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    Bottled Drinks

    Thought I would weigh in n this topic. No doubt adverting plays a big part of what items show up screen, but in the spirit of the show: As scientists that work with electronic equipment and computers all day, they may be using bottled water for the same reasons I use them at work. An open cup or one with a lid is too risky to have near sensitive equipment. A bottle with a removable cap is safer and as far as the recycling argument goes...bottled water can be a part of the recycling program if they refill them from the water fountains.
  2. What's the gist, physicist? I've been watching The Big Bang since the pilot episode. I wore out my colleagues with quips and quotes from episodes, but as they are all...save for one...now hooked on the show it was worth the effort. Good to be here and hoping to have fun.
  3. I believe it is time for Raj to have a guest celebrity in his field. My thought would be Michio Kaku. He is a fun and entertaining theoretical physicist.
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