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  1. merry christmas from the uk, everyone
  2. After watching the Benedict Cumberbatch program about STephen Hawking, I had this song by the professor suggested to me - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCpyp12w9qs Not sure just how authentic it is though
  3. cute dawg ^ :D merry xmas when it comes, you guys. and if you feel a bit grinchy, have a look at this german christmas tradition! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Krampus
  4. kaleys komet


    Id be excited by more probes too. Very interested to learn more about the kuiper belt and even the oort cloud. I understand that the time scales involved before the voyagers reach oort space are...astronomical
  5. kaleys komet


    hi, tensor yeah, all endeavours we make will come to be a bit dated, i guess what i was saying (admittedly not very well) is that any new endeavour we discuss will have the advantages of new technology, whether we stick it to a comet or lob it out there with a catapult if i picked up you up right, it seemed to you like there was no point in trying anything new because of the probes we already have out there. its funny we end up talking about this, i was reading up on the voyager probes status a few days ago. i couldnt help thinking that i seriously doubt any modern instruments would be reliable enough to match their extended performance! as regards the return of the comets, i dont see it as a necessity that probes leave the solar system. but i guess in a thread about aliens, there would be good reason to get out of our back yard at least! i also note the point about the instability of comets.
  6. kaleys komet


    ^ im pretty sure if we had some 2013 instruments on our probes, instead of 1970s ones, that'd be worth a great deal. There do seem to be a fair amount of problems regarding the comet idea, but id still be interested to learn more. It would, of course, provide interesting info on exactly what trajectory it follows and what else is out there.
  7. kaleys komet


    thats interesting about putting probes on comets. ive been watching a lot of documentaries lately, have you ever heard of one that deals with that topic? while i agree about the universe expanding, on the smaller scale theres stuff going on like, they believe we will collide with the andromeda galaxy in the distant future. THAT should result in a few new sparkly lights in the sky
  8. kaleys komet


    i'm with carl sagan. "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence" i do believe that there are aliens out there, right now, somewhere. whether they are within a distance to travel to earth or not is another matter. one thing people seem to struggle to grasp also is time. civilisations rise and fall, and so do planets and stars. with the universe around 14 billion years old, whats to say that there would be aliens near us at the exact time we are around? we've only been looking for them for a few decades, lets say 50 years. thats 50 years. out of 14,000,000,000 so why would their appearance coincide with the 50 years we've actually been watching for them? that said, i think mobile phones MUST use alien technology, its the only explanation
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