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  1. I could accept is a reveal, I suppose, but it just wasn't believable. If the spark had been dwindling, Penny would be the type to insist they do something to bring back that chemistry (like, perhaps, a spa weekend). If Leonard has become complacent, a better way for them to showcase that would be to have built a storyline around him backing out of the spa weekend to do something with the guys, not realizing it was that important to her (though they did that storyline with Shamy in S5). The way it came about wasn't believable, and frankly the one I just cooked up isn't that much better, so I chalk this all up to bad writing.
  2. I don't know what to do or think about any of the ships after this week because they were so absurdly out of character. Where do I begin? Right off the bat, with Penny's daydream, I knew the storyline was going to be contrived. She is someone who, while touched by Leonard's thoughtful gestures, was also kind of overwhelmed by them (she knows that she can't match them despite her best efforts, and shows her affection in other ways). She struggles to be vulnerable and express her feelings, so while I'm sure she'd appreciate Leonard doing something like that, I don't think she'd ever fantasize about it. Likewise, I think she'd speak up the first time Leonard played video games in his underwear rather than let it fester. Sheldon and Amy are not a sensual couple in any sense of the word, and making them one for the sake of creating a stale contrast was absurd. Howard and Bernadette both have good jobs, no mortgage, and free childcare. Going to extremes to avoid replacing the floorboards when they could easily afford to do so was just a cheap way to get a laugh.
  3. I honestly didn't even make the connection to the election when I saw this.
  4. Little correction: Kaley has filed for divorce, and unless something major changes will certainly follow through with it, but in CA you have to be separated for six months before it's finalized IIRC.
  5. Yeah, not to mention his parents were both Princeton faculty. I don't know how it works in Ivy League, but my cousin's wife attended college for free at a smaller but well regarded private university where both her parents taught. I'd imagine Leonard got at least some of those benefits. His parents also seem pretty well off, and while they obviously aren't loving they hold education in the highest regard, and likely would not hesitate to pay for college. In fact, they were likely the kind of people that sent their children to private Ivy League prep schools from the time they were young.
  6. Yeah, I get that why the three physicists continue to work in academia, but I never understood why Howard hasn't ventured into the private sector as an engineer. With his qualifications, he'd quickly snatch up a higher paying job.
  7. Recently rewatched an episode from S5 where Howard agreed to stay home with any children he and Bernadette have. While I didn't find it egregious at the time, I couldn't help but think how awful that'd be with the Bernadette we see now. She'd definitely use her role as the sole breadwinner to manipulate, berate, and humiliate Howard, more than she does now. I've seen the type, and she's it.
  8. Heck, you need an actual marriage license in order for a union to be recognized, the ceremony itself just doesn't cut it. I like to believe that they never signed a license, which isn't a stretch considering the drunken state they were in. The annulment was just for the sake of comedy, as accidental marriage is a very popular sitcom trope.
  9. How so? Not criticizing, just wondering. When she said she had a guy, as in a financial advisor of sorts, I didn't find that hard to believe. My dad is in that field and he's had clients from all different income brackets. I agree with you regarding Leonard in that episode.
  10. I can't stand the fact that Bernadette uses the fact that she makes more to verbally abuse Howard, but I'm in the small minority in that I liked how it was used with Leonard and Penny. IIRC, it wasn't even brought up until someone else mentioned it, which said to me that she saw it as a non-issue, not worth discussing and certainly not worth using as a power source.
  11. Yeah, something that has been annoying me about a lot of different shows, not just this one, is the way they stall romantic relationships for the sake of having "storylines" for the later seasons. It's why I tend to prefer shows that begin with a set number of seasons and clear outline for the course of the story. Realistically, Leonard and Penny would have gotten married at the end of S6/start of S7. Penny's fear of commitment might have been said verbally, but it wasn't really shown. The first two proposals had some pretty obvious reasons to be turned down and it's not that uncommon for one partner to say they love them before the other is ready, especially when they hadn't been dating for very long. Plus, she entered the pilot as a 21-year-old who just got out of a four year relationship, with a man she uprooted her entire life in Nebraska with. So, yeah, that didn't feel like a real character trait, just a stalling tactic and a lousy one at that. Anywho, I've been thinking about the Vegas wedding, and have a question for my fellow Lenny fans (all in the spirit of fun). Would you rather these circumstances? Spur the moment, just the two of them, unresolved issues. Basically, the finale canon. Or these? In a church, all their family and friends, Leonard grinning like mad, Penny with long hair and carrying a set of quadruplets, perhaps uncomfortable that she hasn't broken the family tradition of pregnancy before marriage.
