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  1. So I'm kinda disappointed with the writers. They once again toy Shamy or Sheldon saying he wants to break up with her. In the words of Yoda "Do or do not there is no try" Stop treating Amy like Sheldon's whipping log. And either have him commit,mor break up with her. These will they "Won't" they break up lines are getting tedious
  2. 1. The writers a just inconsistent with their portrayal of Sheldon and Leonard. They cam go from awesom understanding people. To insane assholes, who lack basic human understandings. The difference is Leonard is Penny boyfriend his duty is to support, and help Penny grow. Not enable Penny to continue making dumb mistakes. Yes I include buying her that car, I include paying her bills. Those aren't being supporting those are enabling, Leonard doesn't want to lose Penny so rather then giving her some harsh love (out right calling her dumbass for quitting her job, and cutting the cord) he coddles her hoping she can clean up her messes over time. But look at where Penny is now, no job, five friends, no career, no money in the bank. And wedding on the way. Sheldon on the other hand his duty towards Penny is different. She's arguabley his best friend. So support as much as he can. That being said, the writers don't seem to grasp writing Sheldon consistently, some times he goes far out of his way to help his friends EX trying to recant his statement to FBI, or breaking into Penny's appartment to get her not to break up with Leonard. Other times he gives up after the first possible resistants felt. 2. Clearly "Everything for Sex" is a hyperbole. But when a vast majority of things end in sex. Or are to get sex, that's not a healthy relasionship. Plain and simple. 3. We as viewers don't get to see him own up to s mistakes. Because almost instantly Priya replies "Well I slept with my ex" So we can almost brush off his cheating because in Leonard's words "She did worse" And that goes for him "breaking up with Stephanie" through text "I'm never having sex again" bring bring bring "never mind" walks away. His stabbing Sheldon in the back and getting with Penny. His stabbing Howard in the back and getting Stephanie, and raj Priya. The list goes on, the writers heavily shelter Leonard. 4. The difference is Leonard's NEGATIVE traits are exemplified with minimizing his positive traits. The pettiness the neediness the shallowness, his passive aggressive nature. Are all front and centre, with the quite kind shy nerd playing a back seat, to the stereotypical jock with out muscles. 5. When feeling good as fries the feelings of people you care about. Yes there's something wrong there. He may not have contemplated cheating, but his reaction was a negative one plain and simple. He should have told Alex to back off, that he has a committed girlfriend who he loves. Instead we get him puffing up his chest, then Alex never being mentioned again. Once again the writers sheltering Leonard. 6. OF course the sisters get to choose who they date. BUT it's not a matter of who the sisters choose. It's a matter of being a good friend. My best friends sister could beg me to go on a date. And guess what I would say "NO" why because their brother is my friend. And guess what bros before girls. And if I really felt something for my friends sister guess what, he would say don't hurt her. It's that simple. Leonard ignored that, said "Best get on this train or it will run you over" and honestly if you would go after the sibling of a best friend with out the go ahead. That's just not cool, especially if your older then 25. Since by that age your friends should have no problem with you dating their siblings, unless of course you're a known whore (man/women). Or are much older, I'm talking like they're 20 and you're like 40 that's just weird. 7. Sheldon IS NOT a leader. We as viewers, and Howard Leonard and Raj are aware of this. They understand his insanity, this isn't them meeting. This is them after years of eating, playing video games, watching movies, and just hanging out together.we as viewers and them as characters understand the danger of going to isolated environment with the insanity of Sheldon. They had two choices Buck up do your job, and deal with your decision. Or don't go. They chose to go. And rather then acting like adults, chose to waste thousands of grant, and a trip some scientist would kill for. And worst of stab one of their closest friends in the back. 8. They screwed with his work. Rather then coming back with a consistent negative result and having to give the dreaded "needs more research" on Sheldon's papers. What they did ruined the entire trip, all the data would be thrown out the window (not literally) and the the entire trip was for nothing. 9. Sheldon made his fair share of mistakes. But honestly, all of the negative results would having no results. They stabbed him back nothing more nothing less. 10. Good character development is all about consistency. Having consistent character traits, both positive and negative character traits. A clearly defined arc of growth (for Leonard that arc would still be going if he had one that is). Relatable, high, and low moments. Moments of strength moments of weakness. A believable bond of friendship with the other main characters. I'm not saying they're not jerks to one another. What I'm saying is Sheldon Bernie Penny Amy Raj Howard make mistakes. Like when Sheldon accidently put Hpwards career back ten years. Or when Amy licked shit in Sheldon's office and Penny's apartment, or when Raj got drunk with Penny, those are mistakes. Those are them being socially unaware, or drunk. Leonard makes CHOICES. Leonard chose to let sex define his relationship with Penny, Leonard chose to cheat on Priya, Leonard chose to show the topless video of Penny, and have her submit through his mothers mistreatment, Leonard chose stab Sheldon Howard and Raj in the back.
