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  1. Got niobia's book today oh yeah! http://t.co/hVPnWGtfNP

  2. simon(howard) very talented. this is the second song that he has done for bernadette. I hope there will be more of raj's parent in this season.
  3. why was penny having trouble with glue? she had no problem with the pennyblossom's she was making.
  4. that's right!!! sheldon's MEMAW or is it MEEMAA either way great idea.
  5. I still don't think that lenard was winning. I am wondering when will sheldon's sister and mother show up again. also will sheldon's brother ever be on the show?
  6. hi everyone, nubin here. I am a big fan of the show.
  7. ok I have a question: Didn't penny ask howard and bernadette about going to vegas to get married in season 5 the season finale episode? that being said how did she not know that vegas weddings are real?
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