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  1. With due respect, how are you coming up with all these assumptions about Penny's parents? Just wondering if I missed a whole back story I didn't see...

    The pot smoking, meth, and husband getting shot have all been mentioned on the show. Wyatt's actions weren't mentioned outside of making her feel unwanted for being a girl. But considering what a train wreck the rest of his family is, and mentioning that he had Penny she pulled the wool over his eyes, it sounds as though he was extremely permissive as a father.

  2. This is a comedy don't forget. Everyone was structured and prim and proper it wouldn't be very funny now would it ? One of Sheldon's uncles put is arm in a wood shredder just because re was warned not too, another went up a chimney to fight a raccoon, then there was his father who got on their roof and started skeet shooting Mary's dishes. So what, it's a comedy. If Penny had such a bad childhood then why did she want to go back and visit? We know for a fact she went back at least twice and she speaks to her dad on the phone regularly.

    You don't like Wyatt and I do. Let's just agree to disagree and move on. I just hope they bring him back because he's great! :)

    For the record, I don't deny she was a very stupid teenager, but no way would I call her rebellious when it's clear she had a mother who was no better and a permissive father who would rather turn a blind eye than actually parent. Growing up, there is no way a guy like the ones they described would make it into the front door.

  3. Personally I think you are giving Wyatt a bad rap. In the one episode he was in he showed nothing but love to her and was genuinely concern for her well being and future. From what he did and said at the end to help Leonard it sounded like growing up she was a typical rebellious child. Wyatt made it sound like he was truly angry at Leonard so Penny would like him more. As for wanting a son rather than a daughter, in a farm / ranch setting that is not uncommon. They prefer boys to carry on the strenuous work required growing up. Also, the father being more lenient and saying "yes" to girl more times than not is also quite common.

    You can have your opinion but I very much like the character Wyatt. One last thing, you have only heard one side of the story. If Wyatt told his feelings of Penny growing up I would bet it would be quite deferent. Just my opinion.

    Um, no. In one episode he showed love and genuine concern for Leonard, insinuating she would end up in a trailer park without him (a bullshit claim, she would not live like that and had already achieved better than that Leonard or no Leonard). And she wasn't a rebellious teenager by any means, she had a meth head brother, a sister who shot her husband, and a mom (his wife) who smoked pot when she was pregnant with her, and a father who seemed to sit in his ass and watch it all happen. In order to be rebellious there must be rules to defy, and based on the way his other two turned out it seems there weren't any. Hence why she was able to bring these loser guys home in the first place. Yet she turned out relatively well considering, and still her father did nothing but insult her.

    As for Beverley, it is clear she had a lot of fondness for Penny in spite of her elitism, and recognized the good she does for her son. In no way has it been shown she sees her as a sex toy, she was merely a snob. Clinical and clueless, like Sheldon. I'd still take her over Wyatt, at least she provided her children with the benefits of a quality education.

  4. yeah she and penny connected in the christmas episode. i think it would be interesting to see leonard's family and penny's family meet. i would also be open to seeing a wedding back in nebraska, but i doubt they will. i would love to see penny tipping cows in nebraska


    No thanks on the Nebraska front. It seemed Penny did not enjoy it there, so I don't understand ever wanting to start your married life in a place that you were unhappy. 

  5. Beverly has not thought very highly of Penny. Basically, she thinks of Penny as Leonard's sex partner with no career prospects and little else. When you look back on Beverly's comments about Penny they are even more dismissive than Sheldon's. Since she does not think much of Leonard either, I doubt she would be concerned about having her as a daughter-in-law.


    Your imagined conversation seems about right.


    Beverley was shown to be very fond of Penny, she started off dismissive but ended calling her "homegirl" and telling Leonard to take very good care of her. They teamed up earlier this season when Leonard was manipulating her for sex. I'd say she'll be very happy about it. It seems both her and Wyatt (the ultimate permissive parent IMO, degrading his daughter in such terrible ways when she turned out far better than his other kids) like their in-law better than their own child. 

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  6. BTW, do you really think Sheldon is asexual anymore?  I don't think he thinks about Penny that way, but after the kiss on the train, I think he does have a thing for Amy.

    One six-second kiss does not erase an entire lifetime of finding "the concept of coitus ridiculous and off-putting". I get that they're trying to have him hit puberty, but whatever. Point is, he wouldn't feel attracted to her, thus no point in clutching pearls about her "immodesty" at wearing a robe in front of Sheldon. Not that married women can still dress well in first place, as the concept that you must look matronly as a sign of marital submission is way outdated. Thank goodness. 

  7. No rumors, just my suspicions about the timing.


    I doubt they'd write it in if she were to get pregnant at any point during the series, except maybe the final season. TPTB have been pretty clear about their lack of interest in adding babies to the show. If Kaley's pregnant, she can anticipate standing behind couches and carrying extra larges purses. 

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  8. For the record, I am thrilled about the engagement, but it was mentioned in the taping report that Penny was rethinking acting and that stuck out to me. The idea that's she'll throw in the acting towel and have no identity outside of Mrs. Leonard Hofstadter immediately came to mind and depressed me greatly. Especially when half the posters on a thread titled "Penny's Career" advocated she do just that. 

