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  1. Well I think it's also important to remember what comedies were intended for in the days of Shakespeare and the like. Someone would always get married or similar. Of course modern comedies or sitcoms if you prefer have altered this formula quite a bit to focus more on the funny aspect than the marriage concept and developing or guiling a character into marriage. From that understanding I have I see that Lennys have reaches that goal and now it seems Shamy probably will. But that is a simple explanation or discussion and there is much more to consider than that such as writing, plotplots, overall arc of the season that producers and writers discussed before actual writing began. Also to be fair 3kull on a post you posted a few hours ago it's not that the writers can't write an ensemble piece its that they haven't as of yet or have no inclination thus far. To say they can't puts a bit of an insult to their writing skills or their ability to. But I digress and agree that it's been a while since an ensemble episode, I just don't agree with the wording or connotations. I am glad though they seem to be addressing Raj's issue with his relationship a bit but I feel his feeling on continuing to date Emily may be a more fruitful discussion. But we'll see what gets write before the end of the season.
  2. Knowing tidbits of what is to come for like DW is rough enough but right now tbbt spoilers with live audience feedback just kills me every Tuesday they tape. Idk how I survive before now.
  3. I just watched a preview clip on tomorrow's ep on YouTube where they get in the car to go to the aquarium. I found myself unable to keep a sly grin on my face as o watched it. Knowing the inevitable will happen. *wink.
  4. I kind of think Truth Codependency. Haha. I thought Correspondence but I remembered there was a 'y' at the end.
  5. I kind of think the Second word might be Truth. That was the first thing that popped to mind
  6. I've been away for a while. Was there a taping yesterday? Or was it today since Monday was a holiday?
  7. I actually pictured him in a book I read called The birth of Venus by Susan Dunant that takes place in the renaissance in Florence and he play a character named Cristoforo who had to marry to hide the fact that he's gay as at the point in the book they were prosecuting them and torturing them. But I mostly picture him there because of the Wish I was Here trailer had him in a period piece haha. And the fact that the book describes his character as a teasing beauty lol. It's an interesting book.
  8. I had a thought about if a marriage comes up for them. Maybe if he decided not to do a marriage agreement or something he would take the vow literally as something of a contract he speaks in front of others. Maybe his vows would be the pseudo marriage agreement in short and such. Along with him affirming he loves her and what not.
  9. Out of curiosity, who is all going to the taping on Tuesday? Will you still go even with Bill Prady's thing on Twitter from this Tuesday? #atadconfused
  10. The new script cover looks like it has "-illation" as the last few syllables in the third/last word more than likely. The first being the. Oscillation? Lol I can't English or words today.
  11. Did anyone see the new script cover today? Slight change in topic. Say aye, is yes and nay for no. :)
  12. Yes Marg Helgenberger was in it. I've been keeping up with the finale lol because that was my first TV show I really got into when I was younger that I didn't watch because others were. I sort of discovered it for myself. But yes, the info related so far is correct and they are filming now as it is a two hour finale split into two parts back to back on Sept 27th with pics from the set almost everyday from cast and crew on it haha. It features a return of another character as well that I'll leave you to discover for yourself. But yes, take a look on twitter and Instagram for the cats and crews pics under #csi16 on Instagram. Otherwise you can pm because I'm keeping up with it lol. Tbbt and csi are my fav tv shows, both for separate reasons :). Hope that helps lol.
  13. ah that website haha. I looked at that page but my internet sucks so, it only loads the screen full and not the rest :/. I need to fix/upgrade stuff lol. also what did u guys think about the new particle the hadron found?
  14. Guys, I just started writing for this online science news website where I keep up with new science related news. Haha. I suggest that you take a stroll to Clapway and explore the tabs there and you will find all sorts of science news that can be in the news. Like the new particle found in the hadron. Wow. I was up at 4am looking for stuff to write and saw that and I'm like I'm doing that only to see someone else covering it haha. But seriously check out the site haha to keep up with science stuff. Some new , some not. I mostly write space and other stuff when I can't find too much space. that may have been off topic but I just wanted to suggest a place to make it slightly easier for you to get the science news for season 9 and potential topics going for u whether in the show or in your creative writing. :)
  15. I hope a video gets out up as usual haha
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