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  1. Yeah, I'm torn as to where they will go next season, whether they'll get married in the premiere. I know many disagree, but I think they actually, as these season finales are more often to surprise people. I thought for sure Sheldon and Amy would be on the verge of a break-up after his antics last season, and that didn't happen. I thought the trip to the North Sea would create more longterm storylines. So while they're trying to do the will they/won't they routine with the wedding, I'm not sure they'd introduce the storyline if they didn't take the plunge. It seems there will be enough drama with some of the other couples. I could be way off.
  2. Has that been established? Because the way the taping report read, especially with Leonard going overtime to explain that he and everyone else had been drinking, it sounded more like a moment of indiscretion. Again, it's forgivable, but I find it interesting. Especially since Penny was blacked out and single when her and Raj happened but everyone continues to bring that one up.
  3. While I think what Leonard did was certainly cheating, I do think it is forgivable and shouldn't negate the strong relationship Leonard and Penny have now. I'm excited to see how where their relationship goes from here, with the possible Vegas wedding. What I do find interesting is the way in which everyone has worked overtime to condone it, using unwise things Penny did while she was single as justification of Leonard's indiscretion. I remember how angry posters got when they found our about Zach, yet what Leonard did is perfectly okay. I somehow doubt that would be the case if it were Penny.
  4. It is, I agree, but I think in Kaley's case it is completely unwarranted. There are a lot of actors whose work I enjoy despite having little respect for them otherwise, mainly because they make spectacles of themselves then play the victim when people call them out on their crap. I don't hate on those people via social media, but I also don't pity them when others do. I do, however, feel bad for Kaley as she does seem like a lovely person. But the good news is that she has a great support system and knows how to make fun of the comments she gets.
  5. What do you know? Her nose looks exactly the same.
  6. The smug and self-righteous tone of this article from "feminist" Emily Yahr are exactly why so many bright young women don't want to align themselves with the cause.
  7. Yes, it is also from a no-name website by a no-name author, you obviously searched long and hard to find it (your disdain for Kaley is well-known), so it doesn't hold much weight. I also don't see how it demonstrated a lack of knowledge. The new wave of feminists have earned their own reputation with their silly hashtags and vagina costumes, they shouldn't be surprised when successful young women such as Kaley have no interest in their cause. Other posters have done a good job of showing she's more of a feminist in her actions than any of these petty internet 'activists' could ever hope to be.
  8. Ripped apart by the reputable and respectable crushable.com? She should be shaking in her boots! Seriously though, articles like this are why so many young women don't want to identify as feminists. Who wants to align themselves with movement that, in this wave, has mostly been reduced to whining, hatred, and hypocrisy? The negative connotations that now come with the word 'feminist' are well-earned IMO, a shame considering the harm inflicted on women throughout the globe. Personally, after listening to so many uniformed celebrities spout off their political opinions as if they actually know jack, it's nice that Kaley steers clear of that. I have no doubt that she has her own mind and convictions, but rather than alienate half her audience she keeps it to herself. Her comments were completely harmless, and I also loved what she had to say about giving back to her parents. A lot of ungrateful former child stars should take a page from her book. Also, happy anniversary to her and Ryan!
  9. Tattoos are such a trend right now I suspect there are more young actors with them than there are without. I don't like them TBH, but I think Kaley's are pretty tasteful. She really should grow her hair though, the bob was cute but the pixie makes her look older and more matronly. It took a lot away from her look last night; unfortunate as the dress was beautiful.
  10. Maybe Sheldon's in jail for insulting the judge. Again.
  11. I can't imagine Penny would be threatened at the prospect of not being "Queen Bee", seeing as she left middle school quite some time ago. We're not talking about Blair Waldorf or Regina George here (don't laugh at me for these references).
  12. Another poster mentioned him, and I thought it would be helpful to contrast someone like him with Sheldon (as you may have seen, he is better in every regard except book smarts). And Amy would not have to be off the show without Sheldon, she has established strong friendship with Penny and Bernadette, and I'm sure the guys would be sympathetic to her.
  13. It's tough on the person who has to subsidize their partner. I've seen my fair share of couples sink over financial resentment, so I am basing a lot of it on what I have seen, I'd like to think I learned from their mistakes. If my boyfriend came to me and asked me to bankroll him while he chased a pipe dream I'd laugh. Putting those kinds of unnecessary demands on your partner sounds very selfish to me. I don't want to say anything about your daughter, but I do wonder what stopped her from contributing in that time, because as I mentioned two of my girlfriends are in law school programs and they still work full-time. None of my own, but I have an aunt whose ex-husband quit his job as an anesthesiologist and devote his time to hobbies because he had a wife who was bringing home big bucks and felt he didn't need to work (they had no kids). They divorced and she still has to pay him alimony even though he didn't contribute jackshit to the marriage. I nannied in college for two families with "full-time moms" (laughable, if that were true why was I there?) who managed to simultaneously gripe at their husbands for not being home enough while expected them to make six figures in order to fund their lifestyle. There was tons of resentment in those relationships, not surprising to me as money tends to do that, largely in part because of the stress these people were under from their demanding partners. To be honest, I've see money used as a power play in so many different sorts of relationships it isn't even funny. So no, my "contentions" are not based in my imagination, not in the least. When was Penny likely to leave? Anyone who gambles with their financial future in such an unnecessary way and has it blow up brings it on themselves. But Leonard made no secret of the fact that he thought the whole thing was asinine in Occupation Recalibration, even having to rehearse what he said to Penny so it would be somewhat convincing. That was under the circumstance he didn't support her financially, so imagine how much worse it would be if that did happen. Additionally, while he is a good guy, he is not a saint. He is just as capable of leaving, cheating, or breaking up the relationship, and in those conditions Penny would rightfully be left with nothing (and would owe him whatever he paid for the car, even if it was a gift). But I was speaking more on principle on that point, and interestingly enough you didn't not refute that. Your daughter and son-in-law are very lucky, but I'd venture that had she not began getting steady work (many actors never do) it would be a different story. In gambling, for every one winner there are about three losers.
