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  1. Not sure about that, SRAM. From what we've heard about Penny's family, they really don't sound too traditional and would likely only embarrass her. I doubt she'll be rushing to introduce them. Her and Leonard both seem to have very distant relationships with their families, not estranged but certainly not tight-knit. So they'll be around for the wedding, but not much more. 

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  2. There's only one thing I want to see with a Lenny wedding, NO SHELDON! If he's there he'll find a way to make it about him or find some way to 'ruin' it for the others and I'm sick of that. I say go to Vegas, get married and then return to Pasadena for a decoy wedding Sheldon can screw-up, knowing that it's too late.


    I think Sheldon being a nuisance at the wedding would be funny in that it would ring true, as annoying relatives/guests are something I have encountered at every wedding I've been a part of. I have five siblings and a Beverleyesque grandmother (she's even from New Jersey), so they'll be a part of my wedding for sure. You just have to laugh about it! 

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  3. But they had Zack being married to Penny. I think that was equally unfunny and unpopular. It seemed Penny was a complete putz to marry Zack but I didn't hear anyone saying Leonard should dump her.

    Nonsense, half this forum was babbling on about how he should break up with her and date desperate Alex Sue to make a point.

    But the two wouldn't be comparable; Penny "married" Zach on accident at what she thought was a fake chapel (I suspect she was right, hasn't been brought up since and I seriously doubt they signed a marriage license), Leonard would be purposefully giving his current girlfriend a ring he intended for his repulsive ex who treated Penny like dirt and alienated her from the group. So the difference between the two situations is unbelievably obvious.

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  4. If Leonard bought the ring for Priya and decided to reuse it he's a complete putz (to use Howard's words) and would deserve to be dumped. Besides, I don't think he ever saw that kind of future with her.

    But they won't go that route. Priya was massively unfunny and unpopular, I'm sure the writers are as eager to forget her as we are.

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  5. I don't think they will move quickly, I think the statement Penny makes about waiting to get married, till her brother gets out is the clue here.


    I don't think that was said for anything but the sake of humor. Leonard and Penny will likely have a very small and impromptu wedding, free of everyone but their friends. Few sitcoms actually have those episodes, as they are a pain to shoot and there'd be way too much to pack into one episode. I imagine this will hold true for the show, as it has never really been all about relationships. 

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  6. I think Leonard will move into Penny's apartment, for them both it could become comfortable, but I m not sure if there would be enough room on Penny's closet for Leonard's Star Trek costumes, Apollo's flight viper suit;  and possibility of Amy moving in with Sheldon would make sense, she would gladly take care of Sheldon.

    There wouldn't be room, which is why I think Leonard and Penny should take advantage of Sheldon being AWOL by moving into the larger apartment (they have no idea if/when he is returning, and it's as much Leonard's as it is Sheldon's). The thought of them ramming all of Leonard's paraphernalia into her apartment is enough to make my claustrophobic self cringe.  


    Yes, Amy would gladly take care of Sheldon, but it's been made very clear that he does not want to live with her. 

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  7. Part of me wonders if, with Sheldon AWOL, Leonard and Penny will move into 4A (as it would otherwise be empty, and who in their right would pick the smaller apartment if given the choice?) and someone else (Amy?) will move into 4B during the summer. They'd be well within their right to do so, considering that they don't know if or when he is coming back. That would make Sheldon moving in to the spare bedroom the obvious answer. 

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  8. Question:  when Sheldon took off on the train, they had no idea how long he'd be gone, right?  He might be gone just a day for all they knew.  So why did Penny tell Leonard she knew they'd both miss him?

    'Thank you for your keen insight, fellow Bozeite. 


    But to answer your question, while completely valid, I think it a way of telling the audience he will be gone until the premiere. 

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  9. So you pick a single example that some of the the other characters may have done when Penny has done all of them multiple times?   Yeah, reason.   Did you bother to even google the signs of alcoholism and compare some of the indicators with Penny's actions?   Instead you made uninformed proclamations and resort to personal attacks because that's all you have.  That and a feeble attempt to change the subject by trying to attack Leonard.   Really pitiful.  


    At what point did I attack Leonard? By acknowledging that he has lied to Penny? Or that he's engaged in his own fair share of casual sex? Because that's just the truth. I refuted every last one of your "reasoned" arguments and you went on yet another hysterical rants. 


    I did Google the signs of alcoholism, and Penny displayed zero. If she is, she's the most high-functioning alcoholic I've seen. I'd love to hear what you think of Raj, who up until recently could not function in the real world without it. He's been drunk ten times as often as Penny. 

  10. No one on the show drinks nearly as much as Penny.  No one else has had black outs, no one else passed out in the middle of a game, no one else has woken up naked next to a person who if they were sober they would never go to bed with.   

    Like Sheldon and the geology textbook?  :laugh: And the Raj incident was the only blackout Penny ever had, and it happened three years ago. Since you claim to be so informed on the matter, I shouldn't have to explain to you that a one-time instance isn't indicative of anything other than a lapse in judgment. Maybe you could make a case if she were doing it every weekend, but that quite obviously isn't the case. 


