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  1. Hello, at the moment I really like to listen to audio books. I do have the Blu-rays but I can't even open them on my PC, but there is a Blu-ray player in it. Do you know of an audio books from TBBT?
  2. Welcome Galaxia, I'm from Germany, too. =) I also don't like watching TV, so I wait for the BlueRay or Am...zon to watch the TBBT in English. I've seen it in German on TV, but I don't like it, the translation is sometimes so confusing and not funny at all and I love how Howard can change his voice, you don't notice is that much in German. Have fun in the forum. =)
  3. That's a cool idea. Very funny. Will you post a picture of yourself, when you're dressed as Howard? My daughter wants to dress up as Hermione from Harry Potter on Halloween. I guess, if I would choose one of them, I would like to dress up as Amy.
  4. Warm over cold, but I also like rain, when it's warm. :D
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