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  1. I think Howard should be the one who fixes it at the end of the series.
  2. First of all, regarding the Friends cast, I don't think any f them have 'faded into oblivion'. did you honestly expect them all to pursue movie star careers like Aniston did? I also don't think LeBlanc and Cox were overly successful throughout the whole time since Friends ended. I don't think Kudrow is doing too bad also. She hasn't really stared any movies but unlike most of them she has a settled family. In case you didn't notice Schwimmer's acting work has been very limited since Friends ended. Most of his work since that time has been directing. He is more of a director and producer nowadays then an actor. As for Perry, id like to think he has had some mild success much like Kudrow. He does movies here and there but half the time he's a writer when working on his own shows. Now, I could go on but this isn't about friends. You forget that the majority of these actors are old, most of which in their mid to late 40s. With the Big Bang Theory, Parsons is already over 40 and Gaecki & Bialik are also ageing, so don't expect them to be movie stars when this is all said and done. The rest of them are all probably young enough to be stars, Cuoco in particular. Im not blaming age but surely you don't expect them to be in the spotlight for that long now do you? But anyway, who cares if they're not in the mainstream anymore. Who cares if the spotlight is on them or not. As long as they continue their careers and still make money they'll be fine, and im sure all of them will find numerous opportunities once the show has finished. Just because you want someone to go on and become a movie star, or just because they're good enough to or whatever, doesn't mean they will. Besides, I think the Friends cast deserved a break from the spotlight, cause with the fame comes with a lot of the bad like media scrutiny.
  3. Z-007

    Laugh Track

    Look, pretty much all sitcoms use a laugh track. It's the extent at which it is used. The friends behind the scenes explained that sometimes they replace the actual laugh with a shorter laugh to cut time. Other times the laugh might be too loud. If I were to guess 90% of the laughs are real and 10% are just replaced while editing. It's a common editing practice. the same thing as foley, reproducing the sound effects to enhance audio quality. Im sure they use it at times during post-production to improve the overall quality of the episode, but not to trick people into thinking there were laughs when there wasn't.
  4. it would still be nice to see some of the scenes the writers wanted to put in but couldn't. there is no harm in showing them. on some shows the deleted scenes are just as good if not better then some of the scenes that actually made it and only get cut out because it wasn't as integral to the plot. even though they are extra scenes just like everything else they still need to edited and checked and everything else. i guess just adding a few minutes of footage just isn't worth their time & effort. in saying that i think just having episodes on dvd & blu-ray are enough, after all everything else are just extras. i know there are series who have deleted scenes and loads of extras but there are also a lot of shows that have no extras. i'm happy to take what they give us.
  5. first of all making everything happen all in the one final season will be too much. it has to be spread out. It's not like Leonard and Penny are gonna get married, have a baby and move out all in one year. Or have all 4 couples (assuming Raj gets a girlfriend) all in the one season now are we? That will be moving the story too fast. Now if you put just one or two of those events in each season then it gives the story some breathing space. besides, most episodes you watch have little to no impact on the overall story moving forward. im not saying every episode has to have a impact but the story progression in this show is slower compared to other sitcoms. i'd like to see the series move to a more serialized format rather then episodic. also the big bang theory has a larger cast of main characters then other shows with 7 (and possibly 8 by next season) compared to the usual 3-6 other sitcoms have so that's just more characters that need developing. it's gonna be season 8 so surely it's about time one of the couples has a baby. Or maybe Leonard will finally start making some ground in his career (he is just an average experimental physicist and isn't that successful in his field).
  6. i never said make the show less or not funny, but shift the focus to the bigger picture in terms of furthering their careers, starting a family, one of the couples living together or getting married and moving into the next phase of their lives. comedy is not the only thing that's important. a show can still be funny when it gets more serious
  7. hopefully these 3 seasons are the final ones. i hope that next season they start to wrap up the show and things start to get a little more serious.
  8. Penny would just do menial task, and Leonard would probably get distracted and get little to no work done.
  9. Stuart has always been depressed. and for very good reasons such as struggling financially, not really having any close friends other than his regular customers etc. Raj, on the other hand I don't think was always depressed. For the first 3 seasons he was mainly happy and got depression at different times. It wasn't until his friends all got girlfriends in season 4 when he slowly started getting more depressed constantly. The difference is Stuart is pretty much always depressed and rarely happy, but Raj's depression fluctuates at different times because there are plenty of times Raj is happy. I do think eventually Raj will find a girlfriend and his depression will disappear. As for Stuart who knows, but i hope something good for him happens though.
