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  1. http://can.um.cbs.co...538/content.mp4Sneak peek 1 http://can.um.cbs.co...146/content.mp4Sneak peek 2 http://can.um.cbs.co...985/content.mp4Sneak peek 3
  2. It's their five year anniversary! That means they count the beggining of their relationship as the end of season 3 even though she was "a girl and a friend" but not his "girlfriend" at the time. Also, does anyone know what the "-cket" word was?
  3. I really liked how Leonard said "WE also have juice" in this new episode to Wil. It really feels like they're living together.
  4. From the photos Jim and Mayim posted on Instagram it looks like Amy and Sheldon are in date night clothes. What do you think?
  5. Are they taking a jab at Community like the cast and crew of Community takes jabs at them?
  6. Did somebody mention he could be Penny's younger brother?
  7. What if in "The Intimacy Acceleration" Sheldon reads Amy's fic and the episode has similar events to "Concession"?
  8. There's a blanket over the back of the couch, I don't think they usually have that.
  9. Bernie. "Because either sounds like ether."
  10. My favorites: Season 4 - shamy's first kiss Season 5 - sheldon grabs amy's hand when howard goes into space Season 6 - d&d game Season 7 - SIK Season 8 - ILY
  11. Quinn Garvey (Barney's ex-fiancee om HIMYM)
  12. Sheldon looks great in the picture with him and Leonard.
  13. Could also be exploration or collaboration.
  14. The 804 one seems like declaration to me, as well. Edit: actually, the L and the A look more spaced out, so location seems more likely.
  15. Thanks to all who attended and thanks for posting here what was revealed in chat as I couldn't be there. It sounds like a good episode.
  16. Have a wonderful time, you guys that are going! Around what time will you be in chat?
  17. Did they say there is going to be a scene in a police station? Either way, I agree with you guys, it would be completely pointless to make Sheldon leave just to have no progress made. His relationship with Amy is, in my opinion, his most important one.
  18. I'd prefer the awkward encounter, it is much more like them.
  19. It could be the couch from the train station, but I don"t know, iy was just a glance. It could just be that they took the old couch to clean.
  20. Went on a WB studio tour today. They didn't let us on the tbbt set, they said they were working. I saw them unloading the couch from a truck to put it on the set. Dors that mean good news for contract renewals?
  21. I really like Silicon Valley on HBO. It's pretty funny.
  22. There are similarities between how Jennifer Aniston and Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting deliver their lines. I have noticed that, but I don't remember any particular examples.
  23. I think the wolverine/shaving/comic-con one is The Paradigm Shift Observations. https://m.fanfiction.net/s/9362005/1/
  24. I read somewhere that the Raj character was going to be called Dave before they cast Kunal, that's similar to Davy, I guess.
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