  14. No, it didn't. They were only a couple for a combined total of 2.5 of those years, and in that time they had a much more mature relationship. Yes, all couples have their obstacles, but this goes beyond that. This is someone who is seeking after dreams and desires she has with someone who is incapable of giving them to her, and treats her like crap to boot.
  15. She hasn't ever had anyone else. I'm not saying that is bad, lots of people find lasting love with the first person they meet, but when that person is as dysfunctional as Sheldon you have to point that out. Because if he is who she has her heart set on, she will have to make some major sacrifices. A life with him will be devoid of intimacy or adventure, major milestones (marriage, babies, buying a house, any sort of real change) are things she will get to watch her friends have while never experiencing it herself because Sheldon is not capable of giving those to her. She has expressed desire for them, but if she stays with Sheldon she will not get them. This was made very clear in the finale, when Howardette were dealing with the challenges of an ailing parent as a married couple, Lenny were enjoying their engagement, and Raj and Emily basked in the afterglow of having made love; something she has not done with Sheldon after 4+ years together. They were moving on with their lives and building adult relationships while she was making him Strawberry Milk, dealing with his tantrum, and panicking after he'd be gone after less than a few hours (this is usually not necessary when dealing with another adult, as they are expected to take care of themselves). It was a sharp contrast. Yes, Zach is dumb, but he is also kind, handsome, loving, and sociable. He doesn't insult everyone he comes into contact with or have to be scolded repeatedly when taken out in public. He doesn't throw temper tantrums over minor occurrences. So really, Amy is embarrassing herself and hurting her reputation a lot more being with Sheldon than she would being with someone like Zach.
  16. Two of my closest friends are in law school and they both work while having fiancées, so I don't see why these individuals cannot contribute while going after what they want. Of course one partner will always make at least a tiny bit more than the other, but it's tough to consider it a joint or team effort when one partner is bringing everything to the table. I imagine it puts a lot of pressure on that person. Half of all marriages fail, so I also contemplate what would happen in those situation, moreso when you are relying on someone who is not your spouse (and can thus leave whenever the hell they want). Then the person who was being subsidized is left with a gap in their resume and a tab, and would only have themselves to thank. Bottom line, it is a gamble, and an unnecessary one at that. I do not see as romantic in the least.
  17. Why are you so opposed to the idea of Penny having success? How does it "not fit into the show"? I don't like the idea of Penny only having success for her looks and do not find it funny or believable, in fact I find the suggestion to be quite misogynistic. While it helps to be attractive in the profession, as it does in most, it most certainly will not get medical professionals to spend a large sum of money on a product they are otherwise uninterested in. To say otherwise is an insult to the characters and the audiences' intelligence. I don't know how long this drug rep plot will last, and I know I'm in the minority around here for not wanting Penny to spend the rest of her days barefoot, pregnant, and dependent; but giving Penny career success is long overdue and I hope the showrunners agree.
  18. Huh? I have no idea what that has to do with my post, but I know a few drug reps and I and I assure you it is not a stretch. Most could have second careers as actors, are very warm and charming, so personality-wise Penny is perfect for it. Being in sales requires a lot of acting to begin with, as you must convince your clients that the product you are selling is better than it (usually) is. I've always thought Penny would be great in the corporate world for that reason, and you don't necessarily need some prestigious degree to be successful (a fair portion of the Forbes 500 don't have them). So I could see how an employer could see the potential in Penny and decide to bring her on, especially when she came recommended by someone who has made them a lot of money.
  19. Why is everyone so upset about Raj upstaging them? These two have been dating for two years, known each other even longer, and have already had four previous failed proposals. At this point, they were all just waiting for the timing to be right. In addition, this has never been a syrupy, sentimental group of friends, so an emotional scene would have frankly been very lame. Raj, on the other hand, has been lonely and without a significant other for some time, so he and Emily taking that step in their relationship is more significant, even Leonard and Penny realized that.
  20. Ruby is such a sweetie pie, I'm so glad she was adopted by someone as loving as Kaley.
  21. Give her some on-the-job training and I think she'll be more than good to go. Working in sales often requires you do a fair bit of acting.
  22. And as long as Penny remains the independent girl I came to know and love I'm happy. How tragic and pitiful it would have been to see her dependent on Leonard.
  23. No one would care what his intent was, showing his assistant a book of STDs and calling the (black) head of human resources a slave to her biological urges would get you fired. As would his constantly insulting Dr. Gablehouser. He is an adult, albeit a low functioning one, and better would be expected of a person in his professional position. And considering that he has made no worthwhile contribution to science, it most certainly is not realistic or believable that they would keep him around. Penny getting a job in sales is much more plausible in comparison.
  24. Doesn't change the fact that it IS offensive, and probably wouldn't be tolerated on someone who isn't bringing anything promising results to the table (Sheldon has admitted he is not). However, most drug reps could have second careers as actors, they have all the presence and charm. Since most jobs include a training aspect, I don't find it implausible that an employer would see the potential in Penny and decide to bring her on, especially if she came highly recommended by Bernadette (who has brought them a lot of money). I was merely saying that if you all find that unrealistic, when more implausible scenarios are present in the show.
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