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  1. I think Penny has been caring and patient with Sheldon, of course, and in general I like Penny, but her treatment in this episode of Amy kind of shocked me, and not in a good way. I know it was for comedic affect, but her "get out" was pretty brutal. If my friend's boyfriend was MIA and I knew he was freaking out, I would show much more concern for my friend than Penny did. But she only seemed to care about the fact she was recently engaged. And I didn't like that she was merely looking at her nails or whatever in the tag. She knew Amy was in pain. How can she be so apathetic? Isn't this supposed to be her best friend?


    I think Penny can be pretty cruel to Amy at times, but whatever. I can deal with it.


    Sheldon wasn't MIA at that point, he was just in the midst of a tantrum, which is not atypical behavior nor cause for concern. Penny has not been cruel to Amy, and she wasn't last night. She coddles her if anything. 

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  2. Please tell me where I blamed Penny for anything that Sheldon has done. I actually said the fact I do not care for her has nothing to do with Shamy's relationship. I certainly never said anything about Sheldon.


    The funny thing to me is that you all lose it when someone doesn't like Penny. I mean, the fact that I do not care for her really irks all of you to the core. 


    Stardust has, and you have agreed with her. You two are making bullshit accusations against her character, so yes, that bothers me. You call her self-absorbed which she has been patient and caring in dealing with Sheldon and Amy (two narcissistic characters you adore). Sheldon doesn't struggle with social interactions BTW, if we've learned anything it's that is proud and aware of the fact that he is an ass. 


    Funny you had nothing to say regarding the actual content of any of our posts. And no, using a GIF in a failed attempt to look clever as you have in the past is not a real reply. 

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  3. I don't think Amy should have been at the train station. I don't believe I ever said that. In fact, I would have been angry if she were there.


    Regarding Penny, I'm not just talking about this episode, my dislike for her started in the end of S5/beginning of S6. I don't care for the way she treats Amy and Bernadette. In my opinion, she acts like she's better than all of them and it's really come to show in the past few seasons.


    Well then you'd be appalled at the way most would treat Amy, because all the harassing remarks and the way she nearly sexually assaulted her at the slumber party would have gotten her slapped with a big ol' restraining order. Penny has never acted like she is better than them, and Bernadette has the holier than thou attitude. A self-absorbed person would not have been 1/10 as patient and accepting with Sheldon/Amy as Penny has. She teases them for liking video games, so what? She also watches the things they like constantly, as evidenced in Proton, though I'm sure the gesture is not reciprocated. Sheldon insults all of them and sees them as nothing more than his servants, but I'm sure that doesn't bother you in the least. 


    But it seems you and stardust are working overtime to blame Penny for Sheldon's shortcomings, perhaps because Leonard and Penny showed themselves stable and mature while Shamy showed themselves to be woefully childish, inconsiderate, and violent (the last two describe Amy). Thus, you blame Penny for Sheldon's negative qualities, though they have always been at the core of his character. 

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  4. Penny is absolutely nothing like Sheldon, as evidenced by the fact that she is moving forward in her relationship while Sheldon is off sucking his thumb in the corner. Realizing her aspirations is hardly a sign she is becoming like Sheldon. She is still compassionate and understanding of others, and that was clear tonight when she understood that Sheldon needed to leave for a while. Sticking around wouldn't have done him any good, and she saw that. 

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  5. Sorry, but Penny loves herself only!  I repeat...she loves herself only.  I have grown to totally dislike her.  She is only for using people.  The only person I would say she might care about other than herself is Sheldon.   But only so she can mother him and try to control him in her own way and use him to her advantage.   If anyone needs to move away for a while it is her.  She is getting on my last nerve!  


    I used to love Penny, but I have grown to totally dislike her because in the last two seasons she has shown herself shallow, self-absorbed, acerbic and aimless.   I don't blame Kaley.  Kaley is doing what the writers ask her to do, but they have turned her character into someone I really find unlikeable.   She also has changed Sheldon into someone I don't even recognize anymore.  It wasn't Amy who changed him, it was Penny. She started since S1 and he isn't at all changing for the better.   She has turned him into someone like her.  He has lost all aim and focus.  No wonder he is confused and needed to go away.    I want him far away from her. 


    I hope when he returns, he will realize that Amy was the one that he was smitten with from the start and re-build what they have lost.


    Well, he isn't 'smitten' with Amy and never has been despite the numerous ways she throws himself at him, so keep dreaming. 


    Penny doesn't love anyone, huh? Not even Leonard, her fiancee? Or Amy, whom she was endlessly patient with (even kindly telling her to quit intruding on their date tonight)? That's bullshit. She wasn't using him or anybody, she has a relationship with Sheldon because she cares for him. She mothers him because he acts like a child and thus she is forced to treat him as one, same with Leonard. Your accusations are so baseless they are almost amusing. 


