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  1. Yeah, those accusing either of them of rape are spewing out bullsquirt.
  2. There was no rape in 3.23. She consciously asked for it and he happily consented. She gave no indication they were getting back together, he just assumed. No need to feel bad for anyone, he'd moved on enough to try to sleep with Leslie less than 12 hours later. I don't how Penny threw Leonard's heart away. She wasn't ready to say it, so what the heck was she supposed to do? Lie? She broke up with him because she had it in her mind that it would kinder, it was a painful situation for them both, as the worst break-ups always are.
  3. I find Penny to be very sympathetic, but I know that I'm in the extreme minority around here. I love that she isn't a Mary Sue character who talks constantly about her emotions. TV has enough female characters like that. However, it would be nice to get some perspective from what she is feeling.
  4. I hated the Raj incident, just didn't see how it was any different on principal than Leonard hooking up with Priya (or Stephanie for that matter regarding Howard). Both are considered violations of the unwritten friendship code. But I understood that the big issue with that wasn't what was done but rather the fact that it was done with Penny, the girl Leonard really loves. After that I felt pretty bad for both Leonard and Penny while having a heap of disdain for Raj completely taking advantage of the situation. If she was at the point of blacking out and had talked earlier about how much she missed Leonard, that makes it all the worse. I would have loved to see Leonard deck him. But it's all in the past now. I hope the writers learned their lesson and refute from writing any more plotlines like that.
  5. Then maybe it can be about Penny and Amy, I'd love to see some storylines with the girls.
  6. Well I hope NCIS is a wake-up call. But Penny is mostly reasonable, so I'm absolutely positive that if she had to choose between a steady job that pays for her apartment and allows her to take college classes or a pipe dream, she'd pick the former. She'd probably struggle with the decision, but ultimately she knows better. If not she would have quit her job years ago to pursue acting and never would have enrolled in community college, giving herself alternative options. Leonard makes similar comments about Sheldon and complains about him almost every episode. When she made the comment about potion he asked for a double dose, when she commented that he was peaceful when he slept he said it was a shame that he had to wake up but that smothering him would be wrong. It's no secret that he drives everyone nuts, but I think Penny would be apt at handling it. She's actually pretty great at keeping him in line. Lenny and Shamy exclusively with one another would turn the show into too much of a romcom in the minds of the writers and a lot of the audience. There's no more than an few episodes of humor and conflict in that scenario.
  7. Rather than go to school full-time, she ought to seek out a different jobs and devote less time to acting. If she's stretched for time with all these things, giving up on those would be smarter than giving up a full-time position, which probably brings in decent money. She says she's bad at it, but he's had the job for years and clearly makes enough to (for the most part) afford her own place and living expenses. The throwaway line about Leonard giving Penny rent money happened when they weren't even together, so I'd guess she paid him back based on her behavior in Financial Permeability. She's someone who has a lot of pride and strives for independence, which is yet another reason why living off of Leonard would be a terrible idea. The Cheesecake Factory works for now, until she has something better lined up. A sure thing. And we wouldn't need weekly explanations for Penny not smothering Sheldon, she took care of him for four months and is often better at dealing with him than Leonard (she knows not to engage). The three of them living together would be very humorous, and Amy living nearby would give them a chance to develop the relationship with overwhelming Sheldon.
  8. It's not all that common here in the US, less so for couples who aren't married. Penny should stay at the Cheesecake Factory until shefinds a different job, its never smart to give up your primary source of income. Almost all adult students work in addition to school. I think Penny should instead look for a different job, one where she has regular hours. As for school, I'd like to see her train towards a specific career path.
  9. A better solution is Penny moving in with the guys. Sheldon would resist at first but by the end of the episode he'd come around. Amy could move into Penny's apartment. That's the only way I see it working. Penny's place is too small for two people's stuff, and Sheldon won't be ready to live with Amy until at least 2025. They're not separating Sheldon and Leonard. Some have suggested Raj but there's no way he'd give up his place to live with Sheldon, his interactions are mostly limited to Howard and Bernadette anyways.
  10. A more realistic idea for changing the living arrangement would be Penny moving in with Leonard and Sheldon while Amy moves into Penny's old apartment. She's already put her scent all over that place.