  3. The difference is actaully simple. Amy Sheldon Penny Raj Howard Bernadette. They all may be broken in their own ways, but none of them do things out of simply being spitful/jerk/a-hole. Whereas Leonard does. You don't accidently stab ruin your friends work. You don't accidently snipe your friend,nor date their sister (both of which are easy NOT to do) you don't accidently end up making out with girl. Or showing a video of the girl you say love to a boat full of people, or use your mothers mistreatment to get her to SUBMIT. Amy does things out of lack of social awareness Leonard does thing because at his core he's a jerk, trying to make up for the YEARS he spent being bullied.
  4. Enough with the Penny hate.she wasn't trying to destroy Amy, nor Shamy. She was supporting Sheldon. He needed to perspective in his life. For all we know, Sheldon gaining perspective may be the major push he needs to realise how much he cares about Amy.
  5. I actaully like Amy, she's had one moment I despise (licking shit in penny's apartment, and Sheldon's office) but other then that one moment I find her to be enjoyable
  6. sorry I haven't watched it since it aired. Either way topless or not the fact remains that Leonard shouldn't have shown the people on the boat iit
  7. 2. It's piss poor writing plain and simple. Sheldon and Leonard did 180 near instantly, from Sheldon blindly supporting his friend and Leonard tentatively supporting her. To Leonard super support and Sheldon piss poor friend. I won't defend Sheldon I can't what he did and said was being a straight up ass, and while it may fit his character (which BTW even that's a somewhat stretch) it didn't fit some of the established moments from the BBT. And that goes double for Leonard, he couldn't blindly have faith in Penny and that's all it comes down to. 3. He agreed with Penny that EVERYTHING he did was for sex! plain and simple! You can interpret it one way, but Leonard did everything for sex. 4. He didn't consider cheating, he was in her appartment making out with her. Considering is fine, had he went to apartment DOOR, stared at it for a couple seconds, then walked away. FINE, but going into the apartment and making out with the women NOT fine. Yes Priya was much worse. But once again that's the writers SHIELDING Leonard from ever having to own up to his mistakes. 4.2 Yes you're right in a way they all are. But Leonard's humour is based around being passive agressive. Ex Penny being unintelligent, Sheldon being socially stunted, Howard creepiness. 5. It maybe I hyperbole, but Loenard was extremely full of himself, and was preening himself. The simple fact is Leonard should never have had that moment of pride, rather worry. He has a committed girlfriend,Moho he says he loves. But one a second women rolls up, and is attracted to him, he puffs up his chest and is like "yep" his reaction is akin to a sterotypical jock. Not the unassuming nerd. 6.7. I didn't think I had to say this but apparently I do. When I say bro code, I don't me the hyper exaggerated form we see in popular media. But rather a, treat your friends with a modicum of self control, and respect code. How hard is it. To not ask out your friends sister till their ok with it, or not to go after a girl you friends trying go out with. Treat the people who have your back with some respect, because those are the people who when the chips are down, are going to help you. 8. They KNOW Sheldon, they know he's annoying and crazy. Howard made multiple jokes about how idiotic it was to go to the Arctic with Sheldon, hell the last joke of the episode was Howard building a cross bow to kill Sheldon. And know their friendship with Sheldon wasn't the reason they went Leonard says their reason ("you can be part of the team to prove string theory"). They chose to go they chose to lock themselves in a room with Sheldon. So guess what, DO your job, don't screw around with and electric can opener. You made your choice live with it. 8.1. Yes Sheldon made a huge mistake of sending out the string theory letter. Before doing the proper calculations, but still his mistake wouldn't have happened had Leonard Howard and Raj not screwed up his calculations. As for the inevitable "they kept his data" that data is worthless. Leonard Howard and raj tainted the experiment. Do you search for the good meat in a bad steak, no you toss the steak and find a good one. 8.2 Exactly but he's NEVER actively tried to destroy Leonard and Penny's relationship. In fact like I pointed out he's done his fair share to help their relationship. A relationship he assumes is doomed to fail. 9. It took 7 seasons to be brought up. So clearly she is not proud, nor does she acknowledge it. And once again, this isn't about the nude scene. It's about the fact that Leonard showed a boat full of people the scene, had he showed them pictures of her fine. But not a nude scene from a movie she didn't acknowledge for YEARS. You don't do that to somebody you,love. 10. To not disable a button after getting an overnight delivery for a thousand, makes me question whether or not he did plan Penny's failure. I've worked on web sites, and it's pretty simple to disable buttons. 11. Yeah it was and accident, she does love him, but the I love you is an accident. 