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  1. I never saw or wanted to see the entire group involved, the only one I could even see remotely involved is Sheldon (and it looks like he will be). The supporting characters have barely interacted with them this season, and didn't have much vested in the relationship before. The girls talk about it, of course, but even their conversations have shifted mostly away from that. Maybe he'll be the one who fixes it, or gets them to talk to one another. In the past, he's interacted as mediator in a fashion similar to that of a child wanting his parents to get along. A return of that Sheldon could be darling.
  2. I don't see why he can't accept an impromptu proposal when that's how both of his have been. His specifications were pretty tongue-in-cheek, so I wouldn't be taking those to heart. Obviously it wasn't supposed to be like this, but they can come back to that night later on and decide to go from there. It looks like he's already regretting not saying yes by the end, even if it was the right thing, so rather than go through the trouble of a fourth proposal I say that they evaluate the fact that they both think about this a lot, want it, and quit wasting time.
  3. I wouldn't bank on Leonard moving out anytime soon, with the way things seemed to be headed for him and Penny.
  4. I think Penny's reaction will be similar to Leonard's when he was turned down during sex. Knows it was a bad time, but still get frustrated because it feels like a form of rejection. For Penny, she knows this is what he's said to want most in the world for a while now, and she doesn't get a straight answer either way. Leonard was right not to answer under those circumstances, but it's still disappointing. He's later angry at himself because what he wanted was right in front of him and he couldn't bring himself to say yes, and he knows she took it the wrong way. I like the script for this one because I can clearly see what both are thinking. Personally, even though it isn't ideal, I'm happy that we can now see on some level that she wants the same thing Leonard does. I hope the next episode starts off a few days after, when both have had time to think and regulate their emotions. If Penny's offer still stands, maybe they'll finally be engaged. They might put the relationship on the backburner until 150, and have no mention of it for a few weeks.
  5. It looks like the second word is 'cozy' from my vantage point. Or oozy.
  6. Penny might feel rejected, already with NCIS and now with Leonard, but I don't think he'll be punished. Of course we know Leonard isn't rejecting her but I could easily see her taking it that way, and probably avoiding bringing it up for that reason. It's interesting the ways in which this mirrors his sex proposal.
  7. Ryan apparently comes to all the tapings and loves them, so I think it should be alright. Kaley has always been a big Leonard and Penny supporter. I've wondered about this too as I couldn't imagine being in their position without it being painful and difficult, but they're good friends and seasoned professionals. Johnny asserts that she is a part of his life, not just an ex.
  8. That episode didn't turn out the way I hoped it would at all. I feel really bad for both of them, and I hoping the proposal scene comes across better acted out than it does on paper. If they carry it into the following episode then they can have a serious talk and hopefully end up engaged, to drag this into two episodes without that result would seem like a waste of time. Hope this has a happy ending.
  9. We know Leonard is trying to help her with the NCIS disappointment, so maybe he outright asks her what he can do and she responds marry her. I think even if does not lead to an engagement, we can already have the satisfaction of knowing that a lifetime with Leonard is what she wants most of all, even if the thought is daunting. But really, I so want this to be their last proposal. If not, it will probably happen in the 150th or the finale, and while that is a short wait I feel it would be too predictable. I don't see the point of stalling anymore.
  10. With Shamy and Howardette clearly experiencing some issues, I'd like to see Leonard and Penny become the sounding board. That's the role they've played thus far this season, so I'd like to see it continue that way with those issues put to rest. I hate to compare the two, but like Chandler and Monica on Friends (she proposed to him as well). If Penny's eager to marry Leonard I'd say she's over these so-called commitment issues, which seem more a stalling tactic with little evidence to back them up. They would only apply to marriage at this point, and if she genuinely wants to get married, then I say she's over them.
  11. Based on the title and synopsis, drunken proposal comes at the beginning of the episode, and Leonard doesn't give an answer (hence the hesitation). I hope they can come back later in the episode, when Penny has sobered up to find out she still means it, and POW (romance ninja) they're engaged. Three equally lame proposals, but like they say third time's the charm. That to me would be a perfectly imperfect BBT proposal. Maybe a small wedding for the 150th, I see no need to drag it out any longer. On TV, transitions often work best when handled quickly. JMO, I'm probably getting my hopes up, but I'd really love to see the engagement/commitment issue resolved once and for all.
  12. Re: Penny's acting, I'd really like to see her explore the business world. She has a lot of common sense, good people skills, and is very attractive (like it or not, that makes a difference). We've seen her use these things to her advantage, and combined with the creativity she displayed with things such as the shoe app and Penny Blossoms, I bet she has a good business mind and would thrive in that environment. I'm sure growing up in and around family farms instilled some entrepreneurial spirit in her. Perhaps opening Brewbacca's with Leonard? I can see her getting work in things like commercials but not much else in acting. There are tons of insanely talented actors out there who simply don't make it for whatever reason. Taking that want and refocusing it would be a positive.