  10. well everyone is saying it's impossible for her to afford her apartment. pretty much every post above my first post says she can't possibly have enough money to pay for her apartment. im just saying that if that's the case there may be other sources that she gets her money from. You're saying it's extremely unlikely that she needs help from her family. Try saying that to everyone else on here because quite frankly everyone on here somehow has the opinion that she can't possibly be living in that apartment. Im saying she does have money, but she just spends it the wrong way.
  11. First of all, the cheque she received was a residual cheque, so there is the possibility that she has received more then one cheque which means it's not the only payment she will receive from that commercial. And it was an acting class 'production', meaning her acting class produced a play or show of some sort. And who said all the money on the cheque was used on the toys, cause quite frankly for all we know that cheque was only 'at least' $600. I don't think you got what i meant in that last paragraph in my last post. Im saying the reason she finds herself in financial trouble is because she spends it on things she doesn't need, meaning she does have money. she just doesn't spend it wisely. Well we know at the very least that she started working at least at the age of 12. that would mean she would've worked about 10 or so years on the farm and id say it's likely she would have got paid at some point considering how hard it is to work on a farm. I don't know why you say it's extremely unlikely. Id like you to come up with a more likely explanation as to how she can pay her rent. So just to sum up, Penny has money, she just doesn't spend it the right way. Im just saying we don't know for sure that the cheesecake factory was her only income and in my opinion her acting work and money saved up working on a farm are two other likely sources of income.
  12. Look, it is possible that at different times she struggles to pay bills etc. I don't think she pays bills with Starbucks gift card, an apology note, and snapshots of her in a bra every month. And we all know that she doesn't or rarely pay Leonard back. Like you said, she also gets food from him also. And yes, there is no evidence, but the fact that she knows how to use a milking machine and rebuilt an tractor engine when she was 12, indicates that she was working from a young age which leads to the likelihood of her having or receiving money from when she was younger. It cannot be completely ruled out. And although she doesn't get much acting work, from time to time she does get some work such as the production of the musical Rent, The Diary of Anne Frank and an Acting class production of A Streetcar Named Desire. In fact, she got a fairly substantial residual cheque from the haemorrhoid commercial (evidenced by when she was able to buy 2 expensive vintage, mint in box, 1975 Mego Star Trek transporters) within less then a year. Simply put, at different times during the series she may had overspent buying things such as shoes and whatnot but for the majority of the time she seems to be doing just fine. The fact she has a large collection of shoes indicates that she spends her money on her wants first and then on her needs, and since sometimes she might overspend she doesn't have money left over for her bills.
  13. first of all in season 2 she borrowed from sheldon because kurt still owed her a lot of money. also her saying "I'm a little short on cash this year" could mean that she just doesn't have extra money to buy presents. And like i said before, her parents could be sending her money. My theory is that her parents keep her money she saved up on the farm and send it to her gradually over a period of time because they know she's a big spender.
  14. First of all, who said that the only money she has is from working at the cheesecake factory. Penny grew up on a farm and it's very likely that she would've started working at a very young age and saved up quite a bit of money. And even if she didn't get paid back then because it was a family business, then im sure her parents support financially her now.
  15. I actually think she's quite normal compared to Sheldon. I actually think she would be fun to hang around. I think she's only annoying when she's just around girls, but when all of them are in a group I don't think she's any more weird, awkward, annoying or crazy then any of them. I mean, they are the first real friends she's ever had, while the rest of them has always had friends so her lack of social skills is somewhat more understandable. Although she's the closest thing to a female Sheldon, intelligence aside I think they're both quite different, from a personality perspective.
  16. Although the majority of the series is written by Chuck Lorre, Bill Prady & Steven Molaro (the 3 head writers), often a lot of other writers work on the show and are most unlikely unaware of the inconsistencies. Of course, the head writers will oversee or review it, but I don't think they have the time to check and look over every mistake. Some of these inconsistencies are several seasons apart and they probably can't remember. Besides, most of these inconsistencies are very minor anyway.