    You're using her falling asleep during the middle of Twister as an example? Really? Bernadette was able to wake her up pretty easily, which wouldn't have happened if she were "passed out drunk". 


    No one else was so drunk that they knocked on the door of someone that they had recently broken up with in order to have sex with them (Don't try to count Leonard, he didn't break up with Penny, she broke up with him.) 

    Well Leonard did it with Leslie (who he had ended it with years before, but still) so if you don't count Penny this should suffice. Though it's unreasonable not to, they both drunkenly knocked on each other's doors and demanded sex; only difference was the other person's reaction. 


    The only one embarrassing themselves here is YOU when you speak of things that you know nothing about.  To paraphrase what Leonard, he said that they were honest to each other in their relationship.  To which Bernadette noted that Leonard was honest but Penny wasn't.   The times that you are using as instances of Leonard lying to Penny, they were not in a relationship. You know I am right which explains the personal attacks.

    Except I do know more about it, as evidenced by the fact that I have resorted to reason rather than mindless ranting. 


    Lying to get sex from his mother's book, Alex (that desperate girl and willing cheater you love so damn much),  about when he was coming back from the North Sea, and about his feelings with her quitting TCF when he has always made it abundantly clear he isn't content with her being just a waitress all happened in S6 or S7. They've been back together since mid-S5. 

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  11. When you take something that doesn't belong to you without permission it is called "stealing".  We learned that in ONE instance she used his money to something for him.  What a generous person.  We learned that Leonard DOESN'T lie to Penny.  The old excuse "everybody does it" is not only morally bankrupt but it is also juvenile.   There has been multiple references to and examples given of Penny's "drinking problem". Her friends have commented on it.   Someone who has  a drinking problem is called an "alcoholic".  Take a few substance abuse classes or even google signs of alcoholism before posting uninformed opinions.  I AM an alcoholic who has been sober for over 20 years.  I KNOW the signs. 


    I don't know why the writers will go for a while showing Penny in a positive light and then have her do or say something to shoot it down.  I maintain that the episode could have done very well without the whole "Penny taking money from Leonard's wallet' thing.

    Now you're just embarrassing yourself.  As Tensor mentioned, there are plenty of instances where Leonard willing lies to Penny (the episode with his mother's book also comes to mind). As for the "drinking problem", if it were actually true they certainly wouldn't be making jokes about it. The only potential "sign" of alcoholism she displays is, well, drinking. Which would make the entire cast alcoholics. So get a sense of humor and spare us the dramatics.  

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  12. I think that it is pretty obvious that they meant that Penny lies to Leonard.   She also steals from him.   I found the episode somewhat disturbing on the Lenny front.


    Not really, as we learned that all the couples lie to one another. As for the stealing, while I didn't like it, it's not as though she took the money to buy herself shoes or wine (I assume you still have the ridiculous notion that she is an alcoholic in your head). She used to buy something for him. I'm not sure what I'd call that TBH. 

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  13. I really think, the way that scene was played, that they were referring to Penny's honesty with Leonard. I was really hoping it was just a throw away line for a joke, but then I remembered, in a previous season that the girls said during one of their dinners at the apartment, that Penny talks a lot about Leonard at girls night. I hope this isn't some omen that next season we are going to find out another big horrible secret about Penny.

    We also learned that Amy and Bernadette regularly lie to their significant others, so no, it will not lead to some dark secret. 

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  14. We'll if the writers can get Penny past all of her "commitment issues" (granted she hasn't said I do except to Zack) I think they will find a way to get Sheldon past puberty.

    The commitment issues were mentioned once and barely backed up (I can't call anyone who has been in two monogamous, long-term relationships a commitment phobe), Sheldon being a man child has been a constant source of story and humor for the show. You can't compare the two.   

  15. And then the tag at the end of the episode is flash forward 15 years.  Sheldon is at a podium looking gorgeous in a tux.  He's shaking hands with the King of Sweden and is receiving his Nobel prize.  He gives his speech and concludes it with '"It goes without saying but thank you to my all my friends and family that have gathered here with me today but especially my amazing wife, the noted neuroscientist Dr. Amy Fowler-Cooper, without whose love, support and encouragement I would not have made the discoveries that bring me here today or made me the man that I am."  The camera pans to the front row and there's the gang, Sheldon's mom and a beaming Amy with their two children. 



    That sounds like a fanfiction. Nicely written but very OOC. 

  16. I think the writers are going to let that go in S8. I thought it was funny for a while but if he is going to be a perpetual child then he will never be worthy of Amy. Leonard has already said he and Penny will live alone (at least eventually).


    There is no if on whether or not he will be a perpetual child. That is very much established. 


    I can just the premiere ending with one of them declaring: "You, me, and Sheldon makes three." Again, not trying to upset anyone, I just know look at how incredibly parental they were in the last episode and believe that pattern will continue. 

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