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  1. Thanks for sharing that video, it's so great and funny. Jim is just amazing.
  2. Thanks for sharing all of the videos. It was interesting watching them.
  3. Wow, you drew that all by yourself? That is beyond amazing!
  4. Thank you for sharing, I'm watching it right now.
  5. Just watched it yesterday. Was it now cute or really sad that he had this ring with him all the time? So the proposal could have been better in so many ways, they know each other so well and for a very long time now, Penny could have been so much more romantic, it wouldn't be really her, but if everything will be good, you only marry once in your life, so it could have been a such much better proposal. I liked this episode a lot. The interaction between Sheldon and Raj was really cool. I loved Sheldon's honesty, when he wanted to get Raj out of the apartment to go to bed. I am looking forward to see Raj with Emily more often.
  6. I would love to live there, too. Maybe one day.
  7. I thought exactly the same ... till now ... thanks :D
  8. Thanks for posting the two videos. I'm looking forward to the movie and I enjoyed the muppet song very much.
  9. I am really exited to see this movie, even James Avery, who died last year, will be there.
  10. I guess in Germany we have to wait a little longer like usually. There is no release date on amazon right now. But it won't be so much later, I hope. :D
  11. I read this for the first time now ... and I am glad, too, that she didn't get the role of Amy and I think she shouldn't return, hope they can find a better woman for Raj.
  12. A few days ago I saw him in 'Sweet Home Alabama'. Didn't remember, that he was in there. =)
  13. Yes, they're really funny, I watched them before, but I can watch them over and over. The bloopers of the sixth season are very funny, too.
  14. This episode is so great, I laughed so often. Bob Newhart is such a great actor and so funny.
  15. I like this season and I am curious how it will go on. So far I haven't seen the latest episode, but I will watch it soon, I hope. There have been so many moments I had to laugh. I am wondering what they will to with Raj, it's the seventh season now and he is still without a girl, even so he is so desperately trying to find one, that is pretty sad, but it's nice, that he has Stuart now and finally can talk to women.
  16. For me the worst episode was 1 x 10 "The Loobenfeld Decay", I don't like the cousin, can't help myself, I just don't like this one.
  17. I like the character of Zack, he is kind of funny and the complete difference to the most of the group and I really like to see that sometimes. Mary Cooper is so great, I like the episodes, in which she or Leonards mother appears.
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