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  1. Glasses Goalie or skater
  2. Hopefully you will enjoy my lectures...
  3. Hulk understand. Hulk like games.
  4. Shower. Mayonnaise or Miracle whip?
  5. I see your point but don't necessarily agree with it. I think whether you like B as a character or not, she and Howie don't seem like a fit. In RL you would find Howard to be the sleaze and Bernadette to have a lot on the ball, but regardless how they can be a couple just isn't believable.
  6. You're probably right and some times she seems more like a maternal guide than a girlfriend but that may be partially due to Sheldon's immaturity. I wish she would challenge him more frequently such as when she argued with him that neuroscience was more sophisticated/valid than theoretical physics.
  7. I'll be a hog monkeys uncle... I don't agree with the bulk of the OP but I can see a kernel of what their point is. One of my main problems with the show is the main characters are portrayed as geeky, socially awkward and in the case of Sheldon incredibly egocentric. So it doesn't fit well when Howard and Leonard are doing so well with the girls (as the show progressed) and Howard is able to convince a beautiful and successful lady to marry him. Leonard is able to convince a gorgeous woman to date him. I would like to think this is the show hinting that these four guys have a lot to offer (they aren't losers...btw did you get your PHD at 20?) and sometimes a pretty woman can be trusted to look deep enough to see it. So on one hand I'd like to see better balance and in general, you are right, the four main characters are not conventially what is considered attractive, but on the other hand people find all sorts of different things attractive.
  8. Walnut, I'm like totally from the south, you know? I'm usually siting around eating pizza and learning about Cuba. I don't know what the Land of Games is.
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