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  1. Amy's been at Cal Tech this season, JSYK. Remember 7.05? But yeah, that's a great thought, I'd love to see her and Leonard have lunch together every day.
  2. That'd be fun, I'd love to see that. However, I want to see her work with Amy (sorry fellow shippers).
  3. NFL Cheerleaders only get $75 per game. They get calender deals and all that, but it's still not enough to be a salary.
  4. Re: Engagement in #150, I think that may be me being overtly optimistic, but I feel they will have to discuss the proposal at some point. Once they do, I'd like to see it end with the two of them agreeing to get married.
  5. Howard and Bernadette are frequently shown to have a pretty crappy marriage, we know that Howard would rather be with Raj than her, and she is often very emasculating towards him. Sheldon is a pretty big child, even if he becomes capable of human intimacy in the upcoming years they'll still have to deal with the fact that Amy is more is his mother than his girlfriend. So I'd say they all have unresolved issues, which is true of everyone. But overall Leonard and Penny have been pretty solid this season, they are the only couple who seem to actually want to spend their free time together. I still think an engagement could be on the table for #150. Right now what I want to see is Penny get established with a better job, in acting or elsewhere, and that is all dependent on how they handle her quitting TCF. If their plan isn't for her to become an actress than I'd like to see her find a new path in the upcoming episodes.
  6. Well, the acting thing will be addressed in future episodes, so I'm not too worried about that. If she doesn't get any paying jobs, she can always do something else short-term (anything is better than TCF), but I don't think either Leonard or Penny will be okay with the idea of her being unemployed. I think it was healthy for her to make the decision to leave on her own. There would be no point to the proposal if it's not readdressed at some point, probably in episode #150. I'm choosing to stay hopeful.
  7. Beautiful sisters, so lucky they are to have one another. Edit: Here's a great shot of Kaley with a funny photobomb from Kunal.
  8. A lot of really unfounded negativity. Leonard was doing this are we still dating stuff back in S6, after he embarrassed her with her classmate, so it's hardly a flashback to season three. Things are working out pretty well for them, and the proposal will have to be revisited at some point.
  9. More likely she quit after he hesitated. Perhaps because of his hesitation, when talking to him before the proposal she mentioned being a waitress, so I doubt she quit before.
  10. Yeah, but it doesn't look that way from her vantage point. I think she was hoping for a better reaction than him telling her she should ask for her old job back. When Sheldon comes across as more supportive, there's an issue. She's been playing it safe and it hasn't gotten her very far career-wise. I hope this risk ends up being smart and intuitive, there are great success stories that have started out this way.
  11. Well, let's see. Do they have joint accounts? No. Do they live together or plan to live together as the result of this? No. As of now, has she asked him for anything other than his support? No. So really, this doesn't have any effects on his life or career. It's a decision she made for herself regarding her future, and it's about time she did it. So what if she waited until afterwards to tell him? She'd already made up her mind and there was nothing to discuss. He's made it clear that he wants someone who is more than a waitress. NCIS may have been her final push to realize she wants to do more than wait for her big break at a dead-end job. If she doesn't find anything in acting she can find a job elsewhere.
  12. I'm not sure, the acting stuff is brought up so sporadically that she may have been inconsistent in the amount of time she's devoted to auditions with Leonard and school taking up more time in her life. We know she's about to submit her headshots to a few different places, which is different than we've seen. If not acting, she could seek out jobs that work BTS or outside of the acting realm. An receptionist at the university for example or some other entry level position. TCF was a pretty dead-end job for her, so anything that gives the possibility of advancement.
  13. Right now we can safely assume Penny has money leftover from NCIS and her last few weeks at TCF, since there's no mention of it in this episode it probably isn't an issue at the moment. Since this is an ongoing arc, we'll probably see her get some small-time acting jobs or find something outside of that realm. For her almost anything is better than TCF. It's not like she's sitting around, she's actively looking for work and that usually yields something. She may even have some contacts from NCIS. Guest roles are helpful with those sorts of things.