  9. Where did I say Leonard was her only passion now? I clearly indicated that I believe her career in acting will happen. It appears you prefer wealth over love and that is fine. Until you are old and alone and all that wealth doesn't seem so important any longer. You do realize that Penny can have both and the career doesn't have too be before love?

    That's a very ignorant assumption. I just hoped the plot Penny acting would lead to more than a failed film role in what was an embarrassment of a project. She needs a storyline outside of being Leonard's girlfriend.

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  10. I really don't think Penny's acting career is over with. Perhaps that young know it all director realizes it's going to cost more money to replace both Penny and Wil then getting them back. Or maybe her agent calls and she got apart for something else? I just don't think it is over regarding her acting. What's important is that she realizes what's most important in her life. Not wealth and fame but her love for Leonard! :)

    That's not a healthy mindset, a person should have fulfillment in aspects outside of their relationships, Leonard certainly does. Last season's episode on her friends and boyfriend being her only passion was very depressing.

  11. Boy am I glad I stopped reading the posts last night when I was still in heaven. I read the rest this morning and it's a bunch of nay Sayers raining on Lenny shippers parade. Boo Hoo Penny isn't independent and a success before she got engaged! Boo Hoo Penny is settling for Leonard! Boo Hoo Leonard is being used! What a total bunch of garbage!

    So now that Penny is engaged her life comes to a screeching halt! Like now that she is engaged to Leonard she will be shackled in the apartment only to go out when it's time to deliver their next smart and beautiful baby. Or will all of you gloom and doomers even predicting they won't be beautiful and smart since Penny's life has now been ruined by getting engaged! Oh dear! The absolute horror!

    Just because you don't care about how these may come across doesn't mean others can't.
  12. She appears to have gotten over her lack of commitment (which she herself admitted she had) but now she is back not having a job. The movie was paying less than TCF though.

    She seems to have gotten over that some time ago, and the minuscule amount of money she was being paid is all the role was good for. I was more concerned by her discouragement than losing this project slightly earlier than expected.
  13. ABOUT FRICKIN TIME!!!!! On a related note any guess if Kaley's preggers?

    Are there rumors that she is expecting?

    Still grinning at all the nonsense being spewed yesterday about her apparent lack of commitment. Oops.

    On a semi-related note, I desperately hope they don't use this as an excuse to give up acting. I am okay with her changing careers, provided that she makes the decisions about what she wants to do on her own.

  14. Whattttt. Wonder what's gonna come of this bit of info.


    I think Lopez was there as an audience member, not a guest star. Or I'm guessing, as I can't recall her doing any comedic work (though I'm not very familiar with her). 

  15. I've seen a lot more growth from Sheldon this season than Leonard and/or Penny.


    Well, at least we haven't seen one of them sitting on the floor sobbing to the other about which toy to buy or heard one say "You need to apologize, mister/missy," when they misbehave in ways they are decades too old to be doing. They act like partners, not parent and child. I'm not sure what is convincing others that Sheldon is growing out of the toddler stage when "Indecision" showed he is comfortably stuck there. 

  16. As a Lenny shipper that's one of the issues that worries me the most. I'm afraid that the writers won't move Lenny to the next level until Sheldon gets his act together with Amy due to living arrangements. But I'm sure it's just my Lenny paranoia peaking through. :)


    Leonard and Penny have a good living arrangement, it's smarter to keep both apartments than try and squeeze all his stuff in her tiny one. As for Sheldon, we get to see Leonard and Penny practice co-parenting with him, and I as a Lenny fan enjoy that :)

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  17. Why ? People always grow up. Why don't you understand that ?

    iPhone 'den Tapatalk aracılığı ile gönderildi


    No, people do not always grow up. There are plenty of immature adults that are a testament to that. In the case of Sheldon, if he hasn't grown up by this point he probably never will. He apparently needs to transition from toddler to adolescent to adult; he's been stuck at toddler (he video game scene in your icon being a perfect example, and he's far more childish now than in S1). This has forced Amy to take on more of a role of a caretaker/nanny than a romantic partner, and know that I've been both. She can more often be seen scolding or coddling him than anything else.  

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  18. If saying Penny is not ready to get engaged to Leonard , is twisting things in the most negative extreme possible .... then the show is clearly implying the same.....

    How in the hell would you know? You admit that you haven't even watched most of this season. As for quitting, I assume that happened after the failed proposal. Of course they weren't engaged.

    Same negativity, different day. Leonard and Penny are as solid as can be and you are still desperate to complain. As evidenced by the tantrum over her not responding to having Leonard take Sheldon to the airport (though he signed a contract on his own free will agreeing to do so).

  19. Pre-proposal: Penny is never going to commit to Leonard! He's going to be waiting his whole life for the babies! She is always ready to bail! Waaaaaaaah!

    Penny proposes and it's the same response. Her acceptance that it was a bad time doesn't take away the fact that she put the offer on the table. Vasu, you "guaranteed" that she either wouldn't remember or would be angry at Leonard the next morning, and you were way off. So we can't say that they wouldn't still be engaged had he said yes. Hence why Leonard shows regret for not saying yes in the Proton episode.

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