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  1. Paddington. Fun for all the family, although Nicole Kidman may have generated naughty thoughts. I may have been the oldest there I was there with my daughter (who was second oldest)
  2. A woman goes to see her Doctor. Doctor: "Hello there, what seems to be the trouble?" Woman: "Well Doctor, every time I move my knee, it makes a noise like a musical instrument" Doctor: "How strange - can you show me?" Woman gets up, flexes her leg - "Prrrrrppp" Doctor: "Fascinating - try the other leg, now" Woman flexes the other leg - "Prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrpppppppppppp" Doctor: "Hmmm - it seems you are suffering from a deep vein trombonist"
  3. SC Who said....."Not exactly what I expected when you said you were gonna burp pi"
  4. Is anyone mourning for the Brazil of old? Carefree, skilful and free of the sort of brutish treatments of key opposing players? ..and is anyone casting a narrow eye over the FIFA "My Game is Fair Play" stance as Muller and Klose go down, time after time, like a sack of spuds under the most innocuous of challenges? Come on Belgium then :-) Sorry - It's early, I need coffee..
  5. Ahh football. I have missed you so...agree with Tonstar...this WC has been brilliant. Just got home in time for the first one.. I'm going for Germany and Columbia today... Sad to say after today, only 6 more matches....
  6. Go Algeria...remember 1982. (I doubt you'll win, mind)
  7. I hope your Columbia prediction comes to pass but I wouldn't be surprised if this goes to penalties and they lose.
  8. Green is at his very best when the ball is anywhere in or around the penalty area. When the ball is 'amidships' however, he confuses the role with that of BBC Football Correspondent and it becomes the 'thoughts of Chairman Green. I don't too much for his opinion, I'd much rather know where the bloody ball is. When I flicked over (the Italy Uruguay match is dire) did I hear the dulcet tones of "We're going home, England's going home"?
  9. I would have no objections to those crab predictions.... It's your lobster ones that give me trouble. I'm watching Italy v Uruguay.....(until England go 1-0 up) thought about doing something else and listening to England on Radio 5 Live -- but Alan Green's handwringing and moaning (on licence payers money!) might send me barmy again.
  10. What's Algerian for "We can see you sneaking out"?
  11. Belgium Russia eminently forgettable save for the last 10 minutes and an inspire substitution. Big decisions await folks..... Which of the final group games will you be watching? Group A - Croatia v Mexico.- Croatia have to go at it. Group B - Chile v Netherlands - 1st place to play for ie Brazil avoidance Group C - Columbia v Japan - my fave team of the WC playing despite the other match having more posibilities Group D - Italy v Uruguay - enough said. Group E - Ecuador v France - Ecuador need to win Group F - Iran v Bosnia - Iran need a win Group G - Portugal v Ghana (probably
  12. Agree^ except Algeria to beat Sth Korea.
  13. Thinking why Messi,struggled, relatively, today..and then thought of the England team!
  14. That bloody Messi! Hats off to one piece of brilliance..that truly belies the effort of Iran. They had some cracking chances and had a penalty denied that might have been awarded if going the other way? The crowd was great......... 'Ole-ing' Iran passes (starting the chants rather earlier than they would ordinarily, should the fourth pass go astray), the neutrals outshouting the Argentinian fans.....until the end. That whole Iran team deserve several nice cold beers...erm...
  15. Agree with all above. But there's a propensity for the unexpected in this WC ..so may I venture a Nigeria win? Against the better knowledge , like.
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