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  1. Well Leonard wanted it done, so Penny went with it and had Zack meet her there. Sack wasn't supposed to stay for dinner, that was because he was clueless.
  2. Not sire how Leonard is being "too nice". He's literally nagging her every step of the way, and that makes propl
  3. Well Leonard is jealous and petty with any guy that might potentially look in Penny's direction, (well, unless he's trying to be a big shot and show her off like he did on the ship) so that's his problem, not hers. And I don't see how she needs to kiss his feet and beg forgiveness to Master Leonard when this was a mistake she made unknowingly and is working hard to fix.
  4. Except Alex hit on a guy, repeatedly, while well aware that he was in a relationship. Penny married a guy thinking the whole thing was a fun and elaborate game of pretend (something many Vegas chapels do) probably in an attempt to try and make herself happy with someone who wasn't Leonard. Did you pay any attention to Romance Resonance? Penny clearly adores Leonard, even if she has trouble putting it into words. She's a person who shows things through her actions, such as working to get an annulment finalized within hours of realizing what she did, rather than sit around moping about it without taking steps to change it (as Leonard undoubtedly would in the situation, as seen by the fact that he chooses to stay miserable in living with someone he can't stand for over ten years).
  5. I saw those episodes, there's absolutely no chemistry to explore. Don't hang out on the Leonard/Penny thread if you want him with little Mary Sue Alex (who served whatever purpose may have had and is on NCIS now, BTW). Penny's doing everything she can to try and fix the situation as soon as possible, despite being met with ridicule and grief, so I'm not sure why you think she's somehow the evil villain in this. When Leonard willfully gets himself into bad situations (such as cheating, on a woman he claimed he "loved" and "could see himself marrying"), she tried to help him work through the problem even though they were broken up.
  6. I guess I'm the only one who gets where Penny is coming from in terms of getting fed up with Leonard. She's humiliated, stressed out, and he keeps harking on about it like a spoiled child; making it even worse than it already is. He keeps rubbing it in her face that she screwed up, perhaps because he gets some sort of joy from being intellectually superior to her (not even letting her have the glory of winning one game of chess is an example). There are few things worse than being guilted, especially when she probably is dealing with a lot of shame from it as it is. He even complains when he tells Zach (who I adore BTW and am happy to see again) to come over to sign the damn papers, he complains some more. I'm so tired of seeing Penny blamed for all things wrong in the relationship when so many of their issues are rooted in Leonard. You all are comparing a mistake Penny made unknowingly, while she and Leonard were broken up, with things that Leonard did in spite of his relationship with Penny (accepting Alex's advancement, dragging his mommy into their sex life so that he can have his way). Frankly, reading this I'd take a good-natured simpleton like Zach over a whiny, unhelpful, hypercritical Leonard. I hope, if they continue this storyline, that we come to find out that Zack and Penny were never legally married. I can't imagine that the two would actually sign a marriage license and still go on thinking the whole thing was a fake. Penny is one heck of a lot smarter than that. Sadly, I'm sure that's way too much to hope for and it might even end up being dragged out with the two having to go through with a formal divorce proceeding. Frankly, I see little comedy if that happens to be the case and it would probably ruin the season in the same way Priya did. I find it weird that the writers are somehow revealing Penny's (legal) last name in any capacity, as they've always feared it would jinx it. Seems they might have, but it would be because of the way they did it, not by giving her a surname. I wish they were creative enough to find another way to bring Zack back into the picture. He's a great character, so funny, and there are better ways than this.
  7. Penny unknowingly married Zack on a whim four years ago, before she was with Leonard. Leonard actively used emotional manipulation to get his way. Do you not comprehend the difference?
  8. Good grief, I swear half the "Lenny" fans on this board are just tweenage Leonard fangirls. Penny comes to the realization she unknowingly made a big mistake four years ago, Leonard nags her to fix it. She works to try and get it fixed right away, he whines incessantly, as per usual. How anyone could interpret that as trying to be helpful is beyond me. It reminds of when he humiliated Penny in front of her classmate because he refused to trust her when he in fact is the one with the history of cheating (Alice, Priya) and accepting outside flirtation (Alex). He's incredibly possessive while still wanting to be the big man on campus and show off his hot blonde girlfriend. Now your saying that he's worthy of saint status because he does nice things for her, really? They're in a relationship, of course they do these things because they love one another. If this makes Leonard a saint I guess I'm a saint too.
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