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  1. So I'm kinda disappointed with the writers. They once again toy Shamy or Sheldon saying he wants to break up with her. In the words of Yoda "Do or do not there is no try" Stop treating Amy like Sheldon's whipping log. And either have him commit,mor break up with her. These will they "Won't" they break up lines are getting tedious
  2. I Recently bought a Wii U, and am loving it. But I recently completed new Super. Mario bros U and New Super Luigi U, wind waker HD, and While I'm loving. Mario. Kart 8 there're only so many online races and tournaments you can do before getting a little board. So I'm thinking of going out and picking up one ore two new games for my Wii U. Any recommendations outside of Pikman 3. I'm thinking DK Tropical freeze or Rayman or. Mario 3d world but if you have any sugessestions feel free to shoot them out to me
  3. 1. The writers a just inconsistent with their portrayal of Sheldon and Leonard. They cam go from awesom understanding people. To insane assholes, who lack basic human understandings. The difference is Leonard is Penny boyfriend his duty is to support, and help Penny grow. Not enable Penny to continue making dumb mistakes. Yes I include buying her that car, I include paying her bills. Those aren't being supporting those are enabling, Leonard doesn't want to lose Penny so rather then giving her some harsh love (out right calling her dumbass for quitting her job, and cutting the cord) he coddles
  4. The difference is actaully simple. Amy Sheldon Penny Raj Howard Bernadette. They all may be broken in their own ways, but none of them do things out of simply being spitful/jerk/a-hole. Whereas Leonard does. You don't accidently stab ruin your friends work. You don't accidently snipe your friend,nor date their sister (both of which are easy NOT to do) you don't accidently end up making out with girl. Or showing a video of the girl you say love to a boat full of people, or use your mothers mistreatment to get her to SUBMIT. Amy does things out of lack of social awareness Leonard does thing
  5. Enough with the Penny hate.she wasn't trying to destroy Amy, nor Shamy. She was supporting Sheldon. He needed to perspective in his life. For all we know, Sheldon gaining perspective may be the major push he needs to realise how much he cares about Amy.
  6. I actaully like Amy, she's had one moment I despise (licking shit in penny's apartment, and Sheldon's office) but other then that one moment I find her to be enjoyable
  7. sorry I haven't watched it since it aired. Either way topless or not the fact remains that Leonard shouldn't have shown the people on the boat iit
  8. 2. It's piss poor writing plain and simple. Sheldon and Leonard did 180 near instantly, from Sheldon blindly supporting his friend and Leonard tentatively supporting her. To Leonard super support and Sheldon piss poor friend. I won't defend Sheldon I can't what he did and said was being a straight up ass, and while it may fit his character (which BTW even that's a somewhat stretch) it didn't fit some of the established moments from the BBT. And that goes double for Leonard, he couldn't blindly have faith in Penny and that's all it comes down to. 3. He agreed with Penny that EVERYTHING he
  9. I clearly reply to people if I thought my opinion was fact I would make one post and back away. And as for unmovable views, the BBT fandom is the KING of unmovable views. You either think. Leonard's and amazing sweet likeable character, Penny is an idiot who should worship Leonard, Amy changed Sheldon for the better, and Sheldon is basically an unredeemable ass. Shamy Lenny and Howadette. Or GTFO. There's no room for debate, or for not liking one character. The Big Bang theory is perfect and if you don't thinks it is, you're an ignorant worthless person. Who probaly ships Shenny. So does th
  10. 1. The first time (atleast we see) Leonard went on set she ends up getting fired, no ones at fault. The director was an ass plain and simple. I made a mistake (I rewatched the episode recent) so sorry 2. We're dreamers, Sheldon openly supported her blindly. He had nor reason to. And all you did by pointing out his callous disregard for Penny is show my point of the BBT lacking any form of continuity or character consistency so thank you. 3. Penny says it. BUT Leonard Agreed with it, they were going through things they did. And EVERYTHING came down to SEX for Leonard plain and simple. 4
  11. He got her fired from serial apist Got her a car AFTER Sheldon blindly supported her, because of her simply being a dreamer. Told her everything he did for her was sex He went to her about how to cheat and come out looking like a good guy He got full of himself when somebody else was attracted to him Had sex with a women who was on a date with his friend Dated his friends sister after he made it clear he was uncomfortable with it He back stabbed his best friend He showed penny's deepest secret He caused the failure of the Penny blossom He tried to force an I love you He subtl
  12. Well I find it haft to understand where you're coming from. You complain about my opinion but then call "Shennys" delusional. I would call that being a hypocrite. Not only that but I'm not trying to start fights, and when/if this thread starts to degrade simple name calling I would gladly walk away from it. But seeing as I'm putting at my opinion a respectful manner I see no issue. Trying showing counter points what I'm say, show me a long line of good character development, show me good arcs and continuity
  13. they aren't into rant dolts they just aren't all the mature. All the relasionships in this show revolve around this sex.They don't have any smart attractive (that stupid voice they gave Bernadette is a turnoff, Amy's costume design sucks). They don't grasp a consistent story arcs, or a proper continuity (look at HiMYM for a show with all those things) they don't grasp character development (don't give me this BS oh Sheldon has......, Leonard is so much more......) the only character who has grown since the beginning of this show is Howard (forced kicking and screaming by Bernadette) who is pre
  14. I don't hate Leonard in the beginning the successfully did created a likeable relatable character, but as of late he's regressed and gotten far worse as a whole
  15. Why do people insisting on defending poor writing. The Big. Bang Theory is popular because of humour, I can without a shadow of a doubt in mind say that. Why? It's simple, the characters are shallow, the arcs are non existent, the character development is non existent, hell Leonard and Sheldon have REGRESSED. Remember in the very first Halloween episode,Penny made a drunk pass on him, and his reaction, the amazing reaction, the reaction that made me cheer for Lenny was. "Penny you're to drunk" Season three his reaction to a drunk Penny was "Let's DO THIS" chest bumps and high fives all aroun
  16. Did I say there was no development? I said PENNY, you know the character. Had a knee jerk reaction, hell Leonard points it, which was completely glossed over BTW.
  17. First the low points in life suck, you come out changed from those points in life that just hammer you and hammer you until you can't take it anymore. Now let's look at this from Penny's perspective. She's in her late twenties (28/29 I believe). She has no career, no job, no education, her friends are all a little douchy, and they don't really support one another. I would say she's a pretty low point in life, and her knee jerk reaction wasn't "I'll work harder" it was "let's get married" Now I want to pose a question to the Lenny fans. What if instead her knee jerk reaction being "Let's get
  18. The first psychic episode When Sheldon told Leonard Penny never graduated from college and his reaction was to try to get her to go back to college. His reaction to penny's return to college and her work
  19. In the BBT it happens because the writers don't have plans, story arcs, or characters developing arcs. It's extremely lazy and leaves the show being less then it could be. Most of the time though it's due to one of two things. 1. Lazy writing. The writers just doing what they feel like with zero regard for the actions the character takes (bbt at its finest) 2. The writers forgetting established continuity. It's a sile mistake of having a long running series, you can't remember everything and every moment. And there will be inconsistenties no matter what.
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