  14. They're not going to have Sheldon live alone, he could hardly stand it over the summer and we know he had nightmares and wound up staying the night in Penny's apartment. He relied on her for everything. Besides, they wouldn't limit his interactions that way. At least back in S4 he was capable of handling matters in a slightly more mature manner than he is now, he has turned into an incompetent child. 7.01--What I remember was him telling her she was fat. 7.05--He completely humiliated her in front of their colleagues, and didn't think he did anything wrong. He went to her apartment to tell her that she was weird. 7.07--Okay, they shopped together. Not sure how this is a marker of progress. 7.09--The ass slap was obviously something he saw his dad do to his mother in a demeaning fashion. That whole episode she acted like his mother, talking down to him while he pouted about spending Thanksgiving with the Wolowitzs and making slave analogies. I get that you're a big Shamy fan and perhaps there has been progress in the relationship that I don't know to look for, but what I've seen is Sheldon as a character completely regressed. Watch 7.10.
  15. His going away for four months has a direct effect on their relationship. Her leaving her job doesn't. So far no one's moving in or out, so the only thing that will change is her job status.
  16. I don't know what show you've been watching but Leonard has already had success in his career and has been having plenty of fun with Penny. It's not like she neglected to tell him at all, she just waited until there was something to tell. She didn't need his permission to quit her job, she'd already made up her mind, so there was nothing to discuss. His input is just as valuable afterwards.
  17. If she'd already made up her mind then I don't see what there really is to discuss.
  18. Yeah, I've mainly been refuting the idea that Penny will just live off of Leonard while looking for acting jobs. There's no humor in that, she has money leftover from NCIS, so I think they'll be giving her career success in one form or another. The others have it.
  19. Josh Peck could be fun. I loved watching Drake & Josh when I was a kid.
  20. Yeah, but she's been mostly independent. The rent was a one-time thing, and he made a point to mention she owed that money back to him in front of their friends, so I'm sure she repayed him. She survived just fine when she wasn't eating with them in S4. The airline ticket sounded like it was a gift. Regardless, her not having any income and needing Leonard to move in takes it to a new and horrible level. It would turn her into the dependent housewife she seems to greatly fear becoming. With Leonard's reaction, I doubt he would even go for that and would instead insist she do something else. I don't think Penny will have much acting success but I think they'll have her move forward and find another career path. Quitting TCF was a decision made quickly, and while we see her relief at being free of that place after all these years in the upcoming episode, reality will soon set in and she'll hopefully be on the job hunt. I've seen this pattern several times with people quit/get fired from jobs that they hate. Either way, the living arrangements don't sound like they're changing anytime soon.
  21. I'm referring to the final scene. He made no real acknowledgement that he missed her, saying he wished he was there instead of him. He showed no affection and didn't have any interest in what she was saying.
  22. I hope Penny will get something in terms of career with this arc, if not there wouldn't be any point to it. Leonard moving in out of necessity is enough to make me cringe, the thought of Penny losing her independence that way. If she runs out of money before getting an acting gig, I can't see her not looking for a temporary job. The trio living together is more likely, there's no way Sheldon will be ready to live with Amy anytime soon. I'm not sure what people are referring to when they say he has progressed, after the way he acted in 7.10 and his coldness towards Amy in 7.11 I'd say he's completely regressed. I'm in the minority in that I actually enjoy seeing LP act as Sheldon's parents, it's good practice for the smart and beautiful babies they will one day have.
  23. It wasn't, not at all. Maybe I shouldn't have said that, it just seems that even after what was a good episode for them there are still a lot of complaints.
  24. If she'd already made up her mind, I really don't see the difference between telling him before or shortly thereafter. It was probably something she had to buildup the courage to do, and maybe she didn't want anything to influence her until after it was a done deal. I've been opposed to the idea of her quitting her job more than anyone, and I'm okay with it. They can and probably will deal with the outside job issue later, as I seriously doubt the writers are setting the stage for her to become a star. So I hope we'll see her in a different profession sooner rather than later.
  25. Agreed with the bolded part. The job front could likely be the plot for the following episode. But remember she'd just quit her job that day, so people are being a little too quick to jump to conclusions about anything. This is TV, so we have to suspend some disbelief. If the commercial payed enough to get Sheldon and Leonard those toys, this could pay more than it would IRL. They aren't researching this stuff the way they do the science.
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