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  1. The whole soft kitty thing is so amusing to me. In what episode did that first start?
  2. Yet, Bernadette once made it very clear that she didn't want children. I mean sure maybe she'll change her mind but I really don't think she wants them anytime soon. So, unless it's an accidental pregnancy I don't think it's happening.
  3. My first thought when I looked at that topic title? Hope not.
  4. Hi everyone! I'm new around here so forgive me in advance. I am a big Shenny fan and say it loud, but I love all the characters in the show. I really they are one of the best casts on tv right now. But, enough about that this is a shenny thread. I don't even remember when I first got into this pairing, but the chemistry between these two characters is amazing and I am sure it stems from how friendly the two actors are in real life. I have always been into these types of awkward pairings where neither seem to be interested yet seem to have that spark lying underneath the surface waiting for the right instance. Fun pairing whose interactions I enjoy!
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