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  1. Look, I don't doubt the relationship. I just want to see more of it and less of "sex on a stick".

    We'll you are the minority. Everyone else is bitching about Penny apparently tearing down and not accepting Leonard, not being committed (despite a proposal) and being eager to leave him right when she finds something different. I'm not sure what they're doing here, since they clearly don't like the couple and can only manage to complain.

    As for Sheldon, I think Penny knows that arguing will get her nowhere with him. Leonard would have saved himself a lot of aggravation and humiliation by figuring that out (the cringeworthy argument they had on public radio comes to mind). I'm sure that incedent took tenure off the table for them both.

  2. And One small negative word or thought from Leonard and hell breaks loose from Penny...her temper flares and anger rises.......no patience what so ever from Penny's side....


    Maybe it's because she expects that kind of crap from Sheldon but better of Leonard? Especially in this case, when he was the one who gave her grief for not taking this degrading role in the first place? 

  3. I think a big part of the career issue with Penny is also a Leonard issue. It has been pointed out frequently that Penny is lazy. She is a bad waitress, and doesn't put much effort into relationships. It is also suggested that until now, she didn't work hard at being an actress either. Last season she found out that if she put a little work into her relationship with Leonard, it got better. Essentially the theme of an entire episode. It didn't really take, but she had the experience. Now she is putting more work into her acting. I think the problem is that Penny gets too comfortable with Leonard, and has always assumed that he is hers. In her mind, there is no chance that Leonard will leave her. So, she doesn't work at it. She doesn't apparently know how to. Amy and Bernie do, as they go ballistic is their boyfriends are disrespected. The parking spot episode was all about that. penny needs to learn to defend Leonard just as the other girls defend their men.


    What instance has demanded she "defend Leonard"? The whole parking lot argument made everyone involved look like complete morons by going so ballistic, hence why it was funny. As for the laziness crap, she still worked a demanding job of waiting tables for ten years (couldn't have been that bad or she would have been fired) while going to as many auditions as she could, taking acting and community college classes, and maintaining a relationship and social life. Doesn't sound like a lazy person to me.   

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  4. Awww, poor Sheldon. You seem to forget that Leonard is not his slave. He LIVES there and also pays for the rent. The roommate agreement allows him to change 50% of the apartment. So... even if he doesn't like change, it is in this stupid roommate agreement HE wrote. He doesn't have a single right to complain. And about the baby part... the whole group calls him a big baby (and even Sheldon said it in the table episode). But apparently, I'm watching another show.


    When was it mentioned that he is allowed to change 50% of the apartment? 


    As for the issue, neither Leonard nor Sheldon is a victim in this, though many are acting like Leonard is. He knew what Sheldon was like when he moved in, but has still chosen to live with him for the last ten years despite incessant complaints. 

  5. As dumb as it sounds Leonard did not shove Penny away because he thought Penny wanted to get back with him..... this is what I took from the next day morning scene.....and Penny clearly understood this....

    I never wanted her to sleep with Leonard when he comes to her home drunk ....but at least a little of bit of sympathy would have been nice....since Penny exactly knew what happened....but alas.....


    You're really making a lot out of that scene. Leonard is certainly no stranger to casual sex, so it was on him for assuming, and arguably taking advantage of the situation. As for the final scene, it was the tag for one and it had already been made clear they were not getting back together. I would feel really bad for him if he hadn't been coming back from trying to get Leslie to sleep with him. He was fine. 

  6. Lol!


    Hell, I thought the first word was Cosmetology so don't feel bad.


    I love how he's rolling his eyes in this pic.


    Kaley is so biting her lip to avoid breaking character. 

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  7. I think people are getting all worked up over the "precious bond" thing, too. Even if Leonard and Sheldon move into different digs, Penny and Sheldon will still be friends, and Molaro will still talk about whatever bond he thinks they have. It wouldn't really change a thing except the sets.

    I highly doubt Molaro & Co. care if some on the forums complain about those two being friends (which they've been for most of the series), they know we represent a small portion of the audience. My dad told me that Sheldon and Penny's scenes together are his favorite because they're hillarious. The only ones bothered by it are some of the staunch shippers.

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  8. Maybe she could become the new spokesperson for Progressive Insurance (hahahahaha)

    I was actually thinking earlier that I could see Penny as something reminiscent of Flo from Progressive. Certainly a star in her own light, looking at the business they've gotten as a result of her commercials.

  9. Well, he did just buy her a car.

    JMHO, but I see them as a unit. How often do couples in the real world pool their resources to help one or the other achieve a goal? This is no different than one person working to support the other through college, as far as I'm concerned. He is not her sugar daddy; they are a couple. The two are dependent on each other in many ways. Penny didn't quit the Cheesecake Factory to be independent, but to try to achieve her dream. If Leonard living with her furthers this, than I'm all for it.