11.2. You just don't force I love you. You don't have to make condescending remarks about cheese fries. Or pretty much imply for her, and outright say "tell me you love me" that was clingy and needy. 12. Did you go college at 11, did you become a visiting professor at 15. Sheldon is extremely socially broken, his mother is overly religious, it's implied his dad was an alcoholic, his family is extremely unintelligent. He like Leonard didn't have to proper support structure, but unlike Leonard, who began to feel like he was the weak link in his family (the birth of his inferiority complex). Sheldon began to tell himself that he's the smartest person in the world, and all his early achievements bolstered that belief. Combine that with his complete and utter lack of interaction as a child ( the most developmental point in a persons life) and what you get is man who can't admit that he's wrong, and doesn't understand what is social faux pas. What he can and can't say 12.2. He's called everybody stupid and doesn't mean anything by it. Hell he even say it "I cry be cause the world is stupid and that makes me sad. 12.3. Actually no, he laughed in her face. Made fun of her beliefs, and then said in a sarcastic tone, after she defended her belief "did your psychic tell you that to"
  8. I clearly reply to people if I thought my opinion was fact I would make one post and back away. And as for unmovable views, the BBT fandom is the KING of unmovable views. You either think. Leonard's and amazing sweet likeable character, Penny is an idiot who should worship Leonard, Amy changed Sheldon for the better, and Sheldon is basically an unredeemable ass. Shamy Lenny and Howadette. Or GTFO. There's no room for debate, or for not liking one character. The Big Bang theory is perfect and if you don't thinks it is, you're an ignorant worthless person. Who probaly ships Shenny. So does that sum up any future replies or are you going insult me personally
  9. 1. The first time (atleast we see) Leonard went on set she ends up getting fired, no ones at fault. The director was an ass plain and simple. I made a mistake (I rewatched the episode recent) so sorry 2. We're dreamers, Sheldon openly supported her blindly. He had nor reason to. And all you did by pointing out his callous disregard for Penny is show my point of the BBT lacking any form of continuity or character consistency so thank you. 3. Penny says it. BUT Leonard Agreed with it, they were going through things they did. And EVERYTHING came down to SEX for Leonard plain and simple. 4. Socially awkwardness, that gives ME the right to roll around sampling the goods, from anyone who will. Give it up. Leonard is suppose to be the GOOD GUY, he can have moments of weakness (hell those moments make him better) but to go to you ex and try to come out of cheating looking like a rose goes beyond a moment of weakness. He just wanted sex plain and simple, I applauded him walking away, but he still came off as douche for even going to her house/appartment. 4.2 Do you even understand what passive agressive means. It's Indirect hostility through sarcasm rude humour ect. Being passive agressive has nothing to do with his ability to cheat. 5. He preened himself like a peacock. And strutted around like he's a big shot. That's not cool, especially when he has a committed girlfriend. Who cares deeply for him. Trust me when I say, YOU DONT EVER, AND I MEAN NEVER, RESPOND, that means strutting around like you're so great. When you have a committed girlfriend IRL that gets you dumped with the quickness. Especially since his girlfriend was having doubts about him before Alex was introduced. And really the writers where just feeding their little fantasies by having two intelligent attractive women, going after a little passive agressive nerd. 6. The BRO CODE. When one bro gets shot down, get the go ahead before making a move, he sniped Howard plain and simple. Not cool, and a show of how bad a friend Leonard can be. 7. BRO CODE, Never date another bros sister unless he gives the go ahead. And if raj was a Leonard's formed and trusted Leonard enough. Then he would've given the go ahead. Instead Leonard gave Raj the F-U and said "Get on the train or be left behind" 8. THEY KNOW Sheldon, hell Howard even pointed out the shear STUPIDITY of going to arctic with Sheldon. They made their choice, so now guess what DEAL WITH IT. Do your job and pray you can last the 3 months. 8.2 Sheldon delayed their relationship. LOL, Sheldon gave Leonard the incentive to ask Penny out the first time ("I Must point out she did reject you. You didn't ask her out") he gave BOTH of them the encouragement to go out on their second date ("Shrodingers cat") implored Penny to stay with Leonard (yes he tried to play it off as homeostasis BUT "Don't hurt my friend" told the tale) Sheldon did what a good friend would do, help his friend get with the women he cares about, even if he thinks the relationship is ill conceived and built on coitus. 