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  1. I remember the time he had difficulties to thank Penny for helping him with FWF and look at him now, thanking "personnaly Amy Farrah Fowler", naturally. So cute.
  2. Dena, you're just Awesome. You know I love you ❤
  4. Rama

    Majim Thread

    That's the sweetest Majim GIF I've seen. So adorable.
  5. Ok, I fell off the spoiler free wagon with Amanda . This is the last time that I try to be unspoiled, obviously, that's not something in my competences lol. I missed your posts guys. I read the 68 pages and you're all great. It's always a pleasure to read you. Your posts help me to appreciate things that I didn't appreciate at first. So, thank you! Oh and hahaha I can't wait to see Amy and her starfish LMAO.
  6. I'm sorry Dana, like I said : I caved beacuse there was a little voice in my head saying to me "Rama, go read the taping report, go go go" .And I was like "Shhhh leave me alone" and that voice was like "You know that's what you want"...and I caved.
  7. I failed. I should stop trying... Being unspoiled is obviously something I can't do [emoji85]
  8. The cooper extraction : Amy: Come on, Sheldon, you should go. Sheldon: Why? Amy: Well, you always complain that you never had an intelligent role model growing up, and now you can be one for your nephew. Sheldon: Ugh, all right, I’ll go. But from what I’ve seen, his attention span is as limited as his bladder control.
  9. Thank you ! Yeah I hope so...But I'm not really worried because I am daily in touch with my Shamymates, they help me to survive this crazy challenge I don't stay on the forum like before, because I'm afraid to be spoiled
  10. I'm still in the challenge !! Seriously, I don't know how but I am
  11. We are sooo ready Look at us....So elegant
  12. Sheldon. Who said : ''as you wish''
  13. Same, I thought it was the real page when I saw it I'm disappointed lol but yeah when you think about it, it's too sweet to be true. At least the next time, we won't fall into the trap
  14. Thank you for sharing Jaime, I'm going to read them and I know I will love them because you're the one who shared the fic about ahem...the cushion
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