    Yes, I wasn't too happy about that either. That whole thing was too much. But at least in that situation it was a gift, something she did not ask for or expect, unlike moving in out of necessity would be. 

  10. I'd hate to see a career set-back for Penny since they've started pushing this arc. If it moves the Lenny ahead without destroying her self-confidence, then I'd have less of a problem with it. Was also going to incorporate SA-2 into my fic, guess I'll hold off until the taping report.


    It wouldn't move them ahead, it would just destroy the character of Penny by making her dependent and him some sort of sugar daddy. If that itself didn't destroy her self-confidence, then they would have officially destroyed her character completely. She'd have no pride. 


    Bottom line: No Leonard moving in. The point of having her quit TCF was to eliminate her safety net, not get another one. There's a lot more dignity in going back to waiting tables than there is in relying completely on someone else to pay your bills. And yes, I know he already loaned her rent money, once, four years ago. Not the same thing at all. 

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  11. Maybe Wil makes his directorial debut after it falls through, I could see that being a much funnier storyline than it ending with everyone getting fired. 

  12. but if she filmed it all, it would have been given less than she did at the Cheesecake Factory. Can't imagine what little she'd get if she was fired half way through.

    She would have gotten about $950 a week, likely for at least two weeks if she had been doing it long enough to make others sick of hearing it. She also has some apparent savings. So there should be no need to have Leonard move in.

  13. It's not a milestone for them, they live five feet away from each and alternate nights in the other's apartment. I'm a Lenny fan and I have no clue why they insist upon him moving in every single episode. There's barely enough room for one person in that apartment, only one closet, and I don't know how Leonard would all his comic book crap in there. It sounds like a claustrophobic nightmare.

    Those new dynamics would create a lot less potential for comedy. Sheldon wouldn't be funny on his own, and I have no interest in seeing Amy in the parental role.

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  14. If it falls through, that's how a move-in could come up for Lenny

    I sure as hell hope not. Penny would have already gotten paid for the filming she did do. If it hasn't happened in the time since she quit it shouldn't happen now. Penny deserves a storyline outside of being Leonard's hot girlfriend.

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  15. Was it also her "pride" that she couldn't ask Kurt for the money? At times she needs to get off her high horse. I agree that Sheldon's gesture was a nice one. A lot of people on the Lenny thread thinks he gets in the way of their relationship (car scene at airport) and whatever happens in their relationship he's part of that decision. If Penny was "honest and realistic" she would of given up on acting after NCIS.


    Not the same thing at all, to get that from my point that you don't get praise for every nice thing you do is a real stretch. As for the money issue, she was understandably embarrassed, so saying she needs to get off her high horse (a phrase applied to those who are self-righteous, not ones who dare to have some pride, though you've made it clear she shouldn't have any because she's a "lazy" waitress at TCF) is pretty extreme. But yes, she should have asked Kurt for the money, though that might not have done much good since they'd apparently already established he'd pay her back. She didn't even seem to realize that was the reason she was broke until Leonard pointed it out. 

  16. That was a throw away laugh, one time and never heard about again. In was another instance of Sheldon throwing Raj and Leonard under the bus again, because he implicated them even though they had no idea what he was doing till he did it. The rocket fuel thing was the same way, a one time thing to get a laugh and explain the broken elevator to the viewers. However nothing explains why it has been broken so long and why the fifth floor tenants don't seem to mind.

    Leonard getting Penny's money back, was specific part in a episode that that subject was the plot. It was put in there for a deliberate reason to show a comparison. Penny had a problem and Sheldon didn't really help her, he made things worse giving her the money, because of the stress it caused her. Leonard actually was the one who fixed it for her, he helped her cut back and he got HER money back so she could give back Sheldon's money. It surprises me that people don't understand that episode, and think Sheldon helped her giving her the money, when all the scenes afterwards you see her upset about owing Sheldon money.

    That was an issue with Penny's pride, understandably so, and doesn't take away from Sheldon's gesture. He did a nice thing, I don't know why half this forum is unwilling to accept that. I actually liked the ending, a lot of times you do a good thing and don't get credit, so to me it was honest and realistic. I see no reason to bring it up all these years later. 

  17. I miss her kissing him on the cheek with a big smile on her face.  It has only been a little over a year since she told him she loves him, they really shouldn't be in such a married couple relationship at this point.  The should still be having fun.  I mean if they were married they would be newlyweds, right? 


    Well, they say the first year of marriage is always the hardest. 

  18. I'm not sure about the care about part with Zack. Stuart it seems would go out with anyone who was willing (Amy).I think most of the other guys with Penny really just wanted to sleep with her. Leonard actually made the effort to get to know her.

