make Penny a big star and I wouldn't want them to, but that doesn't mean she can't find some success in her career. There have been a huge handful of great suggestion on this forum of thing she could do that wouldn't change her interaction time with the other characters and could open the door to a lot more storylines than TCF ever did. I'm one of the few who's thrilled she finally took this step and happy she made it on her own. 2ยข mine.
  17. It seems Penny's shoe hobby is a lot more talk than reality. My only explanation is that she buys a pair, wears it once, and then returns them. Which would be good news for her finances if true (unless they only give her store credit).
  18. The assistant thing was just a suggestion. It's more rooted in my desire to see her interact more with Amy. I miss those two. A business venture with Raj is a brilliant idea.
  19. And Penny could manage being Amy's assistant better than Sheldon did back in S5. Provided she knows how to clean beakers and handle the monkeys, which shouldn't be so hard since she grew up around animals on a farm. The difference is that it's a lot less menial, isn't a dead-end position, and would probably allow her to be treated with more respect. This would be a temporary thing. Personally, I'd ultimately love to see her get her real estate license or go into the business world. But this would give her some experience. TCF is a reminder of all the dreams that have been unmet, so I think anything would be better than that.
  20. I was the one who suggested she work for Amy, that is what I'd like to see, but Sheldon would not be as bad as you say. They'd still be able to spend more time together, eat with each other, and go to and from work together. Leonard pops in on Sheldon quite a bit, so I'm sure they'd have plenty of interactions if that ends up being the case.
  21. I'd be completely okay with that. Especially since it would confirm that Alex is gone for good.
  22. She hasn't asked him for any money. Right now we can assume that she has some leftover from her last few weeks at TCF and her NCIS gig. If that runs out and she is still without work she can always get another job. Wouldn't be surprised if that's the synopsis for next week.
  23. Well it's her perspective regarding her career, hypothetically speaking. This was supposed to be something big for her and it fell apart, so why would she be thinking about Leonard? We already know she devotes a huge portion of her time and energy to her relationship with him, is she not supposed to have ambitions outside of that? I sincerely doubt Leonard spends too much time thinking about "us" when he is at work or was away at the North Sea. Because it's not the time or place. Stumbled across this photo from S3 and it only reinforced why I think Penny should get some kind of job in business or working as an assistant to one of their friends. How much cuter is this skirtsuit than that awful CF uniform? I'd love to see her dressed like this every episode.
  24. Give what up? We know she loves him, is passionate about him, stayed committed to him when they were apart for four months, alluded to marriage in TTD, and has now proposed to him. You might not like the way she did it, but that doesn't change the fact that it happened. She never said or implied that she didn't mean it, that is just an assumption you're making. Thus far there's been plenty of evidence that she thinks of a future with them together. If you read the taping report you'll know that Leonard is no happier about the way that night turned out than she is, was mad at himself for not saying yes, and chances are neither of them are ready to talk about it. I doubt it was written for nothing, and it will probably be addressed in the upcoming episodes. She assuaged his fears and wasn't mad, two things posters were concerned about, so I don't see what the issue is there. As of now she has asked for nothing but moral support in quitting her job at TCF, and there was no mention of his supposed "subsidization" because it is hardly the issue it's being made-out to be on these forums. Yes, there was a throwaway line about him loaning her rent money three years ago (though based on the fact that he acknowledged it publicly and her behavior in TFP, we can safely assume it was paid back), but in reality it hasn't been brought up in quite some time. Before meeting him, when away from the group because of Priya, and during both his trips abroad she managed just fine, didn't starve or go homeless. Currently we can assume she has money remaining from her old job and NCIS gig, if that becomes an issue she can and would probably get another job. But she's not demanding Leonard be her sugar daddy, if she were than he'd have reason to be upset about not being told beforehand that she was quitting. People have made a much bigger deal of this than they need to. She's given up on TCF and she could very well walk away from acting once the momentum she is feeling dies down. A commercial and guest spot TV's #1 show are more than a lot of people get, so I don't see the issue with going after something that could be attainable. Oftentimes the greatest successes happen when a person takes a risk. We know there are no plans to make Penny a star but that doesn't mean that this can't a gateway to establishing her career. There's no fun to be had in Penny becoming a complete failure and living off of Leonard, at least for more than one episode. Her waiting to tell Leonard until after there is something to tell has nothing to do with commitment or the power structure in their relationship. I'd go on, but I think the negativity is really getting to me, it's clear I'm not going to be changing any minds. They've laid groundwork for things we've been wanting (LP getting married, Penny leaving TCF, etc) and still there has been mostly complaining. Now there's even talk about Leonard being cut out of the story or needing to be kept company by Alex while Penny "trolls" for parts. It sounds as if he's been waiting for her to commit or propose (which she has) for 100 years while she in turn cheats on him with stud actors. Good grief.
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