  11. Penny is someone who is very independent, and it would be unhealthy for the relationship for her to be relying solely on him for money. Countless actors have stories of waiting tables for years before getting a big break. It would be insane to quit that for something so up in the air. She needs to have her own income while working towards a greater success. Maybe moving in with him and Sheldon to reduce her expenses, while Amy moves in across the hall.
  12. I don't like the idea of Penny not working and being completely dependent on Leonard. Having that kind of gap in work experience would look bad on her resume anyways, and being a waitress is a respectable profession. Bernadette did it while working towards a greater goal, and I'd like to see that for Penny. If it's about her professional life, I'd rather it be about her changing jobs or devoting herself to a career path other than acting. Something more attainable.
  13. The LOTR ring looks identical to a traditional wedding band, so I always saw Leonard wearing that as his ring. The cheating thing is a paranoid fear of mine. I know it's silly, but a fear i can't seem to shake. What has this couple done to me?
  14. I would be thrilled with either of these. I'm with you on the engagement ring in Leonard's sock drawer. In my mind he's had that there since S5, at least. Hamerman, your comment about Penny cheating left me a little nervous. It would be majorly OOC, but I've always feared that the writers would go there.
  15. They look so sweet in these photos, the way they are touching one another. Makes it all the more sad. Photo two looks like it will be the proposal scene.
  16. Technically she has already proposed before asking to move in. Which is great, like SodidIwin? said they essentially have a three-bed, two bath apartment. To give that up would be pretty dumb. Moving in with someone who lives across the hall and spends every night with the other isn't what I'd even consider to be a step in this case.
  17. I wouldn't put too much into it, it's all in jest. They were cute and happy and everyone was ripping on one another, like friends do. I'm glad that they're at a point where they are comfortable enough with one another that they can tease the other without fear of someone getting offended. We began seeing a lot of this at the end of S6, and I liked seeing it again tonight. Leonard has gained a lot of self-confidence being with Penny, so I think her vision reflected the shy guy who struggled to interact with the girls he was at the beginning. All the characters were exaggerating for the sake of making the friends laugh.
  18. Yikes is right! To think there are people out there who say she's fat.
  19. But they've come so far since then. Though I love that everyone in the building heard them.
  20. Looking at the report, I don't see anything suggesting she's being insincere in her proposal. Rash and impulsive, yes. By her disappointment in his delayed reaction, I'd say she wants it, a lot, even though it scares her. And I think a Klingon wedding would be lovely. Would have made me cry.
  21. That's why I hope that an engagement can come of this. Once they've calmed down and sobered up, if Penny's offer still stands, then I see no reason why they shouldn't get engaged. Other than a crappy proposal, but his were bad too, so it's oddly poetic. From the looks of it Leonard's more mad at himself than Penny is at him. I wouldn't say it's an issue of right or wrong though, as Middle Earth was. He's kicking himself for not saying yes.
  22. I apologize. Next time, Disgusted's sarcasm sign would be of great help to me.
  23. Once again, if you think Penny is an alcoholic than you must not know the definition of the word. People with a drinking problem have trouble holding down jobs, going to school, maintaining relationships. They usually have legal troubles such as a DUI, medical issues such as liver disease, and suffer withdrawal symptoms after they drink. She drinks for the same reasons most 20-somethings do: to take the edge off. And she was frustrated because she (wrongly) takes it as rejection, and walks away. She doesn't scream or yell or get physical, as people with anger issues do, so I don't think she needs any classes for that either. I'd cut back on that hyperbole. And re: ten years with nothing to show for it, it's clear she was referring to her original dream of becoming an actress when she moved to LA, it had nothing to do with the personal relationships she's formed since coming there. We know they are the best boyfriend and friends she has ever had. She invested a lot into those relationships, but wants what they have in terms of career success. When Leonard reminds her that she has him she concedes. So it's not Valentine's Day all over again. I'm willing to bet it will come across a lot better on-screen than it does on paper. The same people who were asserting that Penny would never be ready to marry and would make Leonard wait decades for her a few days ago are now the ones angry that she proposed. Yes, the execution was lame, but the substance is there. They said they want to see some kind of movement, they get it, and they're still unhappy. Me, I was fine with things staying homeostasis for a while, but now that we know that despite fear she wants to marry Leonard makes me happy as a clam. I hope thing work out.
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