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  1. Agreed. I have a clear vision of Sheldon happily walking Amy down the aisle...to marry someone else.
  2. They could bring in a guy for Amy on a recurring basis, a la Paul Rudd on Friends. The show is hardly at risk of losing ratings.
  3. Yup, if he hasn't grown up by this point he never will. Come September he'll be the same child he always has been. My only hope is that Amy finally does some growing up and finds a real relationship. It is too much to ask of Sheldon and she should realize that.
  4. Or Zach, I know she write him off as being too dumb for her, but being with him couldn't be any less intellectually stimulating than playing nanny to her "sexy toddler". He is a very nice guy who would have a lot of love to give her. Plus, she could have the joy of knowing that she and Penny have been defiled by the same man. Woo!
  5. There have been a couple of comments made about her in passing. Sheldon implied that she was overweight when Penny ate the last dumpling, and Penny mentioned that her mother smoked pot when she was pregnant with her.
  6. Well back on topic, am I only the only one who cracked up at Penny attempting to be Mrs. Wolowitz's home nurse? Too funny!
  7. LOL, I actually think Kudrow would be perfect for it. She is a great comedic actress and could probably get into that kind of character. Kaley says that is the only person she can picture as her mom, and I have adapted that same mindset. That said, I don't think Leonard and Penny will have a large, family wedding. I think they will spontaneously decide to get married sometime next season.
  8. Not necessarily. They could very easily have her mom lose weight.
  9. You're joking, right? He handled the situation like a two-year-old. Leonard made a basic suggestion, far milder than the ones Sheldon makes all the time, and gave him options for the sake of minimizing his temper tantrum. How horrible and inconsiderate of him. If Amy sticks around out of desperation, as she likely will, she has a lot of these hissy fits to look forward to. She'll never have a child of her own, but will essentially get the same experience with Sheldon.
  10. Who had it first, ten years ago, means absolutely nothing. Sheldon and Leonard have equal ownership of the apartment since they are renting it. Friends might be different as the only reason the girls were able to afford their apartment was because of Monica's grandmother (I think, never watched the show on a regular basis). Demonizing Leonard for making a simple suggestion because Sheldon can't bring himself to be a big boy about this is asinine.
  11. They are both renting it, so it doesn't matter who got there first as neither of them own it. Logically, it would make much more sense for LP to have the bigger apartment as they have more stuff. Sheldon keeping it because he has been there longer is not a reasonable argument.
  12. They, or at least his mother, mostly put up with it whenever she sees Sheldon. And he isn't in Texas because of the scholastic opportunities provided to him elsewhere, and because he looks down in the people in that area for their beliefs.
  13. Sheldon will not be whipped into shape by his Meemaw, or at all. He'll be welcomed with open arms, as they have long accepted he will not change. In order got that to happen he would have to want to, and considering his arrogance and self-adoration that is unlikely.
  14. I'm not trying to upset anybody, I liked the finale, but reading the report I began to strongly suspect that LP will move back in with Sheldon when he returns from whatever pathetic journey he went on so as to "help him cope". They are the parents.
  15. I'm glad others are finally realizing that Amy should move out of her relationship with Sheldon, as she has long outgrown it. I get that she loves him, in a more parental than romantic way, as having any sort of interaction will always be like interacting with a children. But love isn't always enough, I've seen a lot of great couples (which Shamy are not) break-up because they did not want the same things out of their life and relationship. It is extremely sad but it happens. It is laughable to think this will magically prompt him to grow up. It won't. If he hasn't molded into something of an adult by this point he never will. By that same token I can't bring myself to feel all that bad for Amy, as this should almost be expected. She should have figured out that he will never be suited for the kind of relationship she is looking for (he brought up marriage/family here, but she has expressed desire for that in the past). The scene with Leonard and Penny spoke to me in that it showed that all her friends are moving on with their lives while she is busy playing nanny to her so-called boyfriend, essentially stuck in the same place they were two years ago. I hate to say that she only has herself to blame for that. Penny has pointed out what a lousy boyfriend Sheldon is, she shouldn't be expected to drop everything and comfort Amy when she is proven correct.
  16. Yes somehow Sheldon wound ten times as childish and tone deaf as he was at the beginning. And much less intelligent.
  17. The LOTR ring is nearly identical to the traditional male wedding band, so I'd say Leonard is much more likely to wear it than Penny. I wouldn't be too pleased to get that as an engagement ring, which typically have at least a small diamond on them.
  18. I don't think Stuart did it on purpose, but once he gets the insurance money he'll wish he burned down the place years ago.
  19. The other day I was actually wondering what they'd do if Kaley and Melissa had overlapping pregnancies. It happened to Alyson Hannigan and Colbie Smulders on HIMYM.
  20. The only time he said that he loved Priya and could see himself marrying her while contemplating whether or not he should cheat on her. Doesn't sound very sincere to me.
  21. She is nearly forty and has known Sheldon for years. If she isn't ready know I can't imagine she ever will be.
  22. Not really, especially when there has been no suggestion that she isn't ready, just dating someone who is not interested.
  23. The school girl uniform much more readily implies sex. Everyone and their mother knows that cliche. But Amy being eager for sex shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.
  24. Penny uses it all the time? I can't remember the last time she or anyone used that word on the show. And Leonard is not somehow powerless, he could have easily said no if he didn't want to sleep with the women he has hooked up with. He was not forced, clearly wanted to sleep with all these girls, and is responsible for his own sex life. So yes, you can easily compare them as they are both consenting adults. Zach was resolved in the span of a single episode, so I doubt they're anticipating any dramatic reveal. After that you predicted Penny eould reveal having had an abortion or giving up a kid. It's not an after-school special, remember that.
  25. Doubtful. That really doesn't fit with the show at all, sounds more like something that would happen on a soap opera. As for the porn, it was mentioned that she went to an audition that turned out to be for porn and left. I don't like the not with money line either, but I didn't think of it as being another beyond dating. A lot of guys by into the notion that they pay for dated in return for the girls "putting out". It is very unfortunate. Chalk that one up to Chuck Lorre sexism. I do object to calling her a slut, however, when what we have seen paints the guys (including Leonard) be just as promiscuous on the show. It's asinine for Penny to mention doing the same thing and get called names. Luther was mentioned once and that it discussed more than Leonard sleeping with Mrs. Latham to ensure grant money. I get that it's somehow different to you because she's a woman, but seriously, too far.
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