  17. Good idea, but still messy, noisy and unsanitary to a degree. I don't think Leonard would want them doing it in his shower though. Just tell him it's an experiment or an non-optional social convention.
  18. We all know that Sheldon wants to become a cyborg so that he can become immortal. Obviously, due to his age and life expectancy Sheldon knows this is very unlikely to happen. Also, the Mobile Virtual Presence Device is only the earliest estimate of singularity. Sooner or later he's gonna have to realize that the only way to retain his superior genetics is to reproduce. After only 4 months after meeting Amy they wanted to have a baby because their genetic material has the potential of producing the first in a line of intellectually superior, benign overlords to guide humanity to a brighter tomorrow. Of course, Sheldon's religious mother will never allow him to have a test tube baby. This means that Sheldon will eventually have to have sex with Amy (or anyone for that matter) if he wants to retain his superior genetics. And we know that sister doesn't want to create 'Sheldon 2.0'. On the other hand Amy is open to sex, despite having the same reasons for not wanting to have sex (which is messy, unsanitary, noisy and involves human contact). If Amy can convince him to look at the positives (such as the possibility of enjoying it and getting Amy pregnant) and the fact the negatives are only temporary then that may also help. In the end, ultimately i think they will because Sheldon hasn't really got any options of retaining his knowledge.
  19. Z-007

    Greedy Actors?

    Well let's look at it fro another point of view. What if the show is making a lot more money then what they actors are getting paid? What if most the money is going to CBS & Chuck Lorre (and the rest of the writers), and the actors were getting the rough end of the stick? Wouldn't CBS be considered greedy if they got 70% of the profit and the other 30% was shared between the actors, writers, and other staff? It's all about ratio. If the show makes more money, the actors make more. They don't just make more money and give it all to CBS. Let's look at this example. Cuoco, Parsons and Galecki all received in $60,000 per episode in the first 3 seasons. In the fourth season they got the pay rise to $200,000 per episode because the show got more popular and got more money. Simply put, if the show gets more popular and makes more money then the actors have every right to ask for more money. if the show didn't get more popular and made less or the same money then they are greedy.
  20. this isn't really an inaccuracy as much as much as it is a false assumption from Sheldon. This wasn't intended to be factual, just an opinion. Just like how he said that the stuff written on Leonard's whiteboard can be seen scribbled on any men's room of MIT was an opinion or assumption. It depends on the situation in which it is said to differentiate it as an opinion, assumption or fact.
  21. We all know every character on the show has their flaws. And i think it's also safe to say they all have their own dreams (if not, at the very least something better in their lives). I was originally going to make this post about the ending of the show, but decided this is more character based focus based on dreams, aspirations, solving life problems and moving forward with life. I will only focus on characters there from the beginning. Bernadette, Amy, and even Stuart or even Leslie are secondary to the ones there at the beginning. Leonard & Sheldon: Will in the Nobel Prize together. Sheldon will learn that he can make accomplishments with teamwork (referring to the physics bowl episode). Leonard obviously isn't smart enough to win one on his own, and by winning one will finally receive acknowledgement from his mother. Also, unfortunately for Sheldon won't become a cyborg. Howard: Will receive his doctorate in 'Doctor of Engineering' (It's a real doctorate. Looked it up). Everyone will find out that he was the one who sent the Mars Rover to Mars and made the discovery of potential life there. Rajesh: Will find a girl (that his parents will approve of), learn to speak to women fully and also earn citizenship in America. Let's face it. His job security isn't really all that safe, and he isn't gonna work with Sheldon forever. and even if he does find a girlfriend, his parents are strict on who he marries. Everything seems happy at the moment right? Well this is when the sad part comes in. Penny: She will finally get her big break as a professional actress. We all know that she is an aspiring actress who has at times found herself in a financial crisis. Problem is, she may have to move and get separated from Leonard. It is then, that she will have to make a tough decision to follow her dream or stay with Leonard. Or it might very well be Leonard who has to make the decision, whether to leave his friends, his job and everything else or follow Penny. We also know that Sheldon relies very heavily on Leonard to cater to his needs. Who knows, Leonard may be asked to move somewhere to get a really good job (such as get the chance to study with a expert experiment physicist and finally start to conduct original research that get results)
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