9. Whether or not it was on the internet it was still Penny's darkest secret. And his willingness to show EVERYONE on that boat, is a little a-hole move. She's not his object to be showed off, heck being happy being with your girlfriend is ok (I show my family and friends pictures of my GFs, and hell most people with a significant other do the same). But showing them a nude scene is NOT ok. 10. SHELDON was the one to help her, Leonard Raj and Howard came afterwards. And it was his Idiotic "Let's compete with amazons one day rush delivery" service that caused their failure. Not only that BUT the dumbass didn't immediately disable the next day rush after the 1000 Penny blossom order came through. As for the inevitable "Oh they where hair berrets, they wouldn't make a profitable business". You're wrong, we never saw the fruition of Penny Blossom, for all we know she could've started to design shirts that go with the blossom, and the they big, which leads her towards design a full line clothes. Instead we got her failing because of Leonard (not hers she was smart) mistake. 11. Pillow talk, it accidently happened when Leonard got jealous of Penny's classmate. And in s4 he did try to force an I Love You, yes Wils lies helped push Penny towards the break up, but Leonard insistence of an I love you played its part also. 12. Sheldon calls EVERYONE stupid, no one is as intelligent as Sheldon. That is part of his character. As for him calling. Penny fat, he actually implied she would get fat ("I seen pictures of your mother. Keep eating") if she kept eating the amount of food she does. But that's beside the point, Sheldon is raised to believe himself the smartest person on the planet. He never had proper social interaction. People either ing rode or bullied him. He had an over religious mom, and drunk father. And idiots for family members. 12.2 Sheldon WAS NOT the one to imply Penny was to stupid for Leonard. LEONARD was proud of the schools he attended and made Penny to feel inferior to Leonard. And then rather then calming her down, He hands her a college pamphlet. 12.3 Leonard laughed in. Penny's face because she had a completely different beliefs then him. He was being an ass plain and simple.
  10. He got her fired from serial apist Got her a car AFTER Sheldon blindly supported her, because of her simply being a dreamer. Told her everything he did for her was sex He went to her about how to cheat and come out looking like a good guy He got full of himself when somebody else was attracted to him Had sex with a women who was on a date with his friend Dated his friends sister after he made it clear he was uncomfortable with it He back stabbed his best friend He showed penny's deepest secret He caused the failure of the Penny blossom He tried to force an I love you He subtly called Penny stupid multiple times. You're right everyone makes mistakes but Leonard is a passive agressive asshole. Who has never apologized and NEVER will because TPTB shield hi more then any single character in the series
  11. Well I find it haft to understand where you're coming from. You complain about my opinion but then call "Shennys" delusional. I would call that being a hypocrite. Not only that but I'm not trying to start fights, and when/if this thread starts to degrade simple name calling I would gladly walk away from it. But seeing as I'm putting at my opinion a respectful manner I see no issue. Trying showing counter points what I'm say, show me a long line of good character development, show me good arcs and continuity
  12. they aren't into rant dolts they just aren't all the mature. All the relasionships in this show revolve around this sex.They don't have any smart attractive (that stupid voice they gave Bernadette is a turnoff, Amy's costume design sucks). They don't grasp a consistent story arcs, or a proper continuity (look at HiMYM for a show with all those things) they don't grasp character development (don't give me this BS oh Sheldon has......, Leonard is so much more......) the only character who has grown since the beginning of this show is Howard (forced kicking and screaming by Bernadette) who is pretty much worthless at this point. And Raj (He can talk to women. Took 5 years to long) who is going the way of Howard and will be useless by the middle of s8
  13. I don't hate Leonard in the beginning the successfully did created a likeable relatable character, but as of late he's regressed and gotten far worse as a whole
  14. Why do people insisting on defending poor writing. The Big. Bang Theory is popular because of humour, I can without a shadow of a doubt in mind say that. Why? It's simple, the characters are shallow, the arcs are non existent, the character development is non existent, hell Leonard and Sheldon have REGRESSED. Remember in the very first Halloween episode,Penny made a drunk pass on him, and his reaction, the amazing reaction, the reaction that made me cheer for Lenny was. "Penny you're to drunk" Season three his reaction to a drunk Penny was "Let's DO THIS" chest bumps and high fives all around. As for Penny love life being great. She's dating Leonard. A Shallow (proven by how he sniped Howard with Stephanie, the 12 hour rocket fuel realsionship with Joyce Kim, his reaction Alex) Petty (The Arctic Fiasco) broken (Mommy issues jealousy issues, his inferiorty complex, and minpulative personality (getting Penny to have sex because of his mother mistreatment)) little man. So is her love life all that great?
  15. Did I say there was no development? I said PENNY, you know the character. Had a knee jerk reaction, hell Leonard points it, which was completely glossed over BTW.
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