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  1. Leonard is my favorite character, next to Sheldon, in the big bang theory. I have noticed that over the previous seasons, Leonard has changed a lot. In the beginning, he is a shy, more dorky, and hesitant person. Now in the seventh season, he is just about an all around normal guy. (Still a geek of course) but I kind of miss the old Leonard. This Leonard is still the same Leonard, but with a few differences. What do you think?
  2. I prefer not to worry, until that fateful day when such a thing happens.
  3. Thank you for all of your kindness, I'm sure that I will find that this is a wonderful site
  4. Hello, My name is George and I am new to this forum. Obviously, I am a fan of 'The Big Bang Theory', and I found this site and thought I might join it. So for this topic, firstly I would like to say 'Hi'. Now that's out of the way, I want to tell the story about how this show actually made a difference in my life. So about 6 or 7 months ago i stared watching 'The Big Bang Theory'. When I first started watching it I wasn't as fascinated with it as I am now. When I started watching it I started to observe the actors and the actual scientific references made on this show, e.g. "String Theory". When I heard this I was curious about what this was, so I looked it up. I discovered that string theory was the theory that, beyond quarks, are 'strings'. Hence the name, "string theory". As I continued to watch this show, It began to motivate me. It motivated me to be as smart as I can be and try as hard as I can in each subject. Before, in the previous school year, I couldn't give a flip about school work and my vocabulary was atrocious. My grammar resembled this: "finna hit up da call of duty niqqa then ima go blayyyzzzeee niqqa!!1! yolo". As I look back on myself and my actions, I felt ashamed, and resembled the typical high school crowd that I am surrounded by daily. Before I started watching this series, my grades were B's, C's and a D here and there. I didn't try at all. Now this year I am paying for it because I am taking the classes I took last year over again. The difference is, I will actually try to pass these classes and continue to succeed in school. If I would have tried to pass algebra last year, I wouldn't have the bad intensive math teacher that I have now. She has very bad teaching skills. The teacher I had in the previous year was far better that my current one. This is the only class I have trouble in. In fact, all of the student's in that class don't understand either, because the teacher in oblivious to her bad teaching and continues with her bad methods of teaching. Though I lag behind because of my actions last year, I will succeed, because 'The Big Bang Theory' motivates me! If I do well in algebra, I plan on taking physics my senior year. It is such a fascinating science. It is very interesting, even though it requires a lot of math knowledge, I will find a way. This is how 'The Big Bang Theory' motivates and inspires me. If you actually took the time to read this, you are a wonderful person. Once again, Greetings.
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