    You are blaming Penny for characteristics that have always been at his core. Nothing about his behavior tonight was modeled after Penny, and his character mostly started going downhill in the recent seasons, likely because he is being pressured and coerced by a desperate woman who cannot accept the reality of who he is. She didn't tell him to leave, merely supported him in a decision he had already made. 


    Your entire post describes Sheldon, or perhaps Amy to an extent. But not Penny by any stretch of the imagination. 

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  6. Well I for one found this to be my least favorite finale of all the shows I watch.  I understand Sheldon is overwhelmed and Jim did a great performance, but the more I see Lenny the more I dislike them.   Sorry Lenny fans (and I used to be one), but they really annoy me to no end.   The only good thing I hope comes from this is that in S8 we see very few Sheldon/Lenny scenes in the future and Sheldon/Penny scenes in the future. I feel Penny has influenced Sheldon so much that I don't even recognize him any more and not in a positive way.  


    I did not laugh once in this episode.  I felt it was not at all funny.   I am happy for Raj (and thereby Emily too, even though she wasn't in this episode), Bernie/Howard and Stuart.  I am happy Lenny are engaged, but boy they could not have made it more clear how little they care about Amy. In fact not a single person on that show seems to care about her.   It really showed.   I hate the writers for that.


    I'm sorry, but after tonight's episode you're annoyed with Leonard and Penny? The two people who handled the situation like adults? They were great in this episode, and none of these awful changes in Sheldon can be pinned on Penny. She certainly never modeled any of the abysmal behavior he displayed tonight.


    Yes, they were so cruel to Amy in not letting her stick around for their date, handled it much worse than Amy did when Raj tagged along last season. I mean, Sheldon was so uncharacteristically having a tantrum, and they should have dropped everything to listen to her talk about it!  :icon_rolleyes: 


    If you want to be mad at anyone, be angry at Amy. She has stuck around knowing full-well how Sheldon and has not accepted him for it. She just hopes he'll magically change one day, watching her friends move forward with their lives while he stays the same. She's needed to wake-up for a very long time. 

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  7. The writers just won't label him but it's obvious he's on the spectrum.


    Whatever he is, his "Too much change! Too much change!" tirade and lack of compassion towards Stuart made it impossible to feel the least bit bad for him. He's just a jerk if you ask me.  

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  8. Good episode. I liked seeing Leonard stand up for him and Penny, that was great. I did not feel the least bit bad for Sheldon, especially when he was comparing his ordeal to Stuart's. Lenny looked insanely like parents tonight, Penny actually reminded me of my mom when she first dropped me off at college. Leonard was spot on in his Freaky Friday analogy. 


    Still can't bring myself to feel bad for Amy. It is abundantly clear that he will not change and does not want to, she got what she asked for. Everyone else is moving on and building adult relationships while she's babysitting the manchild. 

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  9. ...except Leonard talking about living arrangements was part of what set him off and we know that he phones Amy.


    That's significant how? Mom and Dad are introducing changes so he phones the nanny, no surprise there. The fact that this would upset him so greatly is indicative of their profound importance to him, a significance Amy does not seem to share. 

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  10. I think the 'psychic' was off in that her spirit guides really were talking about Penny and not Sheldon.

    If you change the references to Penny (not Sheldon and Amy to Leonard) that then Penny making 'smarter decisions' makes sense.


    Psychic: They’re telling me that you have difficulty being close with her him.

    Penny: Oh, he I does. He I so does. What should he I do?

    Psychic: He You should give himself yourself to this relationship. Once he you does, all his your other pursuits will come into focus.

    Penny: Sheldon, do you hear that? I mean, Amy Leonard is the key to your my happiness.

    Psychic: Exactly. Personally and professionally. Everything will fall into place once you commit to her him.


    That's the basis for Penny's future,


    This is genius. I'm really glad others share my sentiments about Sheldon staying exactly the same if not devolving. Shamy fans are always insisting that he has changed so much because of her so-called positive influence, but I don't see it. 

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  11. Lio and ItWasDestined. Interesting discussion. My only question and it doesn't just relate to Penny but also to Amy. Would you rather have a successful career like Amy and have the love of your life possibly never return that love or would you rather be Penny who may never have the success she wants in acting but have the love of her life worship the ground she stands on? (I get ideally Amy and Penny would want both)


    Though I often find Amy desperate and pathetic, in the long run I'd choose hder. Her work experience and education are something she can always take with her, have to her name. Relationships can end at the drop of a hat, and then what the hell would you have to show for yourself? Penny's mention of her friends being the biggest passion in her life was one of the most depressing things ever said on the show. Do you think Bernadette has that same passion for their friendship? Sheldon? Hell no.


