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  1. I also love you.. Now go be a writer on the show!! LOL
  2. Was anyone else super excited over the fact that Amy knows about Sheldon's Spiderman underwear.. I maybe got a little too excited over that..LOL
  3. OMG This was the most amazing episode.. We are so close to getting actual intimacy from the Shamy!
  4. I died a thousand deaths going through all of these posts trying to get caught up.. But this pic..Just. I just.. I can't. I am now a ghost, because I officially died!
  5. The anticipation for tonight is KILLING me... I want a Shamy make out session so badly it hurts!!!
  6. Feeling the same way as you guys about the title. I want to flip out, but at the same time it could mean anything.. Don't want to get my hopes up, and then feel crushed when it isn't what we are thinking. But oh how I wish it is what we hope it is!!!!!!!! Shamy french kissing would be amazing.. *Fans herself* ‚Äč
  7. I loved it!!! Jim looked like he had a blast. Kunal cracked me up, he was tearing it up.. Kaley as usual was awesome... Everyone rocked. I have this dream of the fans doing a flash mob for the cast, and crew someday.. It would be EPIC... Kaley would freak out.. But no idea how we could pull that off. Ahh to dream..lol
  8. Loved this episode SO much.. I had so many freaking feels. I can't even think straight right now.. Amy's "I love you." was just perfect. Won't be long now until we get to see another kiss.. Or perhaps more
  9. Happy taping day all!! I for one can not freaking wait!!
  10. It was the best thing ever!!!! I have watched it 3 times.. Am in the process of moving so things are a bit crazy, but my heart skips all over the place every time I see that scene. My mouth dropped when he admitted to Penny that he has urges... gahh And the the "I love you too."
  11. I was wondering about Kaley as well.. I wonder if she wasn't there or something...
  12. I love the water bottle video.. He is such a goober! It cracks me up every time I watch it.. lol
  13. OMG I was working all day, and just saw it.. D...E...A...D right now!! Holy hotness that was awesome!!!!! lol His "Oh Jesus!" at the beginning and "ahhh" as it doused him... Was just.. I can't even put it into words...My eye's were like this the whole time! lol
  14. So devastated about Robin Williams May he RIP.. He will be missed by SO many people around the world!
  15. I can not wait to read the first taping report!!!!
  16. I hope we hear something really soon.. The suspense is killing me...
  17. I don't have a bad feeling about this at all... They will work something out, because this is their biggest, most popular show. They don't want to loose it. So it will be fine. I just hope it is sooner rather than later..
  18. This is getting crazy! I really hope they can resolve it soon...
  19. denajeanx you are amazing!! Thank you SO much..
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