  13. I thought about that post of yours when I saw the clip. She's gotten craftier as the years have gone by.
  14. I'm taking this from what Tensor has said, but I think she'd have to have a SAG card considering that she got money (and royalties? I don't remember) from the commercial. I'm not sure if or how often membership needs to be renewed, or if you need to have had a paying acting job within a certain time frame of joining to maintain membership. Since the last paying job she got was in S5. I believe Ronald Reagan was president of SAG long after he'd left acting for politics, so I'm not sure.
  15. I just doubt there's anything she'd quander over assuming she knew what the part entailed when she auditioned.
  16. Like Sheldon, I redact my statements about Leonard and the acting career. I am guilty of not knowing to take a joke.
  17. The synopsis makes it pretty clear that the part falls through, not that she turns it down for moral objections. If Penny's going to be an actress I think she understands that scenes of violence and sex would be inevitable in a steady career, especially if she were auditioning for a show that can be as grim (though mild compared to cable I'm sure) as NCIS can be.
  18. The way it will likely play out is that they'll have three scenes: one where she tells him about the role, another where she finds out it fell through and asks the mystery question, and a final where Leonard will come back with an answer for her (I imagine this will play out in a positive manner). Plus a few awkward moments in between. So I'm guessing this probably isn't a yes or no question if he's struggling to answer it. If it is getting engaged, I think it would end with him telling her yes once he comes back to it and understands she still wants it.
  19. No. I don't deny that he's been encouraging overall, of course he has, but the implication was there and I could see Penny taking it that way. In all frankness, I think I disliked the dig at her current profession as a waitress a lot more. It sounded like something Sheldon or Beverley would say. That's not who Leonard is.
  20. Ah yes, the inevitable ugly results that come with playing games in a relationship. They were competing to prove that it wasn't a date, and ironically wound up using things they learned from the other to make themselves sound more interesting. It was funny, no doubt, because it's accurate. Again, I was simply refuting a claim.
  21. No I remember them, they were regarding things such as his Spiderman sheets and goofy costumes that he chooses to wear, rather than personal digs at her intelligence and lack of career success in spite her best efforts. Neither were right, but his were a lot more hurtful. You could also argue that he started it by turning their non-date into a game, saying he only did things she liked for sex (I would left the theater then and there if someone said that to me). Neither put themselves in a favorable light, as is the case whenever you play games in a relationship. I could see why both of them made the moves they did. It's no big deal, I was simply refuting the claim that he was always encouraging of her career and doesn't insult her intelligence, because that is simply untrue. That's why I think an answer as to why he loves her would be positive, because it sometimes does seem that he only liked her for the sex and sees her as intellectually inferior to him. I don't think that, but I've heard others say things along those lines.
  22. They're really aren't any baby steps to take other than marriage. They're in a long-term monogamous relationship, have decided they'll marry one day, so engagement would be the next step. Moving in together I feel is out for reasons already stated. She is experiencing a career disappointment, what many feel is what's keeping her specifically from marrying (fear of becoming nothing but a housewife and not making it in the acting world) as it certainly isn't committing to relationships. They were pretty antagonistic that night, I believe that was when he directly stated that he only did things with her to get sex (I wouldn't want to be out with a guy who said that to me), and it was downhill from there. While they were both ridiculing each other's less than attractive qualities, I felt his were especially hurtful and below the belt. All water under the bridge now, but that would have stuck out in my mind if I were her.
  23. Not exactly true. In their non-date, which occurred shortly after she got the commercial, he ridiculed her longstanding role as "waitress in a local production of the Cheesecake Factory" making fun of her job and aspirations, which was followed by digs at her intelligence. While he doesn't mean to, he does do things that come across that way. Reading her paper was another incident, and I understood why she got upset. If I were in her position I probably wouldn't have said anything until after I'd completed the class. Though he is for the most part encouraging, the mind has a way of making the hurtful things stick and put the good on the back-burner. You really have to actively choose to listen to the good, but that is probably difficult for Penny when she has it so ingrained in her mind that she is inferior. I feel Leonard could help with that by directly telling her that he isn't dumb, and laying off when she makes a mistake rather than press the issue (hopefully he learned his lesson from Thanksgiving). I've learned that helpfulness can sometimes come across as condescension, 2.01 was an example of that, whether you mean it to or not.
  24. Also, in regards to Leonard putting up with a lot, that's pretty inevitable when looking at any kind of relationship. Sheldon is an extreme case, but I'd say issues of miscommunication, being on a different page, etc. pretty much come with the territory. It's merging two different lives and personalities together, so bumps are inevitable. The Beta Test was funny because it was in actuality such a bad idea, while some of it needed to be expressed, there's no way an relationship could ever last if you spent it with a laundry list of the other person's faults in mind. I know that's not what Leonard sees when he looks at Penny, and while he may not see her as perfect anymore (the rose-colored glasses must come off at some point) I think he's always known that she is perfect for him. Sappy, I know. And yes, Priya could never compete with Penny. Yes, she was highly educated, but also hateful, catty, dishonest, self-entitled, and a cheater. And from a shallow standpoint, frumpy. No way was he doing a lot better for himself with her.
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