  12. I don't know if Sheldon would fit the trope of the anti-hero, we're talking about a sitcom here and the shows you mentioned are more gritty and dramatic. But you certainly have a point, Sheldon is more of a caricature than a character, and such characters are often very popular with audiences and easier for writers to create material for. They also become over the top very easily. Classic examples of this is Kramer from Seinfeld, Eric from Boy Meets World, or even Dwight from The Office. Agreed about Simon being the best comedian.
  13. I agree, but I also thought it was nasty that Leonard and Priya took over Raj's apartment for their sexcapades. I wouldn't mind If my friend was dating one of my siblings, in fact I've tried more than a few times to make it a reality, but that doesn't mean I want ghost stuff happening in the house. I did feel bad that was happening to Raj, but with all his absurd behavior my sympathy shrank.
  14. Smoking and drinking are habits, rooted in dependency, while infidelity has more to do with a person's character. I don't necessarily believe that expression, it is still a false equivalency.
  15. Yeah, this isn't a positive scenario or one that I want to see Leonard and Penny emulate. These two obviously went into the marriage without trust, he for her or her for herself. Not surprising, that's what infidelity does. Seems like he has to treat her like a child if she, as a grown adult, can't be in the vicinity of something as commonplace as alcohol without his supervision.
  16. What's your point? They were only in Leonard's bed because he and Priya had taken over Raj's own home for their sexual escapades. And don't comparing it to the kiss. They were together for the kiss, she was single and he was with Priya for the Raj debacle. Simple as that.
  17. Except it hasn't been frowned upon equally, not by a longshot. You haven't been paying attention if you think it has. Leonard is still seen as a pure boy for all of his sexual adventures, while Penny is given misogynistic names.
  18. This has absolutely nothing to do with what I wrote. Reread if you didn't catch my main point on double standards, it's very obvious.
  19. I actually know two couples who got married in Vegas and are still together. One go to my church, the other only had about $1500-$2000 to spend at that time and decided to buy plane tickets, some nice attire, and a hotel instead rather than try to make a wedding happen on such a small budget. Not something I'd want, just saying that not all couples live up to that stereotype. I for one would rather see something intimate with them than see Sheldon steal the spotlight by being annoying.
  20. No, but as far as the number of hook-ups we've seen on screen Leonard wins by a landslide. He hated over half a dozen people while he and Penny were broken up, while Penny only dated Zach. He's a giant offender of the "bro code", sleeping with his friends crush and another friends sister, whom he initially had a meaningless fling with years before. He then cheated on said friend's sister. He also slept with a seventy-year-old woman, and Bernadette's friend just because he was bored. Now we find out he kissed someone else on the trip. I like him, but I fail to see how he can do all this and be seen as an alter boy while Penny is called nasty names by the mostly male posters. Oh, wait, I understand now. Misogyny.
  21. I have always despised that quote with a passion. For that I'm not saying sorry.
  22. There are several fake chapels in Vegas, so I wasn't too outraged by that one. And if you wake up with no memory of all or some of the night before, you blacked out. Not sure how remembering scarce details changes that fact. The fact that Emily saw that as more of a reflection on Penny than the man she was dating was pretty pitiful, but that's another topic. Regardless, one of them was single, one of them was not. One gets a pass, since a little beer means you suddenly have no control over your actions, the other has so-called Lenny fans calling the character misogynistic names. That's my issue, what Leonard did was forgivable.
  23. Good Lord I get so beyond sick of this excuse. Penny was 100% single and blacked out to the point of memory loss when Raj happened, and that's still used as some sort of moral equivalency and a strike against her character.
  24. The way they could get more money is to go into the private sector rather than academia. I don't know if there's much of a chance for that in Leonard's field, but Howard could be making much more money as an engineer.
  25. It seemed like he was just rambling. I focus on unimportant details when I'm nervous about spitting something out.
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