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  1. That's fair. But it's not as if they're married and paying bills together, and she'd already made up her mind, so I don't see why people are making such an issue over her quitting TCF and letting Leonard know later. It may have been better if she'd told Leonard beforehand but I'm completely fine with the fact that she didn't. I'm glad to see her doing something about her career, even if it involves her taking a risk.
  2. Penny probably has money from the NCIS gig to keep her afloat for the time being. The difference between Leonard/North Sea and this is that the former involved Leonard moving away for four months, while this has no direct effect on her relationship. It was a decision she made for herself about her career. There's speculation about her needing to move in and all that, but as of now that is not the case. As long as it doesn't end up that way and we see her retain her independence I'm good. Quitting TCF might be good for her, she's been stuck at that job for a long time and it only seems to bring her down. She's been taking classes and has friends in high places, so I'm sure if the NCIS money runs out and she is still without an acting gig, she can find another job. One she likes better. Even if she wouldn't necessarily be qualified I think she has enough people skills that she'd manage to get hired if given an interview. Sheldon and Raj have managed to hold down jobs; so in this universe anything is possible.
  3. I'm focusing on the positive! I think the proposal will be readdressed and discussed, in a good way, in the near future. It has to be on both of their minds, as Penny once said you can't take something like that back. I have not been thrilled at the idea of Penny quitting her job, but I think it might be good for her to leave that behind (provided she finds another job). She very well may have enough to keep her afloat for the next couple months with her NCIS gig, once that runs out I wouldn't be surprised if they have her take a job somewhere else. Maybe the university. No way will either Leonard or Penny want her to be without work for a long period of time. Things are looking good for Leonard and Penny.
  4. That's what I'm thinking. She probably made enough from NCIS and has a little pay leftover from TCF to keep her afloat for a few months, but I think future episodes will have her needing to get another job once that runs out. Part of me hopes they have her end up taking some sort of position at the university, such as receptionist or Amy's assistant. Might not be thrilling, but at least it would give her regular hours and probably feel less menial (for her) than being at TCF.
  5. Definitely looks to be LS's apartment.
  6. The way he said that was very tongue-in-cheek, after his lame proposals I doubt he's seriously demanding hers meet a certain criteria. This is the third try between them, at some point enough is enough. If they both want to get married, they should really just decide to go for it. Penny may be too humiliated to try again, and we know Leonard is kicking himself for not saying yes.
  7. Or maybe Leonard will come to her door with the flowers and accept. Remember, he never gave her an answer, and he is upset that he didn't say yes right away.
  8. Leonard had no way of knowing Penny was interested, something she was right to keep to herself out of respect for his relationship with Priya, I just wish Leonard ended Priya's little tirade. She had no right to dictate whether or not Penny could be there, those were her friends as well. It was ridiculous.
  9. I thought Leonard should have asserted that Penny was his and everyone else's friend, and any issues she had with jealousy were hers and no one else's. I'd like to have seen someone say that to her, rather than allow to go on like the entitled brat she was. My issue wasn't so much that Priya was there but more that Penny wasn't. It was a real shame considering that she was the reason there was an engagement, but she was unwelcome to join the group at that time. Of course they had no reason to try and get them back together, but there was also no reason for her not to continue to be a part of the group; they were her friends too. You're kidding, right? Zach was nice as can be to those guys, even when they were in turn unkind to him. He went to the comic store with them and befriended them. Penny likewise continued to hang out with Leonard and the guys during her short-lived relationship with him. There's no comparing the two. Well it was Priya who was given the say, not Leonard or Sheldon. By that logic Sheldon had every right to kick Priya out, as he understandably despised her.
  10. I can't recall either. But she ought to have been there considering that she set them up. I really didn't like the way everyone sat idly during the Priya arc.
  11. Penny was sad because everyone except her was there (thanks to horrid Priya). If it were a private matter it would be completely different. They'd just be happy for them.
  12. That was only to brag about him being the second choice within the group, he called him number one because they had obviously had a prior relationship. He then gleefully declared he was a part of "Koothrapenny".And yelling at Penny to tell Leonard she loved him was helpful to no one. It would be more fitting if they were to get engaged privately and then tell the group later on. There's no need for them to be there, they can't take anything seriously. The guys would especially rip on Leonard if Penny were the one proposing, though I can't see how either would be up for that after the disaster in the upcoming episode.
  13. No thanks to a group proposal. The guys are pains who would probably just rip it, and there hasn't been enough camaraderie between the girls this season to warrant them being there. Trying to force an engagement and succeeding would be cute and funny, but neither of them would find a proposal in front of them romantic. Howard did that and it was pretty forgettable.
  14. Yes, that is what I'm referring to. It's just be a deep personal hatred for that particular word. Amy pointed out to Sheldon that Penny wouldn't cheat on Leonard (though she was quick to doubt her when she heard that the take-out was in the trash ), it's not news to anyone that they're faithful to one another. But because the interactions are so few it sticks out in my mind.
  15. I love the three amigas, no doubt, but I don't think I want to see them involved with the proposal. They were great at helping Penny evaluate her relationship with Leonard at the start of S6, but the only interaction we've seen Bernadette have with Leonard in recent history consisted of her calling him a very nasty name. That left enough of a taste in my mouth to make me not want her a part of the proposal. I think it should be more a conversation between the two of them at this point, with the failed attempts. Just decide you want to get married and be done with it.
  16. Exactly. You can't get those kinds of storylines with Leonard and Penny living in her apartment, and Sheldon and Amy are not ready to live together. They will not have Sheldon living alone, there's no way they can limit his interactions with the other characters.
