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  1. I don't think his racist and sexist behavior towards Mrs. Davis would ever be tolerated, nor his blatant disrespect for Dr. Gablehouser.
  2. I think the dignity and independence that comes from earning your own way in life will outweigh whatever arbitrary "passion" she may have for acting. The alternative is to continue pursuing something she may or may not succeed in while depending on Leonard like a child does their parent, which sounds like a pretty miserable life that would most likely breed resentment in both of them.
  3. How about Sheldon Cooper holding down a job all these years? Everyone at the university can't stand him, he is disrespectful and disobedient towards his superiors, committed several fireable offenses including sexual harassment, and has made little contribution to science (Bernadette has said this and he admits it). He would not be tolerated in a professional environment, nor would pre-Bernadette Howard for that matter. In all my years in the workforce, I've encountered a lot more Pennys (who are under qualified upon hire but show immense potential and have the right personality for the job) than Sheldons. So it's not unrealistic to me at all. A lot of times getting the job is about networking, and that is the case here, making it more believable.
  4. We can't get hung up on the realism of Penny automatically getting a high paying job when a character like Sheldon has held down a job all these years (though granted his mom had to sleep with someone for him to get it back). Penny has also shown curiosity with science, though her inquiries have been met with ridicule, but the job has more to do with business and customer service. I wanted to see her have some acting success as well, but if that required she live off of others I'd much rather see her pursue something else. It's a shame Leonard won't be all that supportive, especially considering how much the prospect of being with a waitress seemed to bother him. Really inconsistent IMO.
  5. Judging from Instagram, Ruby is definitely Kaley and Ryan's. So sweet.
  6. No, it doesn't. Dependency is dependency, and that is not who Penny is. Especially the way Squidley made it sound, as if she'd be going to him to give her an allowance for a pair of shoes, which sounds abhorrent. The only people who have taken me shopping or given me shopping money in my lifetime are my parents, aunts, and grandparents (aka older, authority figures). I'd die before I would ask a guy for money to splurge on clothes/shoes, that would make them a sugardaddy. And I'd turn on the Real Housewives of Wherever if I want to watch those kinds of people (I assume those women are married based on the title, doesn't make their husbands any less of a sugardaddy).
  7. No thanks. Penny was surviving semi-alright even before she got a job in the movie, I have no desire to hear of her being dependent on Leonard. This sounds like him giving her an allowance as if he is some sort of sugar daddy, gross. No reason to believe she won't be contributing to their finances now that they are living together. Hope to see her having acting success. The writers really can't claim they want to be realistic when they have a character like Sheldon holding down a job.
  8. He'd have no room to, as his is quite wild. Agreed on the rest though.
  9. Nogra, I've been reading the last few pages and I agree with you on Sheldon's sexist remarks. The only thing that bothers me is that a handful of misogynistic chumps on this thread have said the exact same thing, going so far as to call Penny a "slut" and insisting that all the casual sex Leonard has had is somehow completely different, and no one has said anything. Sheldon is unpopular around here, but he echoes the crap spewed out by supposed Lenny fans.
  10. With regards to the pillow whacking, keep in mind that Penny has been on the receiving end as well: Best not to intervene.
  11. Phanta, no one would be forcing Sheldon of his home (it's just as much Leonard's home BTW) as he has already willfully vacated it for an undisclosed amount of time. They shouldn't be expected to hold their breath and put their lives on hold while he runs around on some train.
  12. They semi-wrote that one in, but yes.
  13. Why would she be unable to appear two months pre-delivery? Pregnant actors often work right up until their due date, even if it is noticeable on screen. Kerry Washington is a recent example of that.
  14. He deleted that pic and then posted one of the bizarre midnight snack he prepared for her, which lead me to wonder if they're expecting. Wonderful if they are.
  15. I do want to see Leonard and Penny take the initiative to move into Leonard's apartment this summer. There's nothing stopping them. Part of me wonders if they'll move Amy into Penny's place before Sheldon gets back.
  16. Sheldon would have a very tough time adjusting to his new siblings. He's used to being their only baby.
  17. This is exactly why I don't think they are going to have a big wedding. Christine Baranski has a tight schedule, so it would be difficult to bring her on the show, and I doubt they're going to want to bring in a fleet of guest star cameos.
  18. The second clip explains why Penny was apathetic to Leonard being assaulted by a pillow. Though the way she went about hitting Leonard was more violent, I think a blow to the face hurts more than one to the arm (speaking from pillow fighting experience).
  19. No way is the wedding on hold until S9, I am confident they will have a tiny wedding next season. It was clear from the other night that no one from either of their families is worth having at the wedding, they certainly don't take an interest in their kids.
  20. Beverley has yet to approve of anything Leonard has done, so I don't see why anyone should be concerned. Her opinion of Penny is about as high as the one she holds for her son. You can't make her proud, as they are "not her accomplishments", but you can charm her. Penny is much more adept at that than Leonard, so she'll come around. It does seem the writers forgot about S3 Christmas.
  21. I don't detest them, I just find it hilarious that they get off the hook for so much of the crap they dish out on a regular, and that people have the audacity to get mad in one of the few instances they aren't catered to.
  22. Of course, if Sheldon or Amy do sonething horrid they plead lack of awareness (despite the two being middle-aged and highly educated) but anyone else and they're malicious. Typical.
  23. She told her to get out after Amy ignored close to a dozen gentle cues between her and Leonard. Her tone was firm but quite gentle, and after multiple hints it was time to be direct. She is still endlessly patient with both her and Sheldon, quite motherly in fact. Yes it was. Unless home-cooked food, red wine, and an apartment with only the two of them don't indicate a date to her. She was in the wrong for intruding. Poor Lenny, now they have two babies instead of one. And they're not even cute or cuddly!
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