    You need to have something for yourself in order to be fulfilled. If Penny were to adopt the mindset that all she needs is Leonard, she'll wake up one day and realize she's empty, likely resorting to engaging in one of the vices Lionne mentioned above. I've seen it several times myself. Those marriages fail, if not in a formal divorce than in extreme emotional distance. There's no joy in being a Stepford/Trophy Wife. 

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  12. He has a legal right to free speech, certainly.  He has the right to say the moon is made of cheese.

    He can certainly consider what it is that will make him happy, but that doesn't mean that it's "right" to suggest that he and Penny move into Sheldon's apartment and then tell him he wouldn't be welcome living with them if they did.


    What I'm talking about is propriety.

    The legalities of whose name is on the lease (and I'm sure that by now Leonard's must be--depending on the terms of the management company) are separate from what is polite or impolite to suggest.


    I just can't imagine anyone thinking it's okay to suggest pushing someone out of their own home when they don't have any desire to leave, simply because you would like to live there.

    Now, of course, Leonard only put it out there as an alternative, but I still think it's an improper or impolite (rude) suggestion.

    It just strikes me as being very presumptuous.


    You're ignoring the fact that it is also Leonard's home. And rude? Really? It was a suggestion, and Sheldon is the king of rude. He could of easily told Sheldon to get out, it means nothing that he has been there longer. If the shoe were on the other foot he'd be 1000x worse. 

  13. It's Sheldon and Leonard's home, so he has every right to suggest he move out. They both rent it, so it is equal parts theirs. It doesn't matter if Sheldon moved in first, especially after ten years. He certainly wouldn't be the first to leave because his roommate is moving forward with their life.

    The outrage over Leonard daring to merely suggest Sheldon move out is laughable. He should be expected to adapt to minor changes. With him AWOL and likely running home to mommy, I suggest Leonard and Penny take the liberty to move in. After all, it's Leonard's home too.

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  14. If I was by myself I may wish not to be spoiled. But my teenage daughter and wife watch the show. It's the only show we watch together. Even my mother watches the show. The three of them know nothing of what's coming. My daughter knows I know what's happening tonight. It will be interesting to see their reactions. Though they are not die hard Lenny fans they are big Penny(Kaley) fans and would align themselves with Lenny more than any other couple on the show.

    I too struggle to keep the spoilers to myself, as my parents, best friend, and four of my five siblings like it (my Sheldonesque younger brother thinks we're simpletons for finding it funny). But they don't love Leonard and Penny as much as I do, or get as invested in fiction.

  15. Maybe Sheldon is doing some grown up to teenager  years showing more maturity, but I agree he still treats everyone like a piece of.......  except I think with Lenny.  If they admonish him, he behaves.  I think Lenny should come up with time out system for Sheldon.  I do hope Lorre will eventually will bring in Leonard's dad and Penny's mother.  And for me, John Goodman would be a good Leonard dad.  Rosanne alumni along with Johnny.  I read a comment that perhaps Penny used the money she retrieved from Leonard's wallet to buy an engagement ring? 


    Nope, we don't hear of the watch incident again and he will not be getting an engagement ring since he ends up proposing (can't imagine why he would want one anyways). I seriously doubt they'll be wasting much time getting guest stars, Leonard and Penny will undoubtedly have a very small wedding. Penny is not the type of girl who has been dreaming of her wedding day since she was five. 


    Sheldon is in his toddler phase and always will be. Even if he were to enter at adolescence, in his mid-30s, that means he wouldn't be a full-fledged adult until Amy was post-menopausal. 

  16. Sheldon actually listens to Amy more than he listens anyone else. Since this is fiction and comedy I expect Sheldon will slowly learn to treat Amy better. I'd be more inclined to agree withe what you said if this were real and not scripted.


    No, he really doesn't. Yeah, he went in to see his nephew at her suggestion and she's conditioned him to give her an obligatory kiss, so what? He's like a child, when any of the characters get firm and parental he obeys.


    But all the evidence shows that she still plays a very marginal role in his mind and life. He's spoken of the future several times this season, and in none of them have involved Amy in the least. He wants to live with Leonard and Penny and have Leonard drive him to ComicCon when they are both eighty (even if Leonard were banned, so it's not a mere "friends forever" sort of deal). In short, he treats her like dirt and she accepts it, just like early Penny.   


    I apologize to Tensor for misquoting his post, I did not mean to, but the comparison really does fit like a glove. It's even more fitting than the analogy of Lenny being seen to Sheldon as his parents (permanent) while Amy his part-time nanny (comes as needed when parents are busy, ultimately temporary). And thus far his vision has rung true because they enable him. 

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