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  1. I would definitely pick Majim if I could; and I'm the opposite. I'd probably just stare at Mayim and be like 'I... like your...acting. Oh crap' hahaha When I was staring at her at the season finale taping and she smiled and waved at me, I almost passed out. I can't imagine actually meeting her but I would definitely take the opportunity.
  2. Mayim Bialik fo shizzle. I'd even punch one of the other cast members if that would help make it happen.
  3. Sup girlfraaand. Come to PA. We can frolic in Philly together. But yes, I'm not worried at all about Shamy. I've very excited about what they'll do because the writers have never let me down before.
  4. I'm so excited over this 'Accidental Trip' movie. I honestly am not sure what I'm more excited about at the moment; Shamy or this movie haha.
  5. Well that shows how long it's been since I'm been on this forum.
  6. I could see Shamy talking about each other and their issues to their friends in the first few episodes (especially since I think the premiere will be 2 episodes again.) I would love there to be awkward moments of them together, though. Like, a group dinner at the apartment. Then maybe after a dinner they're the only ones left in the apartment (because their friends are sneaky and planned it that way) and they kind of stare at each other and finally Amy asks him how he's doing and it's just small awkward conversation but you can see the sexual tension building and before you know it, they're mAKING OUT IN THE APARTMENT. I'm sorry; I just really want some tonsil hockey in their making up. Is that too much to ask?
  7. Witnessed Shamy making out live with my best friend

  8. Omo that is so similar to how they looked. (Except I couldn't see his hand on her thigh thanks to a camera) but her hands and the way they were kissing is on point. Hoo. I need to see this again now
  9. Can I just say, for future references, that when Amy buys lingerie, she should try this
  10. The only one I can think of, is after the tag ended Mayim ran up to Jim still sitting at the computer and jumped before she grabbed his shoulders from behind. She was so happy and he smiled big at her. It was really sweet.
  11. Omg redrose I'm dying at your gifs when Amy wouldn't let him kiss her again.
  12. Oh, also after they cut, they kissed like twice more for like 3 seconds each. We're assuming for promo pics but we screamed again both times hahaha. It was so magical.
  13. It felt so long, the kiss. We were screaming bloody murder. I'm gonna guess about 15 seconds, but they might cut it down.
  14. My first taping and this is what I get. I'm the happiest person alive right now. I ain't even mad they're on a break. The break is only going to end with a proposal
  15. If she was sitting shiva she doesn't sit for Shabbat. So she could still be sitting Sunday. But then again, some people decide to sit for fewer days. But like Kerry said, its only for immediate family members, and I'm hoping that's not the case here.
  16. I still squeal when he says "I love you, too"
  17. I don't care if mayim only has one scene. I just want to see her there on Tuesday
  18. If you're right and we get good Shamy, after the taping, I will find you... And I will hug you.
  19. I'm pretty sure as long as you're there 90 mins before you're gaurenteed in.
  20. Since it was pushed up to 6:00, you have to be there by 4:30 (90 mins before)
  21. Thank you so much, Dana! It honestly feels like a dream that we were able to get them ourselves. I keep staring at my ticket in disbelief haha
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