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  1. One big inconsistency is his spot. I know there have been many times where he has allowed someone in his spot and not acknowledged it. I watched an episode recently and for the life of me forget ehat it was but he spent much of it on the left cusion. He also chose an office chair to the left of the couch during the physics bowl episode but this was probably to simulate the quiz environment. At the end of this episode when being quizzed Leonard is in his spot and he takes the armchair. Anyone think of any others?
  2. A Sheldon Spinoff (Sheloff?). Wouldn't work in my opinion. As great as Sheldon is, all of his good points are created from his interactions with his friends. He bounces off of the, and has shown on the show many times that when left without them he is in fact uncomfortable, despite what he may say. If he were put in a new show he wouldn't get the same reaction interacting with other random people. And it's not something I think his character would do. Sheldon needs the group, even more than they need him.
  3. Straightforward game. You will be given a quote from the show with a word/part missing. You simply have to fill it in. Then post your own and so on.... Let's begin... "Last night I was strong armed into an evening of harp music and spooning with an emotional Amy Farrah Fowler. This on a night that I had originally designated for solving the space time geometry in higher spin gravity and BLANK."
  4. This really felt like a filler episode between the whole sheldon discovery episodes. And in the scheme of things it was pointless and dragged out. It should have ended the first time the jumper came off. But they dragged it out even more. Just to see what it's like to be sheldon as a punishment, Sheldon going crazy would have achieved, what the whole episode failed to, in 10 mins. A black dot in an otherwise fantastic season so far.
  5. I must say when Leonard disproved Sheldons discovery. I was annoyed for Sheldon. Yes it was a lucky discovery but was it really necessary for his best friend to prove him wrong. I know he was trying to help Sheldon but it was still a huge discovery for Sheldon yes he probably would have been proven wrong eventually but Leonard shouldn't have been the one to do it. I know this was a a continuation of the previous storyline, but I feel this will continue, less so the discovery but the repercussions on the guys friendship.
  6. I speak for myself but I am sure many others when i say that the whole story of Shamy's intimacy is very interesting, albeit long. I just want to know what people think will happen and even if they finally have coitus. The build up, the event, after etc.... I think it WILL happen very late in the lifespan of the show. To be honest atm I can't call HOW it will come about but I see one of two things happening during. 1. We see them go off to the bedroom then cut scene 2. When it happens Sheldon reacts much like he did when Amy showed him how to massage his neck. If he enjoyed that so much imagine sex. I imagine after we will get a generic moment of the others maybe outside the door listening or walking in as Shamy emerge.
  7. Sheldon saying Howard doesn't use difficult equations was probably based on two things. 1. Mocking him, 2. Not actually knowing/wanting to know what he does within his work.
  8. Penny - Given sheldon advice when Amy goes out with Stewart. "Let me know when you're on the cover"
  10. It's the 3 player chess episode three the end. Where Sheldon says he should have given the pope a jetpack. I'm sure the answer is Howard. "Buck up, sorry, Buck up sissy pants"
  11. Raj, i forget the episode but it happened at a costume party. She is not for you...she is not for you!
  12. Obviously it's too late now with Leonard's history with penny and Amy being around for a while. But I kind of it would have been kind of nice if Sheldon and Penny got together. They are exact opposites and I think these would work well in a couple. They are obviously fairly close friends and I would have liked to see more. I also think Leonard and Amy would have made a great couple.
  13. I'll eat it if there is nothing else to eat. Do you have a car?
  14. 2 but even they come behind my laptop and ipad. Meat or chocolate
  15. The guys regularly like to play card games, like many I'm sure you have seen. This game is simple and a bit of fun.You deal out your card and the next person has to beat it. And begin. ------ Constipated Troll with cape.
  16. Outside of mandatory school sports....Ultimate Frisbee (uni days) Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt
  17. Darwin, Jesus would implode and Dawkins will have his head severed from the crossfire. Ultimate night in/out?
  18. ^isn't it like a crazy person? And it's Leonard. Episode with Sheldon's mum where she follows with she had him tested. --- Imatote ulba twad, all together?
  19. I shall not partake in something so anti productive...... ...Bazinga
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