  17. There won't be any reason to change the living arrangements until after Leonard and Penny get married, so they have some time. There are just as many couples who don't live together beforehand. I just don't see Sheldon ever being ready to live with Amy. Of course it would never work in the real world, but I feel that LPS with Amy across the hall would be the most likely scenario for a sitcom like this. Having Shamy and Lenny live exclusively with one another would shift the show's primary focus to romantic relationships, and that won't work. After all the Sheldon/Leonard we've gotten thus far this season I don't see them ending that any time soon.
  18. No, they could split the rent three ways (or she pay half of Leonard's since they're sharing a room) and she could continue working at CF, no reason for her to surrender her independence just because she moves across the hall. If this continued after they're married they'd probably have a joint account, so both would be putting money in to go towards rent. Sheldon hasn't complained about the food and wifi for quite some time, and her living there would make rent cheaper for everyone. They'd all see a reduction in their living expenses. He tolerated Stephanie and Priya, so I think he'd manage with Penny who he actually considers to be his friend. It would take a while for the Sheldon/Penny dynamic to get old, much longer than most character interactions, they used to write it a lot more and a lot of people miss it. It's not like it would have to be the focus of every episode. They aren't breaking LS up, so I don't see how else it could work. The group has been divided mainly into LPSA and HBR for quite some time, either that or guys and girls in terms of storyline. They aren't going to change those dynamics. Raj shared an office with Sheldon because it was either that or lose his work visa, again dire circumstances. He has a lot of money and has lived on his own for quite some time, so he's not giving that up. Besides, if Sheldon has a hard time dealing with Penny imagine how much harder it would be to put up with Cinnamon.
  19. Penny has been written as being tipsy, so she'll know what she did. They probably won't bring it up out of fear and try to forget about it before realizing that they ultimately can't. Then in 150 they discuss it and mutually propose. Maybe throw in that the court got back to Penny and there was no marriage license issued to her and Zack, meaning it was in fact a fake chapel like she originally assumed, but that may be asking too much. They then mutually propose in the fashion written above. That is why he shouldn't talk to her. Penny dislikes and distrusts her with good reason, and I'd like to think that Leonard has kept his distance because of that. She's not a friend, so Leonard shouldn't be turning to her at any time, but especially now.
  20. With her history Alex would just throw herself at him. She is not his friend and should not be treated as such. Heck, she shouldn't even be trusted. The guys would be better help than her and that's really saying something.
  21. Penny's proposal was a disaster that will probably leave her too embarrassed to want to do anything again, and Leonard is really upset with himself for giving her an answer that wasn't yes, so I'm not sure where the proposal issue stands. Since they've already made three failed attempts, putting time and energy into a fourth one sounds like a complete waste. I'd much rather see the two of them discuss that night when they've both calmed down, realize they both want to get married, and then mutually propose in the comfort of one of the apartments. Leonard can grab the ring from his sock drawer that he's been holding onto for years.
  22. So wait, the only argument against Penny moving with LS is that Sheldon would complain? As he does about everything and everyone? Because that's where the comedy comes from, and I for one am never opposed to seeing more of Parsons and Cuoco play off of one another, talk about comedic gold. Raj has only stayed with Sheldon under dire circumstances; his apartment being renovated or taken over by Leonard and Priya. No way would someone with his kind of money give up his own place to live with a guy he can barely stand when he doesn't have to. Leonard and Penny would probably be more comfortable at his place where there is much more room. Sheldon has never even kissed Amy, so there's no way they could live together at this point, but she is probably in need of a new place with her change in work. So LPS living together with Amy across the hall makes the most sense.
  23. It was just the way it came across, specifically that he chose that topless scene seemed objectifying. It didn't bother me much, but that's the feeling I got. Again, this is just me. I understand the point you're making as well. That was really just an aside, my main point was to dismantle the idea that Penny was somehow a dirty whore.
  24. I've been debated on whether or not I should respond to this, but here goes. Leonard was in a relationship with one of his best friend's sister at the time it occurred, as far as everyone was concerned Leonard and Penny were over, so he has no reason to hold that against her. They're both adults, and Leonard has never followed the so-called "bro code", so they can do what they want. Same with Dave Underhill. At the time that happened Leonard and Penny were supposedly fine to stay friends after a crappy date in 2.01, so she began seeing a guy who showed interest in her. So I'm not clear on what the issue with him was. Reformed whores? Really? We've seen Leonard have more sex and casual hook-ups than any character on the show by far. While he and Penny were apart, he slept with Priya, Mrs. Lathem, Bernadette's friend Joyce, Dr. Plimpton; and tried with Alice, Leslie, and the FBI agent. Penny only had Zach. So unless she's secretly been having sex for money all these years, she's not a whore. Not sure how any of those contribute to the idea of Penny's loose morals. The topless scene is something many perfectly decent actresses have done, and the Vegas thing was a very careless error that happened four years ago. Both showed a lot of naivete and shortsightedness on her part, but neither are what I'd consider morally wrong. I personally didn't like the way Leonard showed off the movie for the sake of bragging to his shipmates, but that's just me. It came across as objectifying.
  25. Penny hasn't had bad intentions in either the little secrets scene or telling her two best friends they can do better than the guys they're with (which they can, especially Amy). She wants what's best for them. That's having good intentions. If people are offended by something so mild then I don't know how they manage the real issues of the real world. The point of the former was that secrets spread fast within a group of friends, as they slowly tell another member "in confidence" until everyone knows. It's funny and relatable. I doubt she ever told them anything truly important.
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