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  1. Fairly forgettable episode. The main plot being a table? Come on. I do like how Amy was ready for Sheldon's break up and how she manipulated him into not breaking up and further standing up to Sheldon. All of them coming back to the living room to eat was kind of sweet but the rest of the episode was kind of blah.
  2. That's the best point I heard yet. Kind of sheds a little light on JEJ's performance. He was always a presence I took so seriously that the 180 to total goofiness seemed over the top. Maybe not though since you put it that way. Maybe they were showing him as an approachable goofy guy just like the others. Thanks for your insight.
  3. I totally agree that more screen time for Carrie would have been funny.
  4. Well written post. I also think that TBBT is by far the best sitcom on the air right now. I've been a loyal viewer since s1e1 and agree that they can't cater to everyone's taste. Besides this episode, I've been happy with every episode of TBBT. I agree that they have a lot to write for but this episode was nothing more than a way to get JEJ on the show and I thought his portrayal of himself was horrible. Sharing a banana split and going on a Ferris wheel with Sheldon? Way over the top. Why couldn't they be a little more subtle like other cameos like Wil Wheaton, Bob Newhart, Stan Lee, etc.? The whole story of the episode made little sense aside from the guys deciding whether or not to buy scalped tickets for Comicon. I guess this is just one episode out of 7 seasons that I didn't like.
  5. I wouldn't say it was a crap episode I guess I just thought it was pointless. JEJ made a fool of himself, so much so that I found it kind of embarrassing. I know it's a sitcom but can't they stick to some story lines Penny & Leonard, Amy & Sheldon, tenure, etc. I thought the tea scene was stupid and Amy wearing the tiara. I thought the hitting refresh for Comicon was pretty funny because I've done that for things. I also thought they were smart not to buy scalped tickets. I hope whoever said it was a 2 parter was right and the guys go to Comicon with JEJ, not acting like a demented child though.
  6. I didn't enjoy it at all. I thought JEJ was way over the top zany. I almost thought Sheldon was going to wake up from a dream. Funniest line was when he referenced how much to get the stripper OFF him. No interaction with Carrie either. Disappointing episode altogether.
  7. I thought it was extremely obnoxious of Sheldon to be in on that conversation. I found it very annoying so if the writers intended that, then kudos. I just wanted to hear Leonard and Penny talk but I guess I have to remember this is a sitcom.
  8. I don't like the whole treating Sheldon as a puppy thing. The writers should get back to the relationship that Leonaard and Sheldon had in Season 1. Also, I seem to remember something in last week's preview about "something you won't believe". What was this? Because I didn't see anything major except for Penny quitting Cheesecake Factory. I see her ending back up there soon though. I thnk when she makes it big is when the show will end. I don't really care for Bernadette's harsh Mrs. Wolowitz personality. They did handle the competing comic book store scens pretty funny though. I think they handled Penny's proposal right and exactly what is was, a druken self loathing moment of weakness.
  9. I really don't think they're going to touch on the subject again. The main thing for the rest of the season is Penny's quest to become an actress and whether she's going to make it or now plus her relationship with Leonard as a result of what's going on. I definitely don't think of it as "The Sheldon Show". I think the main theme is Leonard/Penny. I will admit though that if Parsons decided to quit, the show would probably last 1 more season. He's already on record saying he's going to stay on the show for as long as it airs though. I think the expedition was a storyline for something for Sheldon to be jealous of and show him missing Leonard. I think the whole thing was so vague that it's not going to be any major storyline that will continue, unless it contributes somehow to Leonard getting tenure.
  10. I don't think there will be a cliffhanger. I don't recall any of the seasons having a cliff hanger unless you count the first season when Leonard and Penny dated and probably when they went to the North pole. I think they should decide who gets tenure before the end of the season and maybe have a cliffhanger of Leonard and Penny's relationship hanging in the balance for some unknown reason. For me, the show is about Leonard and Penny and about Sheldon.
  11. I really like it and would say it's consistent with the way they've been building the characters over the years. I like Sheldon's growth. I think Raj/Stewart has been beaten to death is no longer funny. I think Amy has gotten a tad annoying. She started out being just like Sheldon but now she's this person obsessed with sex with Sheldon. I just hope they don't make her go too out of control.
  12. I think Leonard was true to himself and did not answer Penny in her drunken self-loathing state. That is not a real proposal and I always pictured Leonard doing it. Would it be a funny story arc if Penny got a part in the new Star Wars movie? Amy's comment to Sheldon was funny but I find it perplexing how her character began just like Sheldon's - being totally analytical and not interested in physical intimacy. I suppose she is growing just like Sheldon is. The Raj/Stewart thing is REALLY old and they should kill off that dynamic. They should have Raj get tenure and also a girlfriend, not the freaky one he's seen a few times that climbs out windows. I would think Leonard would have been a little more supportive of Penny rather than tell her that the odds of her making it are astronomical. I was waiting for Sheldon to come up with a hilarious joke by accident but it didn't happen. I haven't really disliked any episodes ever since I got into the show last year and binge watched seasons 1-5 and part of 6 to catch up to what was airing.over the summer and binge watched all 6 seasons to catch up.
  13. Isn't 1/9 in this coming Thursday? How can you know if a future episode sucked?
  14. Wow, you sure know your stuff. Being that it's such a big deal financially maybe they'll save it for when they get notice of a final season and Leonard will get it and ask Penny to marry him. On the other hand, will they want to fill the tenure situation quickly? On a side note, Sheldon made me laugh so hard in that episode. To Raj: "I believe "screw it I'm going in" is the last thing I said to your mother last night".
  15. Good point. I wonder if they will wait to revisit tenure until the final season, which I hope doesn't come for a long time. However, even with tenure I don't think their pay is affected that much. They are just guaranteed a job. I don't see how anyone could forget the tenure issue and want to know who gets it. There was a whole episode dedicated to it near the end of season 6 so I'm sure it's still n most viewers' minds. I suppose if Kripke got it, it wouldn't affect the dynamic among the main characters. Another possibility is Raj who was in People magazine and this would guarantee him a lifetime job and no possibility of being deported back to Indai.
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