    Considering the needlessly persistant fashion in which Alex pursued a guy she knew was unavailable, it could easily be argued that she was just as desperate as Stuart or Raj.

  19. I don't think SRAM ever called her a charity case. He has even pointed out that he likes more than just her looks. The thing is Dave Underhill was early season 2 over 5 years ago. The only guys since besides Leonard is Zack.and Stuart unless you wanna count Raj. The whole premise the first three seasons was that Penny was the catch and Leonard would be lucky to have her. I wouldn't call it a total turn around but things have turned more in Leonard's direction. In regards to Alex when Amy and Penny went to the university and saw Alex talking to Leonard she seemed concerned. She even quizzed him about his day later that night. Leonard's work had never been a discussion before that. after Alex came back to the apartment with Sheldon she dragged Leonard to her bedroom. Penny's only other visit before that was with Dave. Penny still is very beautiful but in her present employment situation IMO she not quite the catch she once was.


    Saying she is only special in Leonard's mind is essentially calling her a charity case.


    Penny quit her job on her own terms to focus on her own goals, in no way would that make her less of a "catch", especially considering how little you thought of her previous job as a waitress. The only one on the forum who seems to think otherwise is you, as you seem to emphasize that far more in every single one of your posts than the show ever has. In the episode where Leonard got noticed by Alex (who is no more impressive than Zack, Stuart, or Raj) he mentioned that part of why he enjoyed it is because Penny gets attention "everywhere they go" by guys who are taller and likely better looking than him. 

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  20. I don't remember the lot of money part but I will take your word for it. Though that kind of goes against the season 3 finale when she said that Because of Leonard she could not date dumb guys. Dumb and rich don't usually go together. Dave Underhill is who you are referring to. That was really no more than a one night stand because of Penny finding out he was married. now that I believe was an actual fling.


    I mentioned David to prove that she would be considered a catch to men more surface-level appealing than Leonard, contrary to SRAM's idea of "she's a charity case who is only great in Leonard's mind".  

  21. While I agree with you that bringing up Alex would show a lack of trust, I could see people taking Penny's lack of interest of asking Leonard if he went out with anyone while dating as no could be a better catch than me. To me what she probably should of done it's to follow what Bernadette, Howard and Leonard had done. I think some of her problem is that she can come off as a little aloof at times. Howard and Raj just wanted to sleep with her. couldn't tell you what Amy's deal was. I don't know if Penny ever dated a rich guy. it has never been mentioned on the show.


    Actually it has. In the S1 finale, she described herself as being "done" with the guys she usually dates; describing them as macho, great hair, and having a lot of money. Leonard ironically replied that must be awful. The other scientist Penny went for, David I believe, also comes to mind. On the surface he seemed like everything you'd want in a guy, until you learn his is married. 

  22. Leonard and Penny were good tonight except for the part where she didn't ask him if he dated anyone when he dated her.  With all that crap that happened with Alex in season 6, while he dated her, and her admitting to being insecure, a normal girl would have asked immediately if he dated anyone else, just to see if he mentioned Alex.  Plus she knew he dated Alice while he was still technically with Priya.


    So you could take that as meaning, Leonard's the catch not her, except to Leonard.

    Half the time you seem to have the attitude that Penny is trash and Leonard would be better off with Alex. Because she's seen as a catch to more people than just Leonard, Howard, Raj, and Amy being a few easy examples. Her mentioning Alex would have indicated a lack of trust, and then half the forum would be complaining about that. She's probably forgotten about plain Alex like most of the audience. I would have if it weren't for the boards. 


    Penny mentioned going for the rich, handsome, but not so nice type back in S1, so I doubt they were "flings" as you seem to classify them, and would probably be seen at the surface as more desirable than Leonard. 

  23. Your right of course. She wanted him and Penny would have never got him, but you notice how Penny helped him break up with her. Leslie wanted Leonard till Sheldon broke them up. Alex definitely wanted him and Alice seemed to want him too. The only flings he had were Plimpton and maybe Priya (and she we don't know for sure). Penny had flings, her two longest relationships were Kurt and Mike, both flings. It is sad to say but we know women were interested in Leonard as marriage material, but except for Leonard, there is no evidence she was ever considered that way, by the men she dated. So you could take that as meaning, Leonard's the catch not her, except to Leonard.


    I definitely wouldn't consider Kurt a fling, they were together for four years. Mike seemed like a regular relationship, they dated for the better part of S1. Leslie was a fling and Alice probably wouldn't have amounted to anything more, they were just hooking up in that episode. Let's not forget Bernadette's friend Joyce, who he went out with again only because he knew she'd put out. So Stephanie is the only one who ever considered him marriage material, Priya had no respect for him, and Alex just reeked of desperation (why else would she shamelessly pursue a